Patriotic fervour: Faisalabad's 'longest flag'

Uploaded by expresstelevision on 13.08.2012

This is Faisalabad's longest national flag
which is 32 feet wide and 70 feet long
Karate master Zohaib had spent 15 days to stitch this flag
using around 110 metres cloth
and with the addition of glittery lace, the flag looks more beautiful
the entire exercise of making this flag involves Zohaib's love for his country
ZOHAIB: I have made this flag with so much love and I pray to god that I continue to love Pakistan like this forever
Once completed, everyone in the area got together to raise the flag high
Last year, the longest flag made in Faisalabad was 37 feet long
Resident of Islam Nagar, Zohaib has all the flags from late 10 years
ZOHAIB: We will take the flag to Dhobighaat and show everyone how much we love Pakistan
Zohaib’s younger sister, impressed by her brother's efforts, has expressed the desire to make a longer flag
FIZA: My brother has made a very long flag. I will make a longer flag when I grow up.
It felt like Independence Day when this 70 feet long flag was hung down an 80 feet long building.
Zohaib has now decided to make Pakistan's longest flag for next year's Independence Day
This patriot has managed to make a 32 feet wide and 70 feet long flag
but there is no way one can measure his love and passion for Pakistan.