Reid: Extreme Republican spending plan would fire thousands of Nevadans

Uploaded by SenatorReid on 07.03.2011

If you look under that hood
of H.R.1 you find it's not a good piece of legislation and that is a gross understatement.
has not only a broken engine
it's a lemon in many other respects.
To pull ourselves out of the ditch
we need an engine that powers growth, innovation, and
our being more competitive.
We need one that powers recovery.
The last thing we can afford is a broken engine that will drive us right back into recession.
You can't fix a broken economy with a broken engine.
But that's exactly what the Republican House is trying to sell us with this H.R.1.
The Tea Party plan will make Nevada students and workers less competitive and
will make Nevada’s families and communities
even less safe.
It hurts education
which of course threatens our future.
But out of the Republicans plan
this Tea Party plan
this H.R.1
200,000 Head Start students including hundreds and hundreds in Nevada
would be basically
eliminate from the school system.
That’s a careless short term cut with devastating
long-term consequences.
Second, what about students who are already out of high school and
go to college thanks to pell-grants?
If the Republican plan were to pass
those Nevada undergraduates who rely on pell-grants would see their tuition assistance
cut by more than $600 a year.
That means one of two things, these students tuition bills would go up or
they’ll be forced to drop out.
We can’t afford this Ms. President either choice is a bad choice.
And third, what about those who are already in the workforce looking to join the job market?
This Tea Party proposal would cost Nevada $70-million in job training investments.
That would hurt about 8,000
potential Nevada workers.
These cuts won't do anything to help unemployment go down or help Nevada’s economy get back on its feet.