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My esteemed statesman!
We exist... But probably don't exist.
I mean, in fact we exist...
...but don't exist in the map!
We, as the Tinne community, are in a very problematic situation.
Although Tinne is meant to be not existing...
...in fact, we exist...
...but legal fact is we dont exist.
This is why we cannot become a legal village.
We don't have a village governance.
We don't have a school.
We don't have a hospital.
We don't have a health unit.
Nobody exists in the civil registries.
It's only my elder son Ibrahim, to have a legal identification...
...but he doesn't live here.
Maybe you will ask...
...if nothing exists...
...why do you exist?
Well my esteemed statesman, I don't know...
Whenever we feel bored...
...we have another baby.
Don't get loose, go write it!
In the name of Koran...
...we live here for about 130 years.
But whomever we applied, haven't reacted and visited us.
What we kindly ask you is...
to come here and see us, at your earliest convenience.
Then well be able to attain our desire...
...to promote to the level of modern civilizations altogether.
We expect you soon. The landlord of Tinne, Yusuf Aga.
Describe the location of the village...
...and put it in the envelope. Then we'll handover to Saido.
My brother Ibrahim, welcome! - My dear little one!
Thanks god, you came my brother.
Give me your hand, let me kiss... - Stop girl, what are you doing?
But I've given God's name...
I die for you my little one, you've become a young girl!
Well, it's become 6 years...
Hey, slow down, you'll kill!
My brother's come, mummy; daddy, Ibrahim's here!
Sister Xate, Ibrahim's come!
My son, my dear son!
Come on Nazife, come!
Wait, I will come down!
Did you hear sister Fehime, brother Ibrahim's come!
Yeah, I did.
God bless you...
Let me die for you, oh my son!
Don't speak like that, mum...
May God give my life to you, Ibrahim!
Why didn't you inform us that you're coming?
I wanted to surprise you!
I told Faruk only.
You my boy, finally returned back!
Daddy, wait for me!
Hey girl, who's come?
Grandpa, it's brother Ibrahim! - Who's he?
Your grandson.
Yeah, I see... OK.
Tell my regards.
He's here, outside the door!
What if he's outside the door?
Tell my regards... Nazife...
Welcome Ibrahim!
Your welcome, mother Rukiye!
Welcome brother Ibrahim, let me kiss your hands.
You the kid, how much grown up you have!
You've grown up too...
...like a donkey!
Go damned, donkey!
Go damned, dad!
Hey, here's my son!
Thanks God!
How are you dad, fine?
Let your dad die for you, son!
Since you've studied and grown into a man...
...you deserve all my efforts for you!
Hey, you the unlucky Tinne, your saver has arrived!
No more "no doctor, no school"!
Your dark destiny will be lightened, you'll be a legal village!
Tinne is proud of you, Ibrahim!
Thanks for the compliments!
No, this is reality!
We are proud of you, son...
Now you start constructing everywhere...
...and develop our village, right?
Who, me?
Aren't you the only one on this land...
...who is legal and literate?
Haven't you become an engineer?
Yes but, I am an aquaculture engineer!
Aqua... Water...
Don't tell me you don't know that...
...my exam grade has leaded me to aquaculture engineering.
I mean, I'm an engineer... But of aquaculture. Water.
But we don't have water in this village...
Oh my poor one...
Yusuf, he's studied what?
Whatever it is, he's done it! Let's eat, move!
Walk my girl, walk.
You're right dad, I've completed both my education and my military service.
It's now the time, right? - Of what?
Daddy, I've fallen in love...
Oh my god, this is the best surprise!
Thanks god, for being able to see those days... Shut up for a second...
Oh my dear son, tell me now...
What is the name of this girl?
Jessica? Who is her family, where is she from?
Well, from Colorado...
Colorado? - Colorado?
Sorry... Yes... What's the matter?
There is a village, far away...
...even if we don't know, even if we say it doesn't exist...
...it exists, it is here, it is Tinne...
Tinne's hope Ibrahim has studied and grown into a man...
Although it involves water only, he studied...
Tinne doesn't know, it's dry...
Ibrahim on the other hand, is head over heels in love..."
I love him so much.
Tinne's hope Ibrahim...
...has studied and grown into a man...
Although it involves water only, he studied."
Ibrahim's fallen in love!
While even becoming a legal village is a dream for Tinne...
...as it's an unknown land...
...the other one is the biggest country...
...it's America, meaning everything.
But no matter what they say.
No matter which language it is.
It's only 'love', that is...
...pronounced as it is written, everywhere."
Mummy, Ibrahim's fallen in love!
Aylavyu (I love you), against all odds...
Ibrahim "aylavyu" (loves) Jessica...
Aylavyu (I love you), despitefully!
Ibrahim "aylavyu" (loves) Jessica...
Behet, where are you going again?
None of your business.
To sell the animals...
...I will travel to Urfa, Antep, Van.
Oh God. Didn't you return back just the day before?
Wouldn't you sit down on your ass for a few days...
You never consider that your wife and your daughter live here.
I do consider! This is why I travel so much!
May those animals be your hell!
Help! Mummy!
Ibrahim's getting married!
Why don't you, at least for once, use the door to get in?
Ibrahim's getting married; yet he's fallen in love!
We were supposed to get married, aren't we?
Aren't we betrothed in the cradle?
Mum, my father isn't angry with me, right?
It's better if you don't communicate too much. Do it gradually...
But mum, I am head over heels in love.
Shame on you to keep saying it while I haven't found my love yet!
Damn you!
You almost smack our heads!
Why is she so angry?
She protests us due to be remained a spinster!
She's angry with us for causing her not to marry!
Is it us causing her to remain a spinster?
What to do, nobody wants him...
Bring my teeth.
They're already in your mouth, grandpa.
I use them for talking...
I ask for the ones used for eating!
Go damned!
If you eat the unique lorry of the village...
I get stuck up here!
You damned, don't follow me!
Go damned!
Go move, get in!
You didn't fit into it, what can I do?
You will be saved, if the wolf captures the other ones!
Get rid of this herd mentality, be an individual!
What did you do Saido, is it over?
Over. I placed both the grains and the animals.
What's this? Will it drive the car?
What do you say Saido?
Are you asking me to sit in the back, next to the animals?
Of course no, Aga.
Money please.
Here it is.
This time we charged 150 for each.
Tell my brother that it's 30...
Let's make an increment this time!
Give this to him.
Aga, I hope you can handle...
...traveling with sheep in your arms.
Shut up!
Good-bye, Aga.
Hey, move...
See you.
Bye, Aga.
Bovine in front of the car, and ovine in the back...
You will have a very comfortable drive.
Listening, Yusuf Aga.
Good for you, your son's come!
He's become a waterman, right?
He's an engineer!
Mummy look, here we are, by the sea.
This is me, this is Jessica and this is sea.
Oh my God, she's so pretty!
Ibrahim, have you really seen the sea?
Yes of course.
How is it?
It's... all water.
Then how can the fishes breathe?
Via their gills.
It's the nose of the fish.
Yeah, almost.
Tell us Ibrahim, what have you done over there?
Have you got any contact with the State, how is it?
As I imagined.
Where the hell Behet is going again?
Faking around!
How dare you talk about my brother like this?
No Aga, I meant to approve you...
I know how close brothers you are...
Internal affairs of the village is yourjob, while external is his...
You cooperate very well!
Aga, this is your share, Behet Aga's given.
20 for each.
Thanks. And you, take this letter...
...and send it to the State as soon as possible.
But Aga, it's almost the 200th letter, isn't it enough?
No, it's 147.
They don't come, you see!
Maybe this way it is much better.
We can at least use free electricity.
Did you see the new poles I've erected?
Even Electricity Institution doesn't have poles like that.
Why do you awaken them?
None of your business, just send it.
What did you do with the previous one?
I mailed it to the Institution of Religious Works.
Religious Works? What is the relation?
I try all of them one by one, Aga.
All the ministries are already covered.
So are the military institutions.
Now it's their turn.
Maybe they turn out to believe in us!
Good, send it! I will also send Ibrahim to the State...
...he has an identification.
All of us will be officially existing and then make Tinne a legal village!
Doesn't Ibrahim move to America?
Or the bride will move here?
Who is the bride?
They say, Ibrahim's in love with an American girl?
It's a lie. Who says it?
Listen to me...
Yusuf Aga will have a foreigner bride!
Yusuf's 3rd wife is said to be a foreigner!
Aga's said to becoming a foreigner bride, have you heard?
Hey, the bride says let's be a foreigner!
They say Aga is a foreigner, what a pity!
His father is said to be an American while mother is local.
Yusuf Aga is from both sides!
Yusuf Aga's said to be working both from the front and the back!
Yusuf Agas front side is American while his back is local.
He's said to be American from all sides.
What the hell.
Yusuf Aga, from which side you're American?
From the back?
You son of a gun!
Ibrahim, you made us the village's subject of gossip!
She's teaching English in our school...
...while teaching Turkish to the American soldiers in Incirlik.
Although her accent is a little bit broken...
...she is so cute when speaking!
That's not a problem, her accent improves here!
Well, if God wills...
This means you met each other in the school.
No, in the bus station...
Jessica's brother was traveling to Adana to visit her.
She has a brother?
Yes, she was welcoming her brother while I was seeing Zisan off.
Remember, Zisan came to Adana for medical reasons...
...it was 3 months something before. - OK whatever, then?
After the medical process finished, we arrived in the bus station.
Everything... started with a teddy bear!
You have your ticket, right?
Yes, here... Oh God, look at them!
Yes, they are very cute!
What about buying me a teddy bear?
But Zisan, why would I give you a bear?
It's weird.
Why? Men in the movies do it...
...and it becomes very romantic.
Romantic when they give a bear?
Would you get one? "I love you" is written on it.
What does it mean?
It means, "I love you"!
Zisan, let's not start again...
You're my sister!
Why? Aren't we betrothed in the cradle?
Those are old traditions.
How can a baby get married?
No teeth in the mouth, still wetting the panties, but getting married!
Please take your seats!
All Mardin passengers please, get in the bus.
Would I pack it? It's only 15 liras.
OK, give me one...
Give it to my uncle and aunt-in-law...
What will my parents do with the bear?
I don't want, please don't pack it!
No need to pack, give it like this!
She returns back to home without a bear!
Good bye Zisan!
I am sorry, how much is this?
How much is this bear?
120 US Dollars.
Whaaat? Just now, I bought it for 15 TL!
OK, if you did, go walk away!
Would I pack, do you want it?
Yes, but what did he say?
Aren't you shamed of cheating the woman?
Isn't it shame?
Then you're questioning why tourism can't boost...
...in this country!
Why the hell you're interfering?
Look at me, keep polite!
Dont buy it, miss.
Take this please, as a gift from me.
Thank you.
What do you say man?
What are you doing?
Somebody are fighting.
What do you say? - Why do you...
- Let me... - Let me...
Somebody are fighting!
Go away men!
Leave me! - You damned...
Sorry miss, everybody in this country is not like this!
He was cheating you! This is 10 dollars!
He says you it's 120 dollars!
He was... cheat... cheating you!
Oh yes I understand...
I see... You fight for me!
He was lying, I mean...
...a liar.
- Thanks! - Your welcome.
But why? You don't know me!
My name is Ibrahim.
It came out that nobody in her life has fought for her!
What happened to the brother?
He then came, but left soon.
Love indeed, is a very strange thing!
So romantic...
Look how romantic it is!
They met each other by means of a bear...
...how can you still say "romantic"?
Stand up, we go!
To Colorado!
This way!
We're caught!
Xate where are you going?
Colorado. We will ask the girl's family to approve Ibrahim for marriage.
You the damned want to drive me crazy?
Go, get in the house!
Daddy please!
I am caught in the current! - I would just see them off!
Dad's got mad!
While finding a girl even in this village is so hard...
...our son will import a bride!
But I love Jessica, dad! - Go, get in!
First priority is Tinne's existence!
No love can exist before Tinne exists!
If it was me to decide...
...I would have never let those Americans to get in this village...
Come on, shut up!
Be gentler!
We discussed this 50 times at least!
They called and said they were coming.
Still, what are you talking about?
Maybe when they come here...
...They discover our village, right?
Yeah, that possibility makes up my mind...
People in the surrounding villages say that the Americans...
...are coming all the way here just for the Aga, you know?
Yes I know, this is normal, I am the Aga!
I bet, you are!
No matter how much angry gets Aga!
Who can block the happiness coming with love?
All troubles forgotten, there came the pleasure.
Welcome to Tinne.
Mister and Mrs. Brown go to the Tinne.
No foreigner has visited Tinne since it's founded.
Love, hope and civilization are coming to the village.
All troubles forgotten, there came the pleasure.
Welcome to Tinne.
Mister and Mrs. Brown go to the Tinne."
Navigator is broken.
Compass is out of focus.
I forgot my cell phone charger.
We are being driven by a very weird priest...
...in some godforsaken land...
...in a very very strange hearse.
Where can I get a diet coke?
Hanna, we need diet coke and cell phone charger.
Well, I don't know coke.
Yoghurtjuice should be available, you can drink when we arrive.
For the phone, I will take your father to the smugglers' market.
No coke. For the charger, hell take you to the smugglers' market.
Smugglers' market, smugglers...
Ooh great, who is smuggling whom?
Daddy, please... - Daddy please...
Daddy please, we are in the middle of the Middle East.
We are being smuggled by a priest in our hearse!
Are we going to see God in hell?
No worry dad, I am filming him.
Guys, would you just stop?
This man is Ibrahim's legal father.
They don't have any IDs in this village.
So on his birth certificate he's Hanna's son...
...to be able to go to school. Okay?
Does any one want some suntan lotion?
Ooh Pamela... - Yes, please give me.
Would you like some suntan lotion?
That's suntan lotion, you know?
Yes, sometimes I use it.
Ooh, I think we are getting there, Jessica.
I see your name spelled down in cloth.
Saido, what's written on it? - Welcome to Tinne!
Welcome to our village, you came with pleasure.
But English isn't written as pronounced! - What do you mean?
I mean, for example, you write as "Ali"...
...but you read as "Ahmet"!
If it is "Ahmet", why do you write as "Ali"? Are you crazy?
My dear God!
Please don't let me to confound!
Grandpa, those are Americans...
Please be careful, I beg you.
You mean they are our enemies!
This is Ubeyd Memedoglu from Mardin. Under your command!
I swear I feel as if I'm in the old days!
No grandpa, they are our guests!
Look at you, get anxious soon!
Don't worry, it's a joke!
Is it possible not to worry? Look at yourself dad...
Look at your teeth; what's that?
It is special, just for the guests.
They're coming!
Hey, they're coming! Please be cool, no panic!
Be cool, OK? No panic!
If you get excited...
...take a deep breath like this.
Never panic, no need for panic...
They are human, just like us!
My God!
Come on Muhammed, start!
You too, Veysi!
Her brother's come too?
How can I see from here?
Where is the carpet? - It's here!
Roll it out!
Ooh, very well!
What is this, it ends in one step?
Bring it mum, thank you.
It's not red... But OK, it has some red spots in it!
Come on, no panic, let's keep cool.
Nothing to worry!
Thanks Father Hanna, you light up here!
My love! I missed you so much.
Get down please, my father's looking at us.
This is Ibrahim.
Welcome sir!
How are you, brother-in-law?
This is my family.
My family!
I introduce...
This is my first mother.
Your first mother?
Dad, I am introducing my Mother Xate, not you...
This is my second mother.
Second mother, excellent.
No daddy, I'm introducing Mother Rukiye, not you.
Hello dear!
This is Fehime.
This is my elder sister.
Why am I the last one?
Dad, they are accustomed to introduce women first.
And this is my father.
Nice to meet you. - Hi.
They're happy to meet you.
This is... my... grandfather...
...his father, Übeyd!
Übeyd Memetoglu from Mardin, welcome!
Jesus Christ!
Is it a war?
No war, it is peace!
Veysi, start!
Jesus Christ...
He's dying!
Don't worry, I hold him!
Ibrahim didn't return back yet.
He left all of us here, walking around with the girl.
Still not arrived.
Dad, don't be impolite.
What happened? Did we arrive?
No it's just a break...
Nobody told me anything.
We're just looking at each other.
Maybe they can speak Kurdish, why don't you try?
How are you?
Dad, keep quiet a little bit please.
They don't understand even Turkish, how can they speak Kurdish?
Then why did you wake me up?
My God...
Yes, here is the coffee.
Coffee, yeah coffee.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Your welcome!
She is already willing him!
It's fantastic. - That's good.
It's really good. - They love it.
Maybe we should give them the presents?
Ooh yeah, after the coffee.
Okay. After the coffee...
...we have presents for you.
Yeah, gifts.
Saido, Hanna was teaching you English, right?
What Hanna's taught me was British English...
But they are American, accent is different!
Go damned!
They don't understand, relax.
She's right.
Go damned, son of a bitch.
Here is the place that I was telling you.
Tigris river, Hasankeyf, Mesopotamia...
Yes, I know.
So many empires have battled to conquer a part of this land.
They say Mesopotamia is the origin of the civilization.
But now half of the world map belongs to America...
...while our village doesn't even exist in the map.
This is the world of transience; so many changes, so long distances.
I mean, where are you from and where are you going...
Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
World is so crowded...
Billions of people...
You can meet all, you can see all.
But you love only one of them.
You fall in love with only one of them.
It's a miracle.
You, your dad, your mum, your second mum, sisters and brothers...
...all of you are like from a different world.
Legally none of them exists.
Love is so interesting, right?
Love... So interesting.
Yes, very...
Religions, languages don't matter.
Love is love.
Yes, love is love.
Let this one be our love-hill, Jessica. - OK.
Stop girl, what are you doing?
Not before marriage, it's inappropriate.
I am sorry Ibrahim, I love you.
Me too, so much...
Anything happened while I was not here?
No, they're just sitting down.
God... Might it be possible that they are not American?
Saido, I will do something bad!
Thanks for the presents.
Thank you, thank...
Ooh it was absolutely our pleasure.
What is this for God's sake?
It's a ball, he said...
I bet, a ball...
Yeah ball, football, you know...
Football... But this is irregular.
And flat, too.
Look, there is a suture on it.
They've just traveled, it might be crushed in the baggage.
Saido, I swear I forbid your entrance to the village.
I couldn't understand whether this is pants or stockings...
...but anyway it's too tight.
Of course, it doesn't fit the ass that's not used to it.
Fine, it's enough.
Aga, I am sick of laughing, I can't stand...
Take them out, we cannot stop.
Saido, you the damned, go out of my house.
Forgive us.
Anyway, you don't understand...
Get out of here, son of a bitch.
You know, Jessica understands.
Where are you, we've had hard times to communicate.
Ask them if they're OK and need anything.
Yes. Is everything OK?
Yes, everything is all right.
How are you?
He thanks and asks how you are.
Thank God, managing the home and the village, life goes on.
Our son has fallen in love with your daughter.
We couldn't visit you in Colorado, sorry.
But it was not possible to leave the village on its own.
Let's have them married first...
...then we will visit you.
Ibrahim, translate them what I've told.
He said, good.
That's all? - Yeah.
But your father said so many things.
How can it be told so short in this language?
It's a 'budget' language mum, I summarized.
Jessica sweetie, we are so jetlag, really tired...
...maybe we can go get some rest.
Sure. Ibrahim, my family wants to go to bed now.
OK, come on please.
What did you say now?
It's too long dad, you get bored.
But I noticed how good your accent is. Well-done Ibrahim.
You the bastard, shut up!
Did you say Bush?
No, yours is Bush, Saido is poosht (bastard)
Poosht (bastard) Junior!
You hear, he calls you as bastard junior!
Nazife come on, put me to sleep.
Again me?
Come on, start telling.
Which tale you want, grandpa?
Any tale, doesn't matter.
Read the girl with the red hat. - Red riding hood?
Whatever... Yeah, that one.
That's very nice, with wolves in it.
While the girl with the red hat taking meal to her grandma.
Well, he slept already!
Then, what's the wolf done?
Why didn't you sleep yet grandpa?
God damned, I cannot fall asleep, what to do?
Ibrahim, I couldn't sleep, I'm very much excited.
Me too.
But it's not proper that they see you here.
Go make some exercise.
I already did. Listen.
(Islamic confession of faith...
...expression of becoming a Muslim)
They're coming!
Give your alms (Islamic) to us!
Shut up Saido!
Now you would kiss my hand.
Very good!
It really fits her very well.
May God preserve her!
They are spitting. - Why are they spitting?
Pamela, they're spitting.
Why are they spitting on you?
Sweetie stop, what's happening?
Ibrahim, why are they spitting?
I've already become a Muslim.
This is why they're spitting.
Against the evil eye. It's a good thing.
It's really become very nice... Wonderful!
No barriers anymore...
Ibrahim's flying from the nest.
Don't cry anymore, you got sick.
How can I? I've seen Ibrahim since I opened my eyes.
But then... - What then?
You didn't get too close to him, right?
I swear, your father kills us.
No, of course not, mum.
Yusuf, how will we organize things?
We'll be in charge of the engagement and them for the weeding, or...
...vice versa?
I don't know. Ibrahim, would you ask them?
They must be in charge of the wedding.
They need to cover the bedroom furniture, too.
Do they ask for the bride price?
If they do, then all the rest should be covered by them.
Are you asking for bride price?
What are they talking about?
I don't really know.
Ask them, Ibrahim.
How can I ask those questions now, dad?
I need to go.
We cannot get married without Hanna, he is my legal father.
Where are you going?
To the church.
She just became Muslim...
Will he become Christian?
Somebody tell me what is going on.
Aga, they didn't react on the bride price.
She is virgin, right?
Might they be cheating us about her virginity?
God damned Saido.
May God protect your son.
May God accept your prayers.
I need to get in...
I am in great hurry, it's a big sin!
If I don't confess it soon, it will live in me forever.
But you are a Muslim?
Yes I am but my sin is not... Thanks.
May God protect your son.
Listening child.
Father Hanna, it's me, Ibrahim.
Ibrahim? What are you doing here?
I'm getting married, you have to come.
There is no witness with an ID except you.
OK, let's go.
This is really comforting.
Isn't this Eminem?
He sounds closer than the TV.
He really sings very well.
Go away!
Haven't you ever seen somebody working-out in the morning?
Danny dear, do you want your breakfast serviced in the roof?
Natural egg from the village is also available.
Daily eggs... I mean, of 10 days.
It takes 10 days to transfer it from the neighboring village.
Take it.
Pass the ball!
How can I? God damned ball goes to the touchline when I pass it.
You are lucky...
There will be a free party tonight.
Saido, how are you?
I'm fine Aga, welcome. How are you?
Thanks. What are you doing?
Ibrahim's getting married.
With whom?
Ooo, you aren't aware of anything!
The girl even changed her religion.
Vatican is also involved!
It's not that easy!
Everything's already finished, he's still busy with his ass!
Shame on you boy, why do say "ass"?
Ass is ass, what else I can say?
What have you done?
What the hell is this, you the idiots?
What have we done? You go on driving your ass!
Shut up, bitch!
I told him already...
...that we were betrothed in the cradle.
But it didn't work!
Behet what did you do?
None of your business.
If I had a son...
...I would've neither suffered like this nor missed the village's ownership...
Am I the guilty one?
Maybe it's you who couldn't do it.
What are you talking about?
How was this girl born?
Wake up my girl, wake up!
Did I cause this?
She doesn't look OK, take her to the doctor, urgently!
I'm in the wedding ceremony. Will come back.
This is exactly the way Jessica wants!
Very nice, countryside wedding.
Within the family, peaceful...
A real cocktail-party atmosphere...
What are you talking about, Ibrahim?
Nothing, I'm just talking to myself.
Look at your brother-in-law!
Twisting his belly like a woman...
What do you expect? After drinking raki, he's got lost!
Where is father Christopher? - In the toilet I guess.
Hey, I forgot!
He can't do it alone!
I cannot figure this out...
I am busy in here!
It's me, Ibrahim!
I brought you a toilet.
Look, what I have here for you...
You couldn't do it, right?
Your feet tingle, right?
Look, I fixed it for you, this is for you!
I did it.
What do you mean? - You will sit down here...
...and you do it. Sit and shit!
Jessica, you need to bend your tongue like this.
Then you shout!
You can do it girl.
Twist your tongue...
Yeah, try, shout!
Mum, isn't it my turn?
Why didn't you take my marriage into consideration first?
If we have followed the order, Ibrahim would have got oldster.
Why? Mother Xate also got married in my age...
My father saved her from being a spinster!
Why are you involving me?
Ibrahim's fallen in love, what could have we done?
I fell in love, too!
But he's not in love with you.
He can love me, too. Gradually! He will be...
How do you know it? Are you psychic?
Women intuition!
Move away!
You won't be able to block my happiness!
Go away Fehime, please.
Come on, let's dance the Halay!
It's inappropriate for me, better is you dance.
No problem, men are downstairs. - No I need to look around.
Let me die for you...
You helped your father-in-law? - Yes, I managed.
You handled the introduction very well.
If God permits, rest of it will be also very nice.
We're expecting the third, fourth!
Come on boy...
Your teeth, are they new?
No, I used them during our wedding with your deceased grandmother.
You are also a part of me...
So I wanted to put on them also during your wedding.
Thanks grandpa.
Sister Pamela!
You don't eat at all...
Have something to eat.
What's she saying sweetie?
She wants you to eat.
Ooh, this is all meat.
Maybe I can get a Cesar's salad or something.
What? They don't have it here.
Well, maybe I can get it online.
Do you have wireless?
Are you kidding?
She doesn't eat.
My mother is vegetarian, Mother Xate.
May she get well soon.
Oh no, she's not sick, she just doesn't eat meat.
If you have some green staff, she can eat.
Well my girl, we feed the caw with green staff...
...then we eat the caw.
Let's call the bride, right? - Yes, time's come.
Hey, you the drummer, stop!
Dear people of Tinne!
It's time to invite the bride.
Drummer, beat the drum, let the bride come here!
Stop this shit!
What's that Behcet, what the hell you're doing?
What you've done is much worse than mine.
What are you saying, uncle?
What do you want this time Zisan?
What do you want from my daughter?
What do you want from my son?
Apocalypse now!
Our family has lost its honor, you still argue!
Fehime, what happened?
One moment.
Today I took Zisan to the doctor.
She is pregnant!
What do you mean?
It means, she is pregnant for 3 months.
It's such a coincidence that she visited your son 3 months ago.
Are you married yet?
Very good Ibrahim, very good.
What is this?
You see, Zisan is pregnant.
For 3 months.
Aga will be paying our salaries.
No, he postponed it because of the pregnancy.
Jessica will be delivering twins.
Her mother wants the baby to be taken out.
But how, it's still in her body.
Whose baby is it?
Jessica, from Ibrahim.
No, don't lie, Xate is pregnant from Yusuf.
Pamela is pregnant from Grandpa Übeyd.
Yusuf Aga, may the kid grow together with you.
You're pregnant?
Go damned.
Well you're right, I cannot ask you to stay...
We wouldn't have expected such a thing, either.
What can I say you Jessica, other than good-bye?
I love you so much...
I'm so squeezed now and don't know how to get rid of this.
You won't say good-bye to my family?
I cannot look at their faces.
Thank you Xate, Rukiye.
Thank you, bye kids.
Where and why are you leaving?
I have to go, all right, please let me go.
I swear you can take half of the village. What do you have in America?
Recognize my power Danny!
What? Calling your mother?
Call and ask her to get my father's approval!
Take me as well out of this village!
Mum... Here mum!
What's she doing?
Hey you, girl! - She's maniac!
Danny what's going on, are you okay?
What's happening?
What happened Dad?
Well, they attacked America!
It's September 11th 2001, a turning-point for the world now
The twin towers, the symbol of America is destroyed!
Pentagon informs that, based on security reasons...
...America is banned to all travels to and from the land...
...including US citizens.
They have to stay here.
Thanks God!
It's your life.
Decision is yours. Be together with whom you want.
But... I believed in you.
In your love.
What are you saying Jessica?
I'm dying for you.
What is that you don't believe in me?
If you're telling the truth...
...why don't you prove it by means of a test?
What type of a test?
Look at the multiple choices to decide whether Zisan is pregnant or not?
Have you heard of DNA test?
DNA test?
Yeah, you're right!
I've heard it in the school.
OK, let's go, move!
Run Jessica!
Zisan, come on!
Mummy, we found the solution: DNA test!
How can this be clarified by a blood test?
We all have blood.
That means all of us are pregnant from you!
Saido, bad timing!
Well, Saido is right.
He can marry both of them, this is the solution.
Yet, how can it be clarified by blood?
How can I explain you now what DNA is...
Ibrahim, look at me...
The doctor will give you a report, right?
An official paper, right?
Of course, mum.
Mummy, DNA test tells everything, who is whose child or
who is whose wife, who is done what and...
...where, everything comes out.
Medicine is far advanced now, looking at...
...bones, hair, blood, they know everything.
The results are precise;
if she's not pregnant from me, it will be 100% obvious.
We will all feel totally comfortable!
It's negative!
...meaning, Zisan is not pregnant from me!
Come on Süleyman!
Well-done Aliko! How did you get to know this?
Where is your father-in-law?
Together with grandpa, they moved the TV to the roof...
...still watching news.
Everybody agrees on the fact that this attack is a turning-point for the world
This is incredible. It must be something behind this...
There must be a bastard (poosht) Behind this...
...otherwise, they can't do this.
How could you let so many people die on board?
You damned, have made up your mind to get inside...
...why do you take the plane as well with you?
Red-alarm all over the world America has to re-consider and revise everything
What are you talking about? - What are you saying Christopher?
Well, world is based on a balance, what can you do?
My son was born on the day of my mum's death.
Maybe what you've done here is a crime...
...but it might be merit in your land.
Look, it's daytime over there while it is night here.
It might be a lie for him while it is real love for you.
Come on, stop this for God sake.
Let's change it. I got bored, you know.
Yeah, this is good.
Welcome to our island out-of-sight!
Will you keep her inside like this?
Yes, what's the matter?
Till the guilty one is punished, nobody can move.
If you don't need me anymore, I will return back to the wedding.
Sit down!
Listen to me.
Everybody in the village will go through Ibrahim's test...
...including you Saido.
Me too? - Yes you will...
Somebody must have done it!
Not the birds and the bees, of course.
Maybe nobody... I mean like Virgin Mary?
Daddy, let's invite the brides...
They really feel down.
You're right.
My dear people!
For coming to the wedding that we had to organize second time...
...I would like to thank you all.
Beat it drummer, let the brides come in.
Daddy, dad! - Oh my god, again?
Danny is hijacked! - What?
Who hijacked? Whom?
I was getting inside the toilet, he was going out.
He was facing this side, me the other side.
I mean, we had different points of view.
If we were getting in or out of the toilet together...
...or at least if we had same points of view, I would have seen him.
Of course, it's another question why we might be getting in...
...or out of the toilet together but...
What are you saying Faruk, keep it short, who hijacked him?
Well, I couldn't see.
Who can dare to do this?
Danny is hijacked!
Danny is hijacked, we cannot go on with the wedding!
Jessica, Danny is hijacked!
Stand up, they call the bride, move.
You shouldn'tjudge people by their appearances.
El-Kaide terror-organization is the first one
to claim the responsibility for the attack
Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ!
You two look alike!
Danny! - Ibrahim!
Danny! - Danny's been kidnapped!
Jesus Christ!
They all look alike!
We're being held hostage here!
Christopher, baby!
Somebody do something! - Go bring some water!
Wake up, come on wake up! - Come on daddy!
Get some water or something!
Please wake up!
Thank you, there you go.
Come on!
Christopher, please wake up...
They think Danny is hijacked by the terrorists!
As soon as he awakens...
...I know how to react to the terrorist.
I can find him even if he's got in the asshole.
Rukiye, that syrup might have worked well for him.
Yeah, you're right, let me prepare some.
It really works!
Yusuf had got better because of that syrup.
I was unable to make love...
By means of the treatment with that syrup...
Dad, it's inappropriate, please.
Mum, I talked with the insurance company...
...they're sending someone right away.
Your cell phone works? - Yeah, works outside.
Is dad's insurance card with you?
Yeah I got it. - OK.
How will they come? Nobody can identify here for 80 years.
They are supposed to send an air ambulance from Incirlik Base.
How? I've been writing letters for 40 years, nobody's come over yet.
She will have a chopper sent only upon a phone call.
What's going on?
Thank god! - We're here, hey here!
Mum... Look at the bug!
My God!
Yusuf, it's coming towards here!
They indeed came here!
A war started?
No grandpa, don't worry!
We couldn't have even water and electricity serviced yet...
...while they could have a chopper sentjust upon a phone call.
Daddy look, it's rotating!
God, it's really very strange!
Look, how it moves...
This is the first time I see a chopper without a bomb!
They were supposed to go to Mardin but they're up in the air!
I guess it's a shortcut.
Let's applause! Bravo!
The world's strongest country America is now in a serious security-paranoia.
Your country's got into a chaos.
Well, big countries have big problems.
Dad, they've found Danny.
Really? - Yes.
Who is that bastard? Sorry my daughter.
Ooh no, I mean yes. Which bastard?
Fehime, don't be ridiculous!
Set him free!
I will not set him free if you all don't agree.
We will get married! It's enough!
He loves me too, right Danny?
Yes, I love her. Help!
You see, he loves her too.
He can't say how he's scared!
Fehime, you are under siege!
Now put your hands over your head and approach here.
What are you saying Ibrahim?
In all the films I watched...
...they use this expression and the thief surrenders immediately.
Are we shooting a film here?
She's really firing the pistol!
Fehime, shame on you!
Sister, don't do this!
Will you make Danny marry me?
But he's non-Muslim!
We already agreed on it, he confessed his faith.
She doesn't understand that it's because of fear!
If I were him, I would have done the same thing.
Well, I am Muslim of course...
Well, OK bitch, you'll marry him!
Don't move, I'm your circumcision guide!
Now he is a men!
Welcome Deniz!
It's done!
Good for you, you've finally reached your goal!
For all of us, if God lets.
They say you're selling ass-friendly toilet.
Bring one of it here for Nazif.
It's really very comfortable.
You won't have any difficulty with this one!
You do itjust by sitting down!
Come on, I present you the American toilet here!
Here you go.
Let me see.
Not exactly this way...
This is even more difficult, man.
Come on Nazif, not like this...
Come down, you're not lucky this time.
Sit down. Come on child, take it, we're late.
First you have to catch the criminal, then you can join the ceremony.
Well, all the village is gone through the test.
Nobody's made love with Zisan.
Then who is the father? Don't drive me crazy.
Are you sure everybody in the village is tested?
Of course there are some exceptions...
He too, will be tested.
Nazif, let's move for the test.
Are you nuts, I can't do it even with my own wife!
Daddy, aren't they soldiers?
Yes they are.
Strange... Why are they here?
Why don't you let people to have fun?
Let them start playing the music!
Stop dad, for God sake.
We shouldn't have fun in advance.
Let the brides come first, if there's no problem, we'll have fun for 3 days.
Then let's invite them. - One moment Dad.
Would I try this time?
Look at you, is it me to bring the bad luck?
No I didn't mean it, I just want to try my chance this time.
Fine. - Thank you.
Come on drummer, beat the drum, let the brides come here.
Who is Yusuf Aga?
But this is really getting absurd!
Stop! That's a soldier, maybe they've realized our village finally.
What's going on, those are soldiers?
What are you doing here? - Wedding...
How can you organize a wedding here?
This place doesn't exist even in the map.
It's marked as a plateau in the map.
As ordered by Turkish Armed Forces, troops will be deployed here.
America is about to initiate a war with Afghanistan.
Means... - Means you have to evacuate the village.
I see, it doesn't work.
Come on guys, we have the documents for the order.
It's enough man!
Those young people have been suffering so much.
You don't understand, they will get married.
This is our village, we have been living here for 130 years.
He loves her!
Ibrahim loves Jessica!
Stop grandpa, keep calm. - Daddy, come here.
Where have you been for such a long time?
We will not evacuate our village. What's gonna happen?
This place is mine!
We're talking here in a civilized way. - What's civilization?
It's expected for such a long time but not like this!
Civilization is a single-fanged monster!
Even I have 4 sets of teeth!
Come on dad, that's enough.
It's not enough! I won't leave anywhere!
I said we will get married, do you understand?
How strange the destiny of Tinne is...
Lovers can't come together, groans can't be heard...
Then comes the day, it's the guns that realize...
...the forgotten lands and the begging prayers.
Then comes the day, it's the guns that realize...
...the forgotten lands and the begging prayers.
It's the human who conquers, who discovers...
...the unknown children, no-name lands.
Neither a bird, nor a flower notices...
Changing empires, raising flags.
Neither a bird, nor a flower notices...
Changing empires, raising flags."
Yusuf Aga, I got it.
But you are not registered, you are not tangible.
Officially you don't exist.
How can I be not existing, commander?
Here I am, facing you!
I've been alive, so much!
I've laughed without being noticed.
I've cried without letting anybody know.
I've eaten, I've slept.
I've taken care of many kids.
But Aga, look at me... - I'm just looking!
You can see that I can look...
Because I have eyes and I have a heart!
You tell me now; who exists, who doesn't?
Yusuf Aga, in order for Tinne to become a legal village...
...first a title deed is needed. - We have it!
Here it is!
It's good that I came here with you.
What is this? - Title deed!
Abdulhamit has given it to my father.
He is the sultan.
Before the Republic's foundation? - Yeah, so what?
All this area was an empty land.
Identification? - Well, Tinne.
Not the name of the village, I asked the identification of it.
That means Tinne doesn't exist?
He doesn't have an ID.
Otherwise I would have had too.
It's lost in the registries. - I have an ID!
Shame on you, it's a lie! - I have registered!
None of your business, I'm registered as a member of another family.
One moment, I also have an ID!
Here it is, commander. - Here it is.
OK fine, please wait outside...
...I will try to find a solution, tough it looks difficult...
You denied even your ancestors!
Ibrahim's taken the registry of Christian Hanna!
I did itjust for educational reasons.
Yeah, it was obligatory.
Aga, you have to show your ID even in the nightclubs nowadays.
It's needed. - Go damned!
Commander is calling you. - Stop, I will get in first.
Only the ones with an ID!
With the name of the God!
Let's see, Daddy.
Hey, we've done it, Tinne's become a legal village!
Tinne is a village!
Now we will have a doctor, school, motorway and everything!
What happened, have we become a village finally?
Yeah, the village is officially our land now!
What about Uncle Behet?
He's registered as 9 years old...
...he's not major, so they assigned the village to me!
Come on Daddy!
Listen to me, Tinne's become a legal village!
Yeah, and it officially belongs to Ibrahim.
I swear we've become a town!
It's become a city, bravo!
They say Tinne's become the capital!
Provincial system is the best!
We need national socialism!
Well, I prefer monarchy!
Take it Veysi.
Everybody is the official owner of their own land now.
This is your ID. - But it's too small!
Give me your hand, I will kiss. - Your welcome, it's your right.
Latif, this is your ID and this is your title deed.
But don't be surprised, we could have issued them altogether at once.
God, I have an ID!
Everything's written on it...
My name, surname, every single shit of me...
Nazif, how old you're indicated as?
Well, I am 1 year old according to it.
We are at same age, I am also 1!
How can it be possible, I'm your grandfather!
You're at the same age with me, too...
Whatever you have, we can share equally as brothers!
Go damned, you'll see what you can get!
But everybody's ID is blue...
What color is yours?
Well, you're registered as a woman!
No problems anymore, right mum?
If anything comes out this time, I will shed blood!
Go away, maniac!
May it bring the best, Resit.
Thanks Aga, you're a great man!
You're really such a great man, dad.
I thought that you would not accept.
You're greater than me!
I'm registered as 15 years old. - Yeah.
Look at this, I'm now under your parentage!
Don't mention it dad.
You should know that everybody in Tinne...
...are children of Jessica and Ibrahim.
What you've done is priceless, it can't be paid back.
It can be, son.
If those people start living in wealth and health...
...it can be paid.
I die for you...
This is your ID.
And here is yours.
Come on, let's invite the brides! - Let's do!
Friends, stop!
We give a one-minute break!
Daddy, may I invite them? - Yes, you may.
Come on drummer, beat the drum, let come the brides!
Are you sure?
Just beat once...
...if there's no problem, go on!
Seems to be no problem.
OK then, go on!
Oh my God, let me die for this beauty...
Thank God!
I love you Jessica.
I love you darling.
I love you Deniz.
Let me die for you.
Yusuf, come get your wife, come dance!
Thanks, this is better.
Who did this shit to my daughter?
Here came the trouble!
I swear, I won't punish! Whoever did it, show up, for God sake.
Nothing butjust to take him as the groom!
I just want to restore our family honor!
What is this?
What are you doing, it's the camera of Deniz.
Here it is rolling...
Behet, I've forgiven you...
...but you cannot blame people in my place!
Guys, whomever did it, please show up!
Otherwise I pay the entire price.
Where is this man?
Look at that...
My dear God...
What is this?
Who is this?!
I cannot stand the beautiful lover, I suffer.
Who believes in an illusion, for desires lies no solution.
No logic, no reason lies behind a baby coming out of dreams.
Humankind is satisfied only with facts.
Once I was a "saz (local musical instrument)"... - How?!
...and traveled all the world like a minstrel.
Once I was a dream, I spent my life struggling around.
Once I was a "saz"...
...and traveled all the world like a minstrel.
Once I was a dream, I spent my life struggling around.
Even if we say it doesn't exist, there is a village, far away...
...with the children of Jessica and Ibrahim.
Love doesn't have a land. But Tinne is the land of love.
Once I was a word, I spoke my word like a minstrel,
I was a dream, I spent my life struggling around.
Once I was a word, I spoke my word like a minstrel,
I was a dream, I spent my life struggling around.
After 10 years
Are you Yusuf Hanna, children of Ibrahim and Jessica?
Yes I am?
Time for military service, dear.
Are you Behet Seyit? - Yeah, what's that?
You've used free electricity, come with us!
God damned Ibrahim.
Now, everybody is aware of our village!
Are you Übeyd Hanna, children of Ibrahim and Jessica?
Well, I guess I am.
You need to pay for water.
Ibrahim came out to be a waterman and kicked our ass!
Come on, we're waiting.
OK, I'm coming after taking my teeth.
My esteemed Statesman, may God bless you.
Tinne's been existing.
But nobody lives there!