Firearms Training 2012 - "gunmen" holed up in farmhouse

Uploaded by westmidlandspolice on 14.06.2012

Today we're off to an establishment in Staffordshire
where we will be doing some containment exercises.
Which gives them the opportunity to practice
putting containment on a building, to hold a building
to deal with subjects
should they emerge from the building, with or without firearms and given
decisions in relation to
people with weapons, with firearms, without weapons, people who are compliant and people
who are non-compliant.
yeah at the moment two of our colleagues have gone to do a reccie, they've just got back
and are formulating a plan for containing overtly
what we presume is a building at the moment, we are waiting for them to give us a brief
we'll decide on a plan of action, arrest plans, oppositions and
we'll go from there.
The plan is
we've got two vehicles, we've got a 4x4 vehicle
and a white van
we're going to drop people off on foot initially
because the plan is to get people around to the back into position at this point
which gives time for the 4x4 and the white van to get into their positions
This is all about very fast, bang and you're on them.
OK so the scenario is we've got here a group of armed robbers in the building
so the students are around the building and what we will do now
is present them with various subjects who will
pose them
varying levels of threats, some will be armed
with various weapons, some will be armed with firearms
some will not be armed at all, some will be compliant
and some will be non-compliant so we're looking for the students
to respond to the treats posed to them by those people and deal with them accordingly.
Drop the firearm now.
Or what?
If you threaten us we will use these firearms.
Drop the firearm now.
It's intense. It's challenging.
Day by day you're learning
a lot of new things and your'e expected to pick that up and run with it the next day.
It's incredibly dynamic, you initially set out with a plan,
and all of a sudden you find that it's completely changed and you have to adapt
in an instant
we've moved position covered my colleagues
and found someone chasing me down with a machete and I've had to discharge
my firearm.
much more difficult
and I explained the perception to begin with
this would, not an easy course, it's just something that you could take your policing skills
and apply them
the reality is that you take your police skills and then you learn
so much more on top
so if you are considering applying for firearms you need to think that you need to take everything that you know
and times it by two or three.