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You know, when you need extra space, taking advantage of the underutilized space you have
in an attic might be a way to maybe add another room. That's what I did here with this guest
room. It's actually up in the attic. And you come up these stairs. And I wanted to make
it feel like a farmhouse. So all the materials here, and the layout of the room itself, are
those that you might of found in a farmhouse in about 1900. When you come up here, you
can tell that this is an attic space. Some of the tell-tale signs include, well, just
the shape of the roof of the ceiling. You see, it actually follows the roof. So what
we did is we moved in from the edges of the roof to make this wall, and the same on this
side. And then from the 7 foot mark up to here is 9 feet, and then we flattened it off.
So at the highest point it's 9 feet, 7 feet on the sides. And what I used for material
up here is old fashioned beadboard, but it's really not beadboard. It's actually 4x8 sheets
of pressed beadboard, just to give the look. I wanted to save a little money. So take a
look at the floors. You see, these are tongue and groove pine floors. We didn't use first-grade
pine. Meaning, the very best grade of pine. This is a second-grade pine. It was less expensive.
But what I decided to do up here was paint it. I didn't wanna stain it or do some sorta
hardwood finish, I wanted it just to be painted. Because it feels like this room. I wanted
it to be really comfortable and easy and relaxed and that the colors be really cool. That's
why I chose this soft green, and on the walls, a really soft blue. So let's take a look at
the layout of the furniture. You see, again, comfort is key here. I wanted to make sure
that not only was there a comfortable bed, but also a baby crib, in case guests might
bring an infant. Also, I wanted a place for them to just kick back and relax. It's up
in the attic, they're away from all the hubbub of the house, so there are a couple of swivel
chairs for rocking the baby or just relaxing, and a really nice sofa that's slipcovered
with some bright colors that really pop. There's a enough space in this 15x17 room to accommodate
this full-sized bed. And if you have enough room in the attic, you might think about adding
a bathroom. And there was just enough in this nook up here for me to put a bathroom in.
Only enough room to put in a shower, just in line with the valley of the roof. But hey,
it worked. I have to say, this is a room I had a lot of fun in designing. Just take a
look at the lights: They're star shaped. They look really old-fashioned, but they're made
by Circle Lighting and readily available. And then the floor itself, well, I've got
a woven cotton rug made by Albert and Dash, which I love the colors -- pink and white.
This is the same pattern that you find in the stair hall coming up into this space.
And as for the art, I went with drawings that children had made and framed them and put
them all along the walls. To lighten the room up, I chose to use all painted furniture,
which I think really works. For instance, this one over in the corner was a chest of
drawers that was made in the 1830s. The veneer was so bad, and the price of it was so right
-- because I bought that for 50 bucks, and had it painted. And I think the color looks
great in here. Hey, if you're enjoying these tips on style, check in with us regularly.
And make sure you subscribe to eHow Home. So excited you all are coming. Oh, and you're
bringing the baby. Alright, well we'll see you tomorrow. Thank goodness I have plenty
of room.