Hang out with Beth at 4pm Eastern! - 8/6/12 (Full Ep)

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Mars, are you watching?
You have internet yet?
BETH HOYT: Hello everyone, and happy Monday, Monday August 6.
What is happening to the summer?
August, what?
You guys, I haven't even been to the pool yet, but guess
what I did do this weekend.
Well, at one point I was going to go to the beach, Brighton
Beach, because that is the best people watching.
If you're in New York, that's, that's
some good people watching.
And then another point, I was, I was going to karaoke, and
then, and then I also had made--
I was going to go to the park and read, Prospect Park, and
then, oh, I also was going to call my mom but the Olympics
are on, you guys.
It's like you could live life or you could watch more
athletic people living out their dreams, you know?
Today, I am diving--
get it?--
into your comments.
There were so many from last week.
Thank you for watching, you guys, but aren't
you glad you did?
We had one hell of a week.
On Tuesday, the coolest kid the world--
he's 14, and he's way more mature than I am--
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Zach Gordon was here.
We played some badminton.
On Wednesday, you guys, it was MyDamnChannel's birthday, so
we had this crazy, crazy, very messy show.
[INAUDIBLE] was here, Mamie [INAUDIBLE]
Shannon Coffey, Mark Douglas-- they were all here.
We all contributed to the silly string war.
Grace had the very pretty Bella Thorne on Thursday.
And on Friday--
did you guys watch on Friday?
OK, the creator and star of The Room, Tommy Wiseau and his
costar Greg Sestero were here.
You have to watch it.
You have to see The Room if you haven't yet,
and then watch it.
You're welcome.
Let's get into your comments.
Show me a comment.
This is how--
OK, kaseycarroll123.
Beth Hoyt is made of steel.
Thank you, kaseycarroll.
I didn't pay her to say that, you guys.
I appreciate that, I'm watching the Olympics and
feeling very, you know, not steel-like.
I did go to a kettlebell class this morning--
can you tell?
Um, I am-- my left arm, my left side is getting stronger,
evening out cause I sprained my right angle, so this whole
side is just, is just failing me.
But the left side, my nondominant side, is getting
stronger, so we're evening out, and I'm preparing for the
next injury, preparing for the next time I hoit myself.
OK, you see how that goes?
I also want to talk to you live, so give me questions or
fun comments into the live chat.
But I do want to give you something to bring you up to
speed in case you missed any of last week.
Here she is, you guys--
it's the Beth of the Week.

It's like an owl face so it's like--
Two, three.
MALE SPEAKER: Too hard by Zach, that's six five Zach.
FEMALE SPEAKER: It's the world's biggest bottle of rum.
BETH HOYT: Rum bum bum bum!
Ten bucks!
BETH HOYT: Oh, my gosh.
FEMALE SPEAKER: It ain't a party till you got
Bacardi, am I right?
BETH HOYT: What country are you
rooting for in the Olympics?
MALE SPEAKER: Ha, are you kidding me?
USA, please.
BETH HOYT: No, do it like stance and stuff, sing and
dance, sucks--
MALE SPEAKER: Happy birthday, MyDamnChannel.
BETH HOYT: Come on, do it more and louder and sing and dance.
MALE SPEAKER: Happy birthday, MyDamnChannel.
BETH HOYT: OK, get back to work.
We need you to work.
OK, great.
BETH HOYT: More T-ball!
One, two, three, four, five, OK, six, concentrate, seven,
oh God, eight, nine, ten.
FEMALE SPEAKER: It's just this.
Tap and point, tap and point, tap and point, tap and point,
tap and point, makes--
FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah, real simple, really
impressive at weddings.
BETH HOYT: Three, two, one.
Oh, my God!
Silly string war, silly string war!
MALE SPEAKER: Today's my birthday.
TOMMY WISEAU: Today's your birthday?
TOMMY WISEAU: Oh, happy birthday.
MALE SPEAKER: No, so that--
I want you to say, happy birthday,
Gabe, you are my friend.
That's my request.
TOMMY WISEAU: OK, happy birthday,
Gabe, you are my friend.
You're my future friend or maybe current friend.
No problem.
Thank you.
BETH HOYT: This one is-- ahhhh!

That was crazy times.
OK, what are you talking about?
I want to play.
Can I get a comment?
This is from juddylovespizza--
most embarrassing event in your life?
I mean, there's so many.
There's so many.
I'm not going to take whole show with this one,
I'll just pick one.
I mean, OK.
I have one.
I, uh, I'm about to tell you this.
OK, I'm going to tell you.
Once I had a-- was dating someone and we, like, hadn't
kissed yet and I was telling a friend, like, we haven't
kissed yet and she was aware of this-- this is so
And then this is when texting first started happening and we
finally kissed, and then I texted my friend we finally
kissed and sent it, and then I got a text from him saying,
yeah, that's great.
So that happened.
I'm so blushing right now-- that was, like, maybe seven
years ago and I'm not nearly over it.
I'm going to cry right now.
Let's move into the next comment--
Where's the lobster?
Thank you for changing the subject--
it's right here.
Hi, hi--
oh, gosh He bites me when we kiss.
It bites me.
And he's wearing the birthday hat still from MyDamnChannel.
The secret is that I'm afraid of sea creatures.
Lobsters are insects of the-- they've the
spiders of the sea.
Am I wrong?
Not you, though, not you.
No, you're cute, you're very cute and
you're my best friend.
Next comment is from Owest96--
Beth Hoty, are you related to the Hoyt from True Blood?
First of all, I do that typo often and I
just giggle to myself.
I don't do it on purpose always, but I'm
always like, Hoty.
And then I'm like, oh, I just-- it's, it's just the
words are flipped.
It's not, like, a compliment.
Um, I am not related, although, you know, we are
both fair skinned blondish people.
I don't like this, though--
you guys watching True Blood?
The hate group that Hoyt is-- spoiler alert-- that Hoyt is
now a part of, they, um, their drink of choice is Old
Milwaukee beer.
I'm from there, I don't like that representation.
I don't like that at all.
That is not--
I'll have you know that that is not a beer of choice for
real for hate groups, OK.
So, no, bad marketing.
Next comment is from x--
Make Beth do push ups.
I mean, alright.
I already did that in class.
Like I told you guys.
I don't have much room here.
So I'm going to do some fake ones against this table.
Are you ready?
I'm going to do them the whole show while we keep going.
Should we do another one?
Look at how good this is-- it's so easy when you're on an
incline like this.
Does it-- am I making it look hard?
Cause it is, because I'm made of steel.
Remember that callback.
Let's do another comment.
This is from-- another one is from JHVH1.
If you were a Mars rover, what would your favorite
Olympics event be?
Good question.
If I was a Mars rover--
if I was a Mars rover, my favorite Olympic event would
still probably be gymnastics, because, I mean, kind of
everyone's, right, deep down.
Or diving-- people say they like diving, but no one turns
off gymnastics.
I'm feeling great--
I'm still doing good.
I think I nailed that question.
I'm pretty sure that I know how to get in the mind of a
Mars rover.
Next comment is from danaob13--
if you were a pop star, what would you do first?
I would stop doing push-ups, because I'd be like, you--
I need to save my energy for my show tonight.
Wait, if I was a pop star, what would I do first?
Like, in life, or--
I would, I would, ooh, I'd make up my, what's it called
with your list of things for your dressing room?
And I would definitely want, uh, hot tamale Mike and Ike's
in my dressing room.
I would also get a lot of fun clothes and I would wear,
like, a midriff just because I can, cause, like, you know, it
doesn't matter.
You look cool and that's what you're supposed to do.
I would wear a midriff to the airport.
I would wear a midriff shirt to the airport--
that's the first thing I would do!
OK, we'll be back to chat live in a minute and more comments,
but I've got a new video from the guy that, you know, you're
always on the lookout when you're in the streets in L.A.
Is that just me?
Do you walk around L.A. just, like, fearing that this guy's
gonna come up to you and do something funny
and scary to you?
Um, it's a new one from McMayhem, and this one's
called Spooning.

STEPHEN SEIDEL: Fans of McMayhem, I now present to
you, spooning in public places.
MATT MCMANUS: Come here, baby.
This is going to be so special.
MATT MCMANUS: I'm go glad we got a
chance to go on vacation.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] are coming off, the leg
just went over her.

MATT MCMANUS: Drive around the love.

BETH HOYT: Hi, again.
Uh, who's the next YouTube comment from from?
No whammies, no whammies, it's from--
no whammies.
It's a text from Jack Ferry-- do your best Mick Jagger.
Well, you know, I have a great one, so um, let me see.
Like, that's like just like a lot of teeth, right, and I'm
like, pretending that I'm thinner, and uh, like, bones
in my face.
And also, like that I'm kind of, like, I'm kind of Tim
Curry, right, so I'm like, I can't get no, right,
Am I doing it?
That's it-- that's the best one I have.
Next comment from YouTube is from linaswolf--
the most sexiest part of your body?
How you imagine living without it.
Um, this is really--
After that kissing story, I'm just feeling a little lacking
of the sexy.
Let's see, my most embarrassing--
I mean, most, oh, not embarrassing, sexiest part my
body is, um, ooh, this is pretty sexy.
I have a very flexible ear.
Let me take out my earring and show you guys this.
And I also couldn't live without it, couldn't live
without it, and watch this.
I have, like, no cartilage in this ear, so I'm going to show
you guys my trick, which-- can you see this here--
I can roll it up.
This is so gross, and do like a little nothing.
Isn't that disgusting?
That's what I do when I'm getting in the mood, when I'm
getting someone in the mood, I'm, like, you think that's,
that's what I do.
Next comment is from megycool7--
it's my cousin's birthday today.
Happy birthday to megycooly's cousin.
That's fantastic, August 6--
big day for Mars, a big day for megycooly's sevens cousin,
big day for USA, Go USA in the Olympics.
Next comment is from Danielle Marie.
What's your favorite summertime drink?
Beth, please answer.
I will, I will, totally.
It's a margarita-- it's definitely a
margarita, no salt.
That's what it is.
And I like to make it-- when I make it, I add a touch of
orange juice.
That's a, that's a tip.
No simple syrup, orange juice.
And one more comment from theplaylister2--
sing in the deepest voice.
Sure, I can do that.
What's a low song.
Oh, I know.

This is a little favorite from, uh, the one and only
Toni Braxton.

That's-- she's pretty low, right?
That's how she sings.
I saw her in Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
The first time I came to New York, I saw that on Broadway.
She was Belle, and she was bad-- she was really bad.
It was bad.
Um, alright.
That's it for today's show.
I did plenty of embarrassing things.
I'm going to go cry in the corner.
Come back tomorrow for a Special Olympics episode.
I'll be doing something equally as embarrassing--
some rhythmic gymnastics with two of my favorite New Yorkers
Abby and Ilana from Broad City will be here.
And on Wednesday, we have a brand new episode of
[INAUDIBLE], the star of the series and they will be here
to talk about it.
And, comedian John Benjamin is our special guest, and we're
planning something silly-- is silly the word?
You should watch on Wednesday and then tell me
what the word is.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You're my favorite, don't tell anyone about today.