Art 2 Ink small business success story

Uploaded by WellsFargoBusiness on 30.10.2012

>> “So you need 20,000 flyers, we’re gonna have 100 pound gloss book…”
>> Lidia Korinko runs a graphic design business in Glendora, California, near Los Angeles.
>> Well, Art2Ink, Inc. is a graphic design and printing company and we specialize in
business marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, post cards, flyers, anything
that you would need to market your business.
>> But Art2Ink might never have been, if it weren’t for a loan from Wells Fargo.
>> So it was about 10 years ago and I really, really wanted to start my own business but
we just didn’t have the money to do it.
>> With a small personal loan, Lidia began to build her dream.
>> …it was enough money to buy the computer and all the software I needed to get started
and I still have that computer to this day. I’ll never get rid of it.
>> From that beginning, Lidia grew her business, eventually moving from her home office to
a commercial space and hiring employees.
>> Art2Ink has actually been able to provide me with the opportunity of a full time job
and with that I was able to purchase a home...
>> Watching my mom evolve her business really inspired me to attend business school...
It’s just so awesome to have this opportunity now to learn more about the business world
and study what I really want to do and that’s maybe just start my own business.
>> ... And when things get hard because they do, or when things get tight financially,
I always think you know, I’m doing something good here, too, because it’s not just for
me, it’s for all the people that work for me, too.
>> As her business expanded, she stayed with Wells Fargo -- which provided a line of credit
for the business.
But then, the economy took a downturn.
>> When the recession hit it was a little hard because I was a new business owner and
it hadn’t happened to me before. All of a sudden the phone is not ringing as much.
I used to have a line of credit with Wells Fargo and I fell behind on my payments and
that line of credit went away.
>> In time, Lidia paid off her debt and still kept close to her bankers.
So when her business later picked back up, her relationship managers saw an opportunity.
>> I advised her that, you know what, now might be a good time to apply for credit again
because things change over time, your credit rating’s improved and the circumstances
of your business improved... so we as a bank can give you another opportunity to get credit.
>> … I dug a little deeper and just kinda reviewed her profiles and she did inform me
that she wanted another line of credit so we processed that application for that and
she was approved.
>> I was really surprised and appreciative that Wells Fargo gave me another chance. 08:48
And that really really made me motivated to want to say thank you to Wells Fargo.
>> And so Lidia turned to social media to express her thanks, posting on Wells Fargo’s
Facebook page.
>> “In a few months we will celebrate 10 years in business and Wells Fargo has been
with us every step of the way… We are so grateful to Wells Fargo for helping us grow
and for the new line of credit that was issued to us today.”
>> When I was informed that she did do a Facebook comment about us and the team, I was quite
honored, actually. I was really excited and happy for, not only
for Wells Fargo but for her. I believe that, especially for businesses, every business
needs a second chance.
>> One of the things I can say about Lidia is that she’s a loyal customer because a
lot of banks have approached her and tried to offer her different services and ultimately
she said she liked the service at Wells Fargo...
>> I just so appreciate everything. Because through the whole time that I’ve been in
business, the only way I’ve ever really done anything is with the help from Wells