John Verrico, Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate

Uploaded by aphadc on 31.03.2009

Verrico: Hi, I’m John Verrico. I’m Media Spokesman for the Department of
Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate.
Interviewer: Is there anything specifically that you’re taking away from today?
Verrico: Well, besides all the wonderful data that I’m learning about how important
social media is and what a great tool it is, I’m learning about some new tools. Utterly
there was one of them that I’ve never heard of before, and we’re going to take that
one back, because at Homeland Security we’re actually looking at trying to get audio files
out to the public, and how do we get them out there, and we’ve been looking at podcasts.
But this Utterly, it seems like a unique tool.