Help! I'm Romantically Challenged | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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The very first time I saw Mallory, I was actually on an elevator going up to a Little Rock Film
Festival event. And she stepped on, and I was like, "Man, that girl's really beautiful.
I wish I could date her and she would be interested." And luckily, she was. And we started talking
about two months later, and we haven't really been apart very much ever since then. And
that was about four years ago. We run a website together called that's
pop culture, style, fashion, everything along those lines. Lately, I've been working on
a film that I've been trying to get off the ground called Strangers. And so all my time
has been spent dealing with the website and the film, and I haven't had a lot of time
to help my wife out and do anything nice for her lately. So I'm hoping to get some help
from P. Allen Smith because I'm kind of romantically challenged at the moment. Hey, Justin, I totally understand
your dilemma. But, you know, there's actually a very easy way that you can show your wife
how much you love and appreciate her, and that's by giving her a spa treatment. Now
I don't mean just going and paying for one, but actually creating it yourself. It makes
it even that more special. Mallory really likes to relax and take some time off because
work can be stressful. And we come home and we just go right back into working as soon
as we get home from work. And she would really like to relax if she could. You wanna transform
that bathroom into a relaxing chamber. Make her a gift basket with bath salts, oils, lotions
and soaps. Bring out a boutique of flowers. Hang up one of her favorite pictures or a
painting. Also, have a bottle of wine or some sparkling water handy. Now, make sure she
has some comfortable, loose clothes for her special day. A robe's perfect. Now, Justin,
trust me on this one: If you'll give her just a little me time, she will know just how much
you appreciate her. Hey. Hey…hey. What's going on? Can I show you something? Okay.
Oh my goodness! Did you do this? Yeah, you've been so busy, I thought you might want something
nice to just relax. Have a good time today. Thank you. So back here, we got a robe. Got
some towels, soap. That picture from the other day! Yeah. We were out the one day and we
found this black and white photograph that was framed that she said, "Oh, this would
look really good in the bathroom." So I made sure to go back and get it. Well, I thought
you might need with as busy as we've been lately. Yeah, this is perfect. Thank you!
You're welcome. I love you. I love you too. Thank you. Having done everything in the bathroom,
it's kind of amazing to realize how simple it is. I really appreciate all your help with
this. I think maybe in the future, I should be able to do this. But if not, I'll probably
give you a call again.