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Thank you all for attending my brother's birthday
Please write something on the dashboard for our children
Looking at the pictures
Greeting Maden
Mavin is the most gentleman one
I really want to know if this is true
Is this hair real?
Its natural
Finally Maden's real father
Please wait a while
Finally able to meet the mystery father
Maden going back to mother's side
Mason gave us a little tips, my father dont have any hair
My father dont have any hair. All grown over here
How come my father is like that?
Definitely a beauty
The 3 brothers real parents
A super beauty father
Why out children so handsome its because of inheritance
These children inherited their appearance
Mason...What did say about your father's hair last time?
Where did your father's hair go?
Where? My father's hair?
Ah,theres a little
Just this a little
Knew he'll be that cute
Right now we are standing in front of their real parents, made us feel ashamed
No, you all really took care of the children well...
Over there is some photos we took when we lived together
Please come and see the photos and write something for your children
Cordially entertaining the 3 brothers parents
Writting for Maden first~
Not forgetting writting for the other two sons
At this time Some man appeared
Hyomin mom's boyfriend?!
Finally want to open to public?
Hyomin mom's boyfriend first time known to public?!
Gag Man (Dont know his name)
1 day father
In chaotic scene until forget to say hello
He is coming to become a temporary father
Heard people say that you are the famous gagman senior(dont know his name)...
Its not senior...its father
Mason call father
Mason call me
My father is here
Your father,me is over here. I am your father
Mavin, father is here
He is one day father
Thank you for coming
Put aside from hardwork, I am still very happy
Because of Invicible Youth, I had met with senior several times
Since its lively right now, lets start the celebration
Call me father...
Maden's birthday ceremony officially starts now Give some claps
Such an interesting uncle
In fact I am really busy...but the reason i came here is because of T-ara Hyomin
Miss Hyomin please dont express out your are too happy
Even though i am busy, i still attend this birthday ceremony
I absolutely wont be joking today absolutely no joking today
No matter how i say, I had fulfill the goddess request so i have to pose out a beauty pose
Something that make me more happy is
I have 7 wives
At 1 morning, 3 sons are born
As for the financial matter, Me and the 7 mothers, total of 8 people earning money, raising this 3 children is totally not a problem
So today our Maden's 1 year old birthday officially starts now
Its much more interesting since its celebrated with everyone
Today main character 3 brothers admittance
Thank you all for coming
The ones taking good care of the 3 handsome brothers
7 Goddess T-ara moms entering Give them a clap
Just like runway
T-ara moms coming out
Now its time for our moms thank you speech
Firstly, thank you everyone for coming to our maknae son, Maden's birthday
And also relatives joining us
Moon 3 brothers parents
And also thankful to our co-ed school
Thanks to everyone who came
We will work harder to take care the children
Our 3 brothers real parents also gathered here
We are really curious on the the 3 brothers father
Please come up to say something
Many people curious about him
This is the real 3 brothers parents
Dont stop the clappings
Hello, do you know how to speak korean?
Making it simple, t-ara did a good job in taking care of the children
Still, as a real parents, speak something
Its a really good content. I guess everyone should know the meaning
Then lets invite the mom to say something
Really thankful to everyone. I am really touched and almost cried when i came here
Just cry~ Cry!
My tears almost dropped, what should i do?
I really want to cry already
Mother holding in tears
Everyone really took good care of the children
Really thankful to everyone
We will definitely take good care of them
In fact, our Moon Mason, Moon Mavin, Moon Maden
The 2 brothers within them have not celebrated their first birthday yet
Because of some reasons but our Maden is his first time
With T-ara moms celebrating this birthday
Wish he will get a lot of blessings from everyone
Co-ed school worked hard today for clapping hands
So this time is not only Maden's birthday then
Our 3 brothers first birthday will be celebrated together here
Then we'll start now
Firstly, the first program is everyone sing birthday song together
Also also slicing our cake. Give a claps
Sing the birthday song first~
After singing, blow the candles
Messed up at the important part
Dangerous Suddenly putting his fingers on the candles
Using his fingers to put off the candle
Maden Happy Birthday
Now on going is cutting cake ceremony
Becareful dont get hurt
1, 2 , 3
Soyeon mom and Maden as representatives Cutting the cake
Real parents also
T-ara moms also
Co-ed school uncles and aunties also
Love the 3 brothers, do you know?
Happy birthday~
Maden Happy Birthday~
Want to cry already
Seemed like he is too touched
Everyone can understand if its only tears
Everyone lets cheers~
Inviting T-ara moms say congratulatory speech to everyone
To our 3 brothers and also the 3 brothers parents and also to everyone all be healthy
And also our Maden first birthday
To our son Happy Birthday~
Thanks everyone for the blessings
Next week
T-ara moms live performances
Even Maden is also very happy
Maden also very happy
For Maden Co-ed school group live performance
Addition to Hyomin mom's bad wave...
Plus hit song Bo peep Bo peep
Mavin practiced long time to master bo peep bo peep dance
Maden, teach me also
The exciting part for the birthday
Changed to korean traditional clothes
T-ara moms wrote letters for their children
Became a teary scene birthday
Not forgetting taking memorial photos
Moon Mason
Moon Maden
Moon Mavin
What did the 3 brothers grabbed?
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