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This story is based on faith.
Faith which makes the impossible happen.
Faith that renders the impossible possible.
This is one such story bound by the chords of faith.
Here is Rs.10... Hey! Where are you going?
Give me the extortion money or I'll have you sacked!
Keep some money or you will lose your job.
Put it in there.
Karan Singh and Arjun Singh, put my extortion money.
- Don't cut our money today. - What is so special today?
- That is a secret. - What secret?
- We'll tell you later. - Don't cut Rs.2.
Keep the entire day's wage tomorrow.
Is that so? I trust you because you are Durga's sons.
But don't go back on your word tomorrow.
Rs.20 for me tomorrow!
Father, it is Sunday tomorrow. It is a holiday.
Have you sprung from the skies, buddy?
Never mind that. Just tell me how much the bangles are worth.
Why must you buy bangles?
Don't bother about that. Just tell us how much the bangles cost.
- Show me that. - No. This green one.
- These red bangles. - These golden ones.
- These colorful ones. - They're indeed beautiful.
- I win, right Mom? - No! I've won!
You win or lose in a contest, my sons.
And it's only enemies who compete.
- I touched your feet first. - No! I did!
- I did...! - Stop it.
You're still racing against each other!
Neither are you ahead... nor are you trailing.
But my sons are ahead of everyone else!
- We've got something for you. - What is it?
- First shut your eyes. - What for?
- Close your eyes! Go on! - All right.
Open your eyes now.
You will wear bangles now, like other women in the village.
We just can't bear to see your hands so bare.
Extend your hand, mom.
Come on, mom.
No! I can't wear those bangles.
Why not?
I can't wear bangles at my age, silly boys.
I understand, mom!
She'll wear the bangles only when Dad returns from the city.
- That's true, isn't it? - It's so many years already.
He would've returned, had he wished to.
- He has forgotten us! - There's no word from him at all.
And you're always waiting for him!
Let's go and return the bangles. Come on.
No... wait!
Give me those bangles... give them to me.
I will give these bangles to your wives.
- But they were meant to... - Go and bathe quickly.
- Greetings, madam. - The accountant? You?
I've managed to reach here with great difficulty.
Had someone seen me come here, my life would be in danger.
But what brings you here so late in the night?
The elder Thakur has summoned you to the mansion.
Which mansion?
The one that shut the doors on our good-fortune?
The mansion, whose wounds are still raw in the heart?
Go away. I will never step inside that mansion.
Fulfilling a dying man's last desire...
...is considered to be the greatest of noble deeds.
What?... Is the landlord...?
Yes. The landlord is breathing his last.
His last wish is to see you.
But so long as the cursed Durjan Singh casts his shadow there...
How can I go there?
Tomorrow's the festival of Goddess Kali.
Durjan, with his brothers-in-law, Nahar and Shamsher Singh...
...will be at the temple with their families.
I will wait for you outside the mansion.
- Please be there. - Very well.
- Who was that man? - And who's the old landlord?
I have kept a secret from you for many years.
How was I to know that time would one day stoke its fires?
It's the story of my life...
...which I have always kept a secret from you.
But I will have to tell you the truth today.
I will tell you everything.
The old landlord is your grandfather.
- What?! - Our grandfather? The landlord?!
Yes. I am his daughter-in-law.
I was a poor woman. And your father married me.
But the landlord was instigated by Durjan Singh, his nephew...
...and he refused to accept me as his daughter-in-law.
I was driven out of the mansion.
Your father found a job in a school in the village.
We were happy in our own world, despite our poverty.
And your arrival brought more joy and happiness in our lives.
But our happiness soon turned to grief.
Durjan Singh dreamt of inheriting the family riches.
And one night, out of sheer treachery...
Durjan Singh killed your father!
What?! Was father...
You mean you have always...?
Yes. To keep this tale a secret, I concocted a story.
I didn't want you to feel orphaned.
How was I to know that someday my past would come knocking on my door?
That I'd have to go to the mansion which I have always loathed!
No. We will not go to the mansion that has snatched our father!
Yes. We won't as much as step in the place...
...that has plunged you in poverty and despair.
I know how the fires of hatred are stoked...
...when one is reminded of the humiliation he has undergone.
But I have always imparted to you lessons in love and compassion.
Not hatred.
Hatred can only make man and society, drift apart.
Hatred is the devil's shadow, my sons.
It's the devil's shadow!
Glory to Goddess Kali!
Welcome, madam...
The landlord has been speaking about you since morning.
He's longing to see Karan and Arjun.
Please come in.
Welcome, daughter-in-law.
Please don't touch me... I am a sinner!
No, father. That which happened was part of our destiny.
No. It was my arrogance that had eclipsed your destiny.
I thrust my own blood in the fires of misfortune.
I should be severely punished.
A terrible death that no sinner would have suffered so far!
Don't say that.
The ointment of time heals every wound inflicted by life.
Before I die, just once...
Won't you give me the right to hug them?
Right? Our lives are for you.
Karan and Arjun are your children.
Go my children.
My children!
I'm truly unfortunate.
I couldn't play with you.
I'm returning the right I had snatched away from you.
Now you are the mistress of this mansion.
And your sons are its' heirs.
Take this.
The body becomes useless in old age.
But you have ruined your life!
You poisoned my life! Go away from here!
I didn't come to this mansion to go away!
Every brick of this house is mine!
I served you all your life!
You tried to kill me every moment!
But I didn't die.
Because I had a debt to pay, to give these kids their rights!
I won't give these beggars one penny!
Instead I'll give you and this family of yours, death!
No! I bind you by oath.
We don't want anything!
You may take everything. We want nothing at all!
What are you saying?
You called me your daughter-in-law and held my sons close to your heart.
We have got all the wealth in the world.
We want nothing else.
Come on children.
Brother-in-law, you left these two snakes alive?
Snakes can raise their fangs anytime.
They are the young ones of a snake not snakes.
They haven't yet cut their poison fangs.
Their father was the snake.
The sons will die at my hands just as their father did!
What? You killed my son?
Yes. I did.
And his children too will die at my hands.
- This can't happen! - This will happen!
Because your entire family is doomed to die at my hands!
Look at this old man!
You will see the dark shadow of your death in my palm!
Run children!
Leave my sons!
- Leave my Karan and Arjun! - Leave these little snakes?
The game has just begun, old lady.
It will be great fun!
Look there, old lady!
Look there!
Stop it!
You bite!
You hit my mother?
Let's run away!
Run Arjun!
I'm telling you to run!
Mother! My sons cannot die!
This cannot happen!
You are also a mother.
A mother can't destroy another mother's womb!
My sons are the boon given to me at your step!
You can't take back a gift you've given once!
You will have to return my sons!
Return my sons to me mother!
Return my sons to me mother!
Return my sons to me mother!
Push harder. Little more.
Ate his mother soon as he was born!
Now will you eat my liquor bottle?
I don't have money for my booze! Where can I get cash for your milk?
Don't cry son.
Our son will grow into a big man.
Even God will feel proud of him.
All thanks to Pestonbhai.
I work in his Riding Club and eke out a living.
It's the Lord who does everything.
Who knows maybe your son will run my Riding Club tomorrow!
Brought booze?
I'm hungry. I've brought food.
Rascal! When small you cried for milk!
And now for food!
- Get me some booze! - No, I won't!
Arguing with your father!
- Let go of my hand! - No! First leave the bag!
Little fellow but has the strength of a horse!
- Won't leave me? - Scoundrel!
What happened son?
He was stealing grams so I hit him.
Wow! What aim!
What happens to you suddenly?
Will you kill him?
Why are you hitting him? He was fighting for you.
This boy called you a drunk. Therefore, Ajay thrashed him.
Control your son.
Those who do not have mothers turn out to be like this.
Mother I will return!
I am with you son!
- I will return mother! - There is no need to worry.
He is hallucinating. It happens when the fever rises.
Mother! Mother!
Did you hear? Did you?
My son has called out to me!
They will come. My Karan and Arjun will return!
I've been listening for 20 years.
That Karan and Arjun will come.
But this world is such a place...
Once destroyed the people of this world never ever return.
Wait and see.
My Karan and Arjun will return!
They will definitely return!
Karan and Arjun will return?
Mad old woman!
My father, Durjan Singh, has given them such a terrible death...
...that even God will think. 10 times before sending them here!
Move aside!
Crazy old woman!
Looks like you still don't believe your sons are dead.
Take this and garland the photograph with it.
Look at it everyday so that you are convinced your sons are no more.
This is from me.
From my side.
Priest, my son is going abroad.
I've brought him here for Mother's blessings.
So that he returns successful in his mission.
After tormenting one mother...
You are begging another mother for her blessings?
You'll have to beg my sons.
Beg them for your lives. To let you live.
Remember, these 3 garlands...
...if I don't garland your corpses with these...
I'm not worthy of my name, Durga!
Remember this Durjan.
My sons will return!
My Karan and Arjun will return!
Stupid woman! How can the dead return?
They will tear the earth apart and come!
They will rip open the skies to come!
That guy is finished!
Hit him!
You were great!
You've performed a miracle by defeating the favorite Kalia! Look.
A shower of cash!
Here's your share. From today you are the favorite here.
Eunuch! You'll marry me?
I'll scramble your brains!
Dad she's abusing us!
Get lost!
You won't ever find a groom like me!
You seem to live in this area.
Is she a girl or boy?
Whom are you asking? I'll tell you what I am.
Run! Eunuch!
Saw that? He was the fifth specimen.
Before my Dad gives my hand to somebody else...
Hold my hand.
He doesn't care about you but you chase him like a fool.
What's special about him that you only want him?
Dad he has what nobody else has.
He slapped me once in childhood.
On my cheek but it left its' imprint on my heart.
But the day you get slapped, you'll forget finding grooms for me!
No! It isn't anything... It's medicine.
Liquor in a medicine bottle?
I slog hard to buy medicines.
And you have this poison?
I want to save you and you want to die?
There's still time. Change yourself!
Great! Simply superb!
Fantastic or elastic, any girl who comes here makes him her teacher.
How did you learn such excellent horse riding and marksmanship?
I put my heart into it and learnt it.
If you put your heart into it, you too will learn.
His heart too is in it.
That's what I'm watching. Daily she comes half an hour early.
What do I do? Since coming here, I don't like being at home.
Like a kite is pulled by its' string...
I'm in the same boat.
Maybe that has afflicted you.
- What? - That.
But in just two meetings, it has happened that Mogambo...
Who is Mogambo?
My horse.
Yes, I'm attracted to Mogambo and somebody else too.
Somebody else? Who?
- Really? - Yes.
- Swear. - By me.
I can see it in the eyes but I want to hear it too.
- With a kiss... - With the catapult.
How did this catapult enter a love scene?
People love hearts and you fell in love with a catapult?
You may have my catapult if not my heart.
- I don't know how to. - You only know how to shoot arrows.
I'll teach you.
Hold this with the right hand and this with the left.
And pull it.
Now hold it tight.
Who is this fat hippo?
My body guard.
Papa has sent him with me.
If somebody troubles me, he LLs him.
Yes, lame and mutilated. ********
Let's see.
Hippo, where are you going?
- You! - Yes, me. - Baby...! - Yes.
- What did you do? - I kissed her.
Threw me!
A hippo on a horse?
Where's my gun?
Madam, looks like I'll have to teach you something else
...in addition to horse riding and marksmanship. - What's that?
One kisses on the lips not cheeks.
- Here. - I'll learn that too.
Where is the ruffian? I won't spare him!
What does he think of himself? Was it a terrible fight?
The hearts liked each other. And sliced the villain.
My ears were smoking!
- You too would be... - What? - Smoking.
- From where? - Mouth, ear, nose...
I'll roast you if you say another word!
Always mouthing double meaning dialogues like Dada Kondke!
Who was that ruffian son?
A flower and a thorn. I threw it out!
Well done son! As long as your hand is on the head...
...of these hoodlums, my Riding club will survive.
Who would look after the stable if it wasn't for you?
I am indebted to you.
No uncle. I am indebted to you.
You supported me after my parents expired.
Loved me like a son.
Educated me, gave me a job.
Your Dad was my friend. Whatever I did was for friendship.
Come on. It's time for your horse riding students to come.
I was talking about him.
He alone can take on a hundred.
- If you meet him once... - I'll meet him.
You've come back child?
Place the mug high.
- A little higher. - Come on. Here.
- What childishness is this? - Catapult.
I've been practicing but I can't get my aim right.
You went to learn riding. So where did this come from?
What one plans never happens and what is not planned does.
And what you never think of happens some times.
I mean it was great!
Did you follow what she said?
Yes. I'm not so stupid.
- Good day sir. - Whenever I leave my mansion...
I think of one other world, the world of our friendship.
This friendship is soon going to turn into relation.
Your son Suraj is going to become my son-in-law.
Suraj and Sonia can be engaged soon as he returns from London.
Saxena, enough of sweet talk. Let's talk something bitter now.
So that the poison of bitterness doesn't spread in our friendship.
I have still have not got the payment for my goods.
The party I have given the goods to is delaying the payment.
Since he is dangerous, I want to...
When it comes to money, I am very amoral.
Let alone friends and foes.
I don't hesitate to kill my own people.
My payment should reach within a week.
Why did you stop the car?
Look in front.
Move aside.
Looking at her eyes I feel...
The Goddess Kali resides in her!
If she confidently says her sons are coming, they must be en route...
- Accountant! - I am...
Brother-in-law, finish the story of this old hag today!
Brother-in-law her words pierce like a needle!
Crush her.
What are you saying? She is already dead.
Warriors do not assault women!
- I say crush the old hag! - No.
No! What are you doing?
Why do you get involved with them?
They terrorize the whole village. Why do you want to kill yourself?
If I had to die, I would have died long ago.
But death can't destroy me till I have destroyed them.
My sons will come to destroy them.
The weapons of a mother.
Karan and Arjun will come.
Run! Arjun run!
What's going on? People suffer from sleep walking.
Do you talk in your sleep?
Can you see me? My heart is beating like a neck slit chicken!
These bones are knocking about like the coins of a carom board!
Whom do you talk to in your sleep?
I don't know.
But I could see strange shadows right from my childhood.
I feel as if I have some relation to them.
I have some deep bond with them.
Something drags me to itself.
Calls out to me.
And what happened today...
...has never happened before.
What happened?
There is a village.
Bells in a temple.
A path...
And I saw myself.
I am running and somebody screams...
Run Arjun run!
Run Arjun run!
Ajay, your father vomited blood.
The doctor said, he is very serious.
Liquor has destroyed his liver. We will have to operate him.
- How much money will be needed? - 10,000.
Fine, you operate him.
- What? You'll lose this fight? - Yes.
Because today I have to win against death.
It's a matter of my Dad's life.
I need 10000 bucks.
Another shower of cash!
Cash? How partner?
He is the favorite. People will bet for him.
But we'll win because he'll lose.
And we won't have to pay anyone!
But will you really lose?
Is there anyone else?
There is! The local favorite, Ajay.
Isn't the one who got thrashed the same whose picture you showed me?
But I don't understand how the tide has turned.
What are you doing? We will be ruined!
What are you doing?
Stop it. What are you doing?
You needed 10000 bucks!
You said you'd lose the fight! But you've ruined us by winning it!
What's wrong with you?
I wanted to lose the fight.
I don't know what happened to me.
A life time remains for you to know who I am.
But at this moment your father only has a couple of moments.
And this is my card.
- Who are you? - My name is Ajay.
- Is Mr. Saxena at home? - Yes, sit. I'll call him.
- Who is it? - My name is Ajay.
But there is no one named, Ajay in Mr. Saxon's home.
I'm a guest.
Gentleman, all of us are guests in this world.
Nevertheless, my telephone line got linked with yours.
In the course of talking, our hearts too may be linked.
And we could become friends.
So, are we friends?
I am not interested.
Sir, you appear a strict man.
I have just lit my father's funeral pyre.
Please call Sonia. I am Vijay speaking.
Excuse me... there is a call for Sonia.
Tell him that Sonia has left.
She has left.
Sonia dear, hurry up!
We have to go to the airport to receive Suraj.
- She just left. - You?
How is your father?
Here are your 8000 bucks. I spent 2000 to cremate him.
I'll pay back soon.
I like your sense of self-respect.
Will you work for me?
Your strength, your obsession, the fire smoldering in your eyes.
I like them. Will you work?
I would have refused another but I am indebted to you.
- I'll begin tomorrow. - Not tomorrow, right now.
We have to go to the airport.
- How was the trip? - Fantastic.
- Where's Sonia? - She's anxiously waiting at home.
My white Mercedes is outside.
You go ahead. I'll clear the customs and come.
Is this Mr. Saxena's car?
Keep this briefcase in the car.
Didn't you hear what I said? Keep this briefcase in the car!
I am not your father's servant!
You dare take the name of Suraj Singh's father, Durjan Singh?
Keep your right hand in your pocket.
Or you will have to eat with your left hand forever.
I think both of you have introduced yourselves.
He is Ajay, a superb fighter.
And he is Suraj Singh, Sonia's fiancÈe.
Since I came here that's all I hear.
Sonia is on her way. She'll soon be here.
It's turned to evening from morning and there's no sign of Sonia...
Here comes Sonia!
And you neither came to the airport nor were you at home!
I want to tell you so much! And listen to so much!
Will you first listen to me or tell me about yourself?
Now what do I listen to you and what do I tell you?
- Why? - If you listen to me, you will forget yourself.
And if you'll forget yourself what will you remember about me?
And if you won't remember, what's the use in telling you?
And what's the point in doing something that's of no use?
Am I right? Bye.
What did she say? Uncle did you understand?
Son, I'm not so stupid.
Did you see? This gun can tear apart a 3-inch steel sheet.
It can shatter a bullet proof glass into pieces.
Like, people select pearls in the deep waters...
...I too have selected this deadly gun from abroad.
A month later, these guns will be delivered at the borders.
As usual, these guns will reach me through Durjan Singh.
And I will give them to you.
Place your order for any number of guns.
Uncle, I think, one of our customers has not come.
- Has he rebelled? - No.
No. He has become dishonest.
He did not pay me for the goods bought last time.
And whenever I sent any of my men to collect the money...
They did not return alive.
That means he swallowed our money?
Such a man is not born!
I have created a man of steel to get even with him.
Peter, talk to your men over the telephone.
Ask them to make my payment.
Or to take away your corpse!
What is the matter? You are trying to look very dashing today.
Take this. All my debts are cleared.
All right, Sir.
You are repaying everybody's debts.
- When will you repay mine? - What have I taken from you?
You have taken, what nobody could ever take from me.
You didn't understand?
You have taken this girl's heart.
What? You, a girl?
Look in the mirror. You don't look like a girl from any angle.
Am I not...
What's the matter?
Nothing. It felt...
I felt as if these bangles...
I can only buy you glass bangles.
Not golden ones.
What's wrong with you today?
- What are you saying? - Yes.
I did fall in love with you.
But I never thought that you are a princess.
And I'm the dust of the roads.
- Will I be able to give you all... - You mean wealth is everything?
No. Money helps man buy expensive things.
But not a heart.
Man can buy food with money.
But not hunger.
Man can buy a body with money but not true love!
Love is the greatest wealth of this universe.
Which you and I have got.
Your love and affection.
They are the treasures of my life.
I'll never let them be away from me.
I want to see you in palaces.
And you've decided to make a horse groom your life partner!
Not just make him my life partner but promised to live and die together!
Your anger and cruelty cannot change our minds.
I'll change his life!
I'll destroy him! I can do anything!
Can you carry your daughter's pyre on your shoulders?
You are blind in his love. I'll show you when the time comes!
I'll shoot you if you come out of the room tonight!
You lead a peaceful life. You are very fortunate.
You have no tension about food.
I massage you; I serve you.
Who serves me? Nobody.
In the next life, I will be born as a horse...
...and you as Lingayya.
Why are you laughing?
Hey! Why are you talking to horses?
Do you have time to talk to me?
You are busy diving in the swimming pool of love!
The sea of love is very deep. If you drown...
Hey! Drowning is what they call love, right?
You have really become a lovesick Romeo in a week.
The thrill isn't the same when you stake your life riding...
...as is the thrill when you stake your heart in love.
If you do not listen to me, then your life will be at stake.
For I have brought your death in my hand!
A tiger's death in a mosquito's hand?
Who is this impediment in the path of love?
I am Durjan Singh's son and Sonia's fiancÈe.
My name is Suraj Singh.
Burn the place!
Take him away and go! Hurry!
Love got burnt! Lover got burnt!
Very good, son!
To remove obstacles on the way and to destroy enemies...
...is this family's tradition.
So I have abided by the family's tradition.
Fool! Jokes apart. Prepare for your engagement to Sonia.
We are coming there.
Today is the happiest day of my life.
Because today I announce the engagement of my only...
...daughter, Sonia to Durjan Singh's son Suraj.
Soon as he arrives, the custom of engagement will...
There he comes.
You burnt my Dad's stable!
I'll burn your fingers!
- Call the police. - No!
Let go of me!
Run! Arjun run!
Run! Arjun run!
I tell you to run!
Arrest him!
We are Thakurs by birth.
Pride and anger courses through our veins along with blood.
Whenever our women step in the quicksand of disrepute...
We have them buried alive in the walls of our homes!
But the love of my son holds me back.
I have always fulfilled every dream of my son.
And today I will fulfill this dream.
You will marry my son in my house!
Prepare to leave.
I don't understand anything.
All of a sudden why did our hands stop fighting?
And then why did he tell me this?
Run Arjun! And why did I obey him?
What did he say? Repeat it again.
Run Arjun! Run!
Something is terribly wrong!
This is the same phrase you uttered in your sleep!
That's what I am thinking.
The words I kept saying in my sleep...
I kept murmuring.
The same words. The same name.
How did they come on my lips?
Who is this Arjun?
Who are you?
That's what I want to ask you.
- Why does it feel as if... - We know each other?
We have some deep bond.
There's a chord that draws us close to each other.
We have met before.
No. I don't even know your name.
Then in the party why did you say...?
Run Arjun! Run!
I too am worried. I can't understand.
How did these words come to my lips?
Who forced me to say it?
I don't know any Arjun.
Neither do I.
But it feels as if we have some strange relation to this name.
Some old association.
Anyway my name is Vijay. Thanks for saving my life.
God forbid but if you ever face such a situation...
I will repay this debt.
Letter from Sonia for you!
Something appears fishy!
Her servant gave it.
What is it son?
They are forcibly taking my Sonia to Durjan Singh's mansion.
She has asked me to rescue her.
She writes if I don't reach there...
She will consume potion and kill herself but won't marry Suraj.
What are you thinking of? Prepare to leave.
If I go, what happens to your stable?
- Your business...? - Business goes on.
But once lost how will life return?
She is your love. Go my son.
God be with you.
That rascal has given you these bangles, right?
Throw them away.
- Throw them away, dear. - No! This is my Vijay's memento.
Not a memento! This a forgotten story now!
- No! - Remove them, dear.
Funny station. Can't see a single human being.
We'll ask him.
How far is Durjan Singh's mansion?
What is he staring at?
Uncle, where are you?
This can't be true!
I hope the mansion is not haunted.
The old man ran away hearing the name! Something is very fishy!
- Come on. - Come.
You have fallen in love but the game of love is very dangerous.
Unless you play with danger you don't relish life with love.
Life is not a delicacy to relish!
What a village you've brought me to!
I don't see one single man here!
What are you looking in the pond for?
Do you want to go fishing?
I feel I have seen this place before.
What are you saying?
I know you since your childhood. You were born amongst horses.
I find something fishy here!
No. I have worked here.
Huge boulders used to be lifted here.
You are right sir.
People say many years ago boulders were lifted by camels.
Around here somewhere, there is a bangle market?
There is a big market.
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