Introduction Turn Off the Lights | English

Uploaded by StefanvdLive on 24.09.2011

Hé, welcome to "Turn Off the Lights" review!

My name is Kate, and i will show some greats features of "Turn Off the Lights".
and i will show some great features a turn off the lights
this extension focus the video with one click on the lamp button
click again and the page returned back to normal
this extension is available for all browsers
we'll use here the latest version of google chrome
let's get started
i will show the most easy way to focus of the video. I have for example open a YouTube page.
Just click on the lamp icon
and the page will go dark en focus automatically the video.
If you want back to normal view
then click on the lamp icon or near the video
and that's all
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for latest news about "Turn Off the Lights"
Thanks for watching!