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Uploaded by DRCTreinamento on 04.12.2009

What is Sketchcrawl?
Sketchcrawl is in many ways, a free event
because the only thing
you really need
is to like drawing.
Many people say:
"I can't draw" or
"it's been a long time I don't draw",
"I like drawing but can't do it well, I don't have a sketchbook".
None of that is required.
What we've been trying to do
in every meeting
is to gather people who like to draw.
Our main purpose is to bring together
everyone that have drawing in common.
Just bring your sketchbook,
you draw if you want to,
you may not draw,
if you don't feel like it,
you can bring your family along,
I take my son with me,
like other folks that bring their kids as well,
so we can all spend a good time
with other illustrators.
The idea in this event is suggesting that you draw,
that you make a sketchbook,
so you can keep, or bring back your practicing,
motivating people who like it to keep on drawing
it's a good reason
for you to be with friends
and have fun drawing.
Well, Sketchcrawl is something
that I, for one, was willing to to
for quite some time,
and following Enrico's website,
Enrico Casarosa, who created
the worldwide event,
I was always expecting
someone to do it here,
eager to participate,
so I decided to do it myself.
So I posted a first call on my blog,
in no time it was spreading,
other blogs posted as well,
and it quickly turned into a viral movement,
so what happened next is that
in our first organized event in Brazil
we gathered 120 people,
and 154 came on our second meeting,
both were world records
that we made here.
The event itself is
on its 25th global edition,
this is the 5th year of
Woldwide Sketchcrawl,
there are over a hundred cities
across the world participating,
always in the same day.
This is the 5th event Brazil is taking part of,
in an organized way.
Just imagine,
today there's more than
a hundred places in the world,
participating in the event
considering, of course, time differences,
people in China and Australia are already done,
but we're in the same day,
in many locations, doing pretty much the same.
We're all hosting the event globally.
If you want to join the event,
you don't have to ask anyone,
no need to sign up,
no taxes or subscription form.
All you need is to want it,
do some networking,
call some friends,
put on Flickr, Twitter, in your blog,
and gather your own group.
An interesting thing is that you don't
need to be an illustration professional
to participate in the event.
We're not on a contest, there's no quality control
and all this stuff.
It is an open invitation to all
who simply like to draw.
The event happens in many locations around the world,
There is the Worldwide Sketchcrawl forum,
where people post their images,
put their photos
and drawings,
created by Enrico.
We've got our Flickr,
with Brazilian images
not only from São Paulo,
but from all over the country,
that we receive images from
and the event happens
every 2 or 3 months,
according to dates
provided by Enrico.
What we did here was
to call via blogs, Twitter and all possible means,
so people from São Paulo
could meet here, at Museu do Ipiranga.
People from other locations
are doing the same,
wherever they are,
some from Brasília,
others from Goiânia,
and from São Paulo countryside as well.
So, what happens next day is
is posting your images either at
Enrico Casarosa's world forum,
or you can send me your pictures,
drawings and photos,
via e-mail,
and they are posted in our Flickr.
The event information and photos
can be found in two places:
at DRC's website
where you'll find a link
to the event images,
and also at my blog, Sketcheria
there's a permalink at your right
where you can find
all links for the event.
In this post
all the Brazilian and international links
can be found,
all interviews, photos,
where you can send your images to,
you can find it all there.
In every meeting people bring
one kilo of food or hygiene supplies,
which are donated to
Casa Assistencial Maria Helena Paulina,
for children with cancer.