Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 40: "Mmm, Beef" (01/27/2012)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 27.01.2012

Me Grimlock glad to see 30 Rock recently return for its sixth season.
It hard for me Grimlock to believe that back when 30 Rock first appeared on NBC, critics
expected 30 Rock to crash and burn and Corky Romano-ize Tina Fey's career...
LIZ LEMON: Not cool.
TV CRITIC GRIMLOCK: ... while they expected breakout success that year to be much more
hyped and much more seriously toned show that also about fictional Saturday Night Live-style
sketch comedians, Studio 60 on Sunset Strip.
Me Grimlock know how that turned out.
Last September, A.V. Club did lengthy article about rivalry between 30 Rock and Studio 60...
LIZ: Do I know you?
AARON SORKIN: You know my work.
Walk with me.
I'm Aaron Sorkin. The West Wing. A Few Good Men. Social Network.
LIZ: Studio 60.
AARON: Shut up.
GRIMLOCK: ... and other examples of feuds between two shows with similar premises coinky-dinkally
debuting at same time.
Of course, article brought up beef between ER and Chicago Hope...
Mmm, beef...
But article also overlooked two recent prime-time rivalries, like 2004's House vs. Medical Investigation
feud and last year's three-way feud of Traffic Light vs. Perfect Couples vs. Happy Endings,
in which Happy Endings, least hyped sitcom out of those three similarly themed sitcoms,
ended up taking asses and kicking names.
JANE: [Imitates sounds of machine gun being dramatically unleashed and then cocked]
PENNY: Alright! We get it. We get it.
GRIMLOCK: Why do broadcast networks always come out with two or three similar shows at
same time?
It because of fissure in space-time continuum that allow two different universes to collide
into each other.
Hey Optimus, when you not too busy signing autographs and making paid nightclub appearances
with "Situation" and Deena, there something called time fracture caused by evil Decepticons
that you need to attend to!
Me Grimlock cannot be only one who noticing this time fracture!
Lazy-ass Optimus!
Me Grimlock ending vlog!