Worlds Largest Game of Ninja!!

Uploaded by PhilipDeFranco on 05.08.2011

When I count to ten, I'm going to go 1-2-3
I'm going to say 'Ninja!'
and when I say ninja
I want everybody to jump back
and give me the most badass ninja pose that you can

and then the game will be at foot!

Is everybody ready to play some ninja?


We got our first person out of the game already

I think it's going good, it's going real good

Alright let's go

we're down to two people here guys
we're going to crown our first miniature game champion

And they are good, they know what they are doing
I'm pretty sure one of them could beat me up

it's like Jackie Chan versus Chuck Norris

Got another person out
please make your exit over here towards the concrete, thank you
our first two people that are making it to the final round

coming down to the last two guys
this is a fast game, look at this

Come over here to the winner's circle guys
come over here to the winner's circle

what do we got?

we'll do a $100
how about $100, cold hard cash
so the winner of this is actually not $100
because that's kind of cheap
this is the second VidCon, let's do


Okay so, get ready
for $400, the final game


Oh you are out!
that guy was cheating
We got our first person out of the game

You did they Netherlands proud my friend
you're a champion in my eyes
nice I love it, wonderful, you did a good job

Oh my god, that was smooth

This is the worst day of my life

I slipped
Remember guys, $400 cash is on the line right now

You made it far buddy

He got me from behind, I didn't notice it

There were over 100 people that played Ninja
and now it is down to these two valiant warriors
Are you ready to play ninja?
then let's get it on!


this is our ninja warrior right here, ladies and gentlemen
to win the $400

That was a good game, good competition in the end
I don't know, I've been playing for a couple years

and it's just like the speed and
my trick is to move your hand while you're moving your feet
so they pay attention where your feet are moving and then hit them with the hand

that's my strategy