Mega Man Network Transmission - Part 1: Net on Fire

Uploaded by ShadowRockZX on 26.08.2012

Hello, my name is ShadowRock, and welcome to Mega Man Network Transmission.
This game is basically Mega Man Classic and Battle Network gameplay combined.
It's pretty much the same controls and what-not if you've played a side scrolling Mega Man before.
Just now they throw in Battle Network elements like Battle Chips and PowerUps.
Anyway, I'll see you guys after these intro cutscenes.
There's mixed opinions from fans and critics alike on how good this game actually is.
As for me personally, I enjoy it. I grew up playing the Classic and X series as a child, so I was cool with the Classic gameplay.
And I thought using Battle Chips in a side scrolling Mega Man game was a neat idea.
The first time I played this game was many years ago when I was younger...
I was at a video rental store named Hollywood Video when I found the game.
I didn't have the luxury of the internet back in the day, so I didn't know of the games existence prior.
So I rented the game for a week or so, before I had to return it.
I really liked the game though so some time later, I dunno how long it was,
I was at a different Hollywood Video store and they had the game available to purchase for like $15.
And that's how I got Mega Man Network Transmission in my collection...
Right now, I plan on doing a 100% run of this game.
That means getting all the items, powerups, chips, etc.
Little tip: When you're in close corridors like that, it helps to slide under the Canodumb's line of fire, so you can avoid getting hit.
Here's a Mettaur. They typically come in two variants: one that shoots a 3-way shot, and another that creates a shockwave with it's pickaxe.
Just try not to stay directly in front of them and you'll be fine. Also something of note, even when they are hiding in their helmets, they can still be damaged.
Those coin looking things are zenny, which is the currency in pretty much every Capcom/Mega Man game.
It's kind of like collecting gold coins in a Super Mario game, except more important. So collect as many as you can! You'll need it to buy important powerups and chips.
The stages in this game isn't always straightforward. Sometimes there will be little hidden places or detours you can check out, usually hiding an important mystery data.
And with that we got our first HP Memory. Every one we get increases Mega Man's HP by 20 points.
This Cyberbar gimmick is about the only gameplay element in this game that is exclusively from the Mega Man X series as far as I've seen.
Going back for a green mystery data real quick.
Yeowch! I have NEVER gotten hit at that spot before this video was recorded... funny how my gaming skills seem to downgrade when I'm recording for YouTube.
This wall right here is actually breakable. So get out a breaking chips like Wrecker or a punch chip like Guts Punch and such and you'll be able to get through.
The trick to getting through here unharmed is pretty much as soon as you slide, keep pressing the jump button (A) so Mega Man can jump between the small gaps.
And with that, we get our first PowerUp! This will allow us to increase the stats of the Mega Buster.
Attack determines how much damage each shot does, Rapid allows you to fire shots at a faster rate, and upgrading Charge lets you charge your shot. The more Charge is increased, the faster it will charge up.
That virus is a Bunny. It can be REALLY annoying if you don't delete it fast.
If it hits you with its Zap Ring, you'll be paralyzed for a few seconds, giving other enemies on the map a chance to hit you even more... annoying.
The Bunny virus group will drop the ZapRing chips.
Backups are your lives. The more backup chips you get, the more lives you'll have at the start of each stage.
Make sure you jack out if you're on your last life, because if you get deleted you will get a game over and will lose all your progress you haven't saved.
In this game, collecting and grinding for multiple copies of chips is going to be key. The more you have of one chip, the more you can use it during a stage.
So I'm going to be replaying stages multiple times off-screen throughout this playthrough in order to get more chips.
Like in the first Battle Network game, you can get armors that will half the damage you take from a certain element depending on the one you have equipped.
Fun fact: This music is a remix of FireMan's stage theme from Mega Man for the NES.
Also this section right here with the tight passageways and ladders is a obvious throwback to the NES FireMan stage.
You can take the ladders here to skip past these Canodumbs, but I decide to delete them instead.
I wouldn't worry about going down these alternate paths right now. They don't lead to anything special, and you can always come back later.
Here's our first little virus mini-boss, Spikey. Even with the weird moving platforms, this guy is pretty easy to dispatch with a well placed bomb or any other chip.
You can get the HeatShot chip from it for fast deletions.
Those fireballs behind Mega Man are known as Tackle Fires. They spawn from the lava and follow you until they hit you with contact damage.
Now I'm not going to lie, the first few bosses in this game can be hard due to our weak stats early on.
Even with the HeatArmor, FireMan can still delete us pretty fast. So make sure you setup your best chips before going in!
The way I like to go about fighting FireMan is hit him with an attack, then you can slide under him so when he counter-attacks with his FireArm, you won't be in the line of fire.
Another notable strategy is to stand really close to him and hit him, then quickly get away while he engulfs himself with fire, then repeat.
GET AWAY from him especially when he does this attack, because it HURTS.
And that's it for FireMan. For winning you will either get the FireArm chip or FireMan Navi chip depending on your rank.
I really like the art they show during these transitions. They're official art from Mega Man Battle Network 2 I believe.
Does anyone else notice that the Robot looking thing in the poster in Lan's room has a laser firing from its crotch area?
Seriously, what is with Capcom and crotch lasers, cannons, etc.?
Some of you that have seen my Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge stream might remember the various instances where some Navis would fire cannons and such from their crotch...
Does Capcom have some weird fetish for using crotches to fire weapons or something?
Anyway, just editing our folder a bit here, and that will be it for Episode 1 of Mega Man Network Transmission.
Again, I am ShadowRock, and I hope you're enjoying the game so far.
Thanks for watching, and have a nice day.
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