How to Make Mashed Potatoes : Cutting Scallions Coarsely for Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, this is Richard Buccola of New York City and on behalf of Expert Village, today I am
going to show you how to make some mashed potatoes. Okay so we are back. First thing
I want everyone to know that I just cleaned out my potato skins and washed this bowl out.
This is a great big bowl for our mashed potatoes so we'll put them right back in that. So try
and keep cleaning what I am doing and using things over again if I can. I am just going
to take two scallions for this. Don't need a lot but you do have to chop them fine so
put these off for the side for now. What you want to do is very simply cut off the roots
to the scallion. Here's our roots and we are just going to cut them off and get rid of
them. My aunt only used to like the white part of it. So all this stuff I am going to
use for something else. If I don't think it is enough, I will use another one. Actually
for that amount, those potatoes are going to serve six to eight people so I am actually
going to use a third one. Again, not getting too much of the green. If you see any green
like this, you can just peel that skin back. See that, just take that right off an you
just want the white of the scallion. Again, same thing here. If you see some skin that
you don't like or it looks a little green, just pull it back.