Na`Vi.Counter-Strike in Heathrow airport (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Oct 12, 2012

Shooting #2.
We’re in London airport.
London, good bye!
There lots of foreigners around us.
I think that the most of them are English.
We’re sitting in some nice place.
Ioann has ordered some soup.
Do you like it?
Is it tasty?
Don’t put your cam into my plate!
Please, let me have a look!
Show me it for a while!
Begone evil spirit!
Oh, Ioann has taken a salad and such a great piece of salmon with it.
Yegor Markeloff, he has an English breakfast.
As we’re in England it’s worth to order the English breakfast.
I make such a breakfast everyday at home!
Mushrooms and Ioann’s head.
The mushrooms are awful!
Try the sausage!
The tasty one.
And I ordered a cup of coffee.
Cappuccino. A very tasty one.
Ceh9, what did you order?
The budget is too low.
It’s impermissible splendour to have a meal in London.
In the restaurant.
In London.
In the restaurant.
So maybe you can afford it sometimes lust a little?
Besides, if you get decent results on the tournament and you get some cash.
Lvov will be partying.
In London restaurant?
Ok, let’s speak about serious things.
Which plans do you have for this tournament?
Today you’re chilling out in London but tomorrow you won’t.
We always have the same plans – the 1st place.
What do you have to do for that?
Tell me 3 things, quickly!
To beat Anexis and fnatic, the 3rd is unnecessary.
Only 2 things?
I can tell you that after the last events we have the 3rd as well.
Yes, Russians.
Place2Play, yes you have forgotten about that.
Lvov has got a swelled head.
Ioann, do you agree with this point of view?
No, I don’t agree.
So what will you tell?
Tell us 3 the most important things.
Collusion, Jewish Freemason and pyramids.
That was an adult reply!
Are you from Kharkov?
I’m from Kazakhstan.
That’s also adult.
Markeloff, what will you say?
Let me eat!
Eat it!
Starix, tell us something,
You don’t do anything.
3 the most important things for you to do to win this tournament.
Excepting this banal things: to win and to play CS well.
You had to do it before.
Before this moment.
But do we still have chance to make it right?
Nothing will help.
So in any case we won’t get anything.
Why do you think we’ll lose?
I ask you.
You asked me what we have to change.
What do we have to do to shape up and win this tournament?
You’re the captain.
I’m lost.
I was told that…
The lost team.
It will never be like that.
So no more demos for you and stuff like that!
Yesterday I was explained, that’s why…
Very understandable.
Ioann, will you make it a quote later?
I can’t because of the censure.
Censure? It’s too late for that.
Markeloff, if you won’t eat the mushrooms, leave them for
low-budget Lvov guys.
Take it!
No, we can have a food poisoning.
Do you like the salmon?
Have you squeezed the lemon there?
There’s one just for that!
I notice such things at once!
That’s good.
What a tall woman! Unbelievable!
What do you think, will Portugal be like Spain?
I think yes.
I think it will be similar.
There are the Portuguese; they are similar to the Spaniard.
The language is similar as well.
They are different.
They have similar tongues, I saw when they kissed.
They have such soft, nice red tongues.
Do they have a strawberry tint?
I can say that it depends on the season.
They are different in winter and now they’ll have
the strawberry and raspberry tint,
Something like that.
Red like a water melon.
Bruise yourself into the wall immediately!
Ioann, do you like the salmon?
Better than good.
You don’t know what good is.
I know what better is.
Will you buy the T-shirt for your brother?
I guess.
That’s all for now.
I’d like to but a hat, baseball cap and then it will be fine.
What’s that?
Some kind of stuff hangs on the wall.
That’s all.