Agel TV Episode 19

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Hello and welcome back I'm your host same Higginson
and your watching Agel TV
My co-host Zach Bradley is on the other side of the world
taking part in some Agel events
but tonight we're going to have a special show
on the rewards of being a part of Agel.
we'll hear about the Agel compensation plan, the phenomenal Leadership Retreats
Agel puts on every year.
but first we're going to go to vice president of research and development,
Joel Rockwood, to learn about what makes Agel products the best in the business
My whole life i've been interested and involved in creating products
that promote natural healthy life styles
nobody can argue that there are problems with the obesity in this world,
there's unhealthy eating habits, deteriorating nutrition in the food that we eat
the environment we live in gets more and more contaminated every day.
we know that we need to get nutrition into our bodies
the problem is, that people still don't do anything about it.
The majority of people don't take this nutrition into their body.
The real task at hand is creating good products
and teaming them up with an opportunity,
that's going to allow them to become successful.
throughout my career I've been approached by numerous companies
and have been asked to create their products and their lines,
I never felt that it was the right opportunity.
until I was presented with Agel.
Agel is, I truly feel that the products here have the correct vehicle
and the correct business plan to make sure that we get these products
into the hands of millions of people.
many of the epidemics that we talk about, they're going to get worse
before they get better and i'm proud to be apart of the Agel Research and Development Team
I'm honored that these amazing products that we have here at Agel,
are able to change so many so many lives because of the business plan,
and the opportunity that we have for the team members to share with others.
it is that cause that will help make millions of people have better lives,
healthy and healthier lives.
We're going to continue to develop products that must be shared.
It's easy to see why Agel's products are the most innovative line in the industry.
It's that same innovation that carries through to our compensation plan
and how we reward our team members for their efforts.
Now lets go to Co-CEO Jeremiah Bradley for a behind the scenes look
at how commissions are calculated and payed out every month.
One of my favorite things to talk about with Agel, is our amazing pay plan.
From the very first day, over six years ago up until today
I've always enjoyed being involved with the development and the evaluation
of our plan. So much goes in to how our plan works.
When we sat down as founders of this company,
We took a lot of time to make sure that our plan would work exactly how we wanted it to.
We had certain criteria for out plan that had to be met.
We wanted to make sure that it worked well with how out product could be shared by our team members.
So there had to be a perfect balance between the stages of a distributors business.
So we made sure that the plan puts emediate money into your pocket when you first got started,
We also made sure that there was very good residual income
once your business got bigger and bigger.
A lot of plans have both of those components but what they lack is
the transitional income that you need in order to get from the quick start up money
to the bigger residual money.
So we were careful to make sure that we created a certain
amount of bonuses to provide the transitional income that we needed
to keep that perfect balance in place.
we were also very careful to make sure that there was a
fine balance between getting the huge leaders that we have here at Agel
who do this full time enough money.
While we still wanted to reward the smaller team members,
who are just getting started or who want to work a few hours a week part time.
Once we had all of that fine tuned and we knew
the exact percentages we needed in each bonus,
we had to make sure these bonuses were creating the proper behavior.
the most important behavior for us to incentives is team work,
and up-line support. So we created each bonus with those two things in mind.
If you look at our pay plan in detail, you going to notice that each bonus
helps your more as you train your team and as you help them grow.
we feel that if we all have an incentive for others to do well, thats what promotes the proper behavior.
So at Agel, in our plan, you are never penalized when someone on your team does well.
it can only help you.
You're going to see the effectiveness of how our plan works,
and it can be sean throughout the world as we pay commissions in over fifty countries.
Paying commissions every month to thousands of team members all over the world,
is not an easy task. But at Agel we pride ourselves on making it our top priority everyday.
Today I want to take you on a quick behind the scenes look
at what happens each month to make sure that you you get payed your commissions
on time, and that they are 100% accurate.
So lets go and visit Brad Hutchings, Brad is the director of commissions
he also helps with Asia, he's my go to guy, he helps with diamonds and everything.
What Brad does is he makes sure that every single month,
the commissions are calculated appropriately and accurately, so Brad
can you give us a brief description of what happens between the 1st and 8th of each month?
Yes, at the beginning of the month we ha group of programers and technicians who
start the nightly commissions calculation, where we're gathering the orders and the volume
from the beginning of the previous month and it's calculating those numbers while we're taking
millions of dollars that we are then paying to thousands of distributors each month.
So we have the same pay plan, does it take 8 days to figure it out
if it's the same thing month after month?
There's a lot of things that factor into that. We have promotions going on in several markets,
We'll release new products that have different pricing and CVV amounts,
government regulations change and we need to become more compliant with those,
to make sure that the plan is compliant with those regulations
and that we're still getting the accurate numbers 100% each month that pay out.
So once you think that the numbers are accurate, what do you do?
We will send out a final file to a committee of people, finance, sales, and yourself.
Those people review and comb through and make sure those numbers are accurate.
Once we feel that the numbers are 100% accurate,
You will give a final approval for those and then we will send those on to finance.
Once I get that file, every month, I absolutely love looking at all of the people earning commissions.
I love to see what Randy is making, Ata, the Italian leaders,
and it's fun to see what these guys who make over a million dollars a year are making,
but the part I like more than anything is seeing the thousands of different people,
that are making between five hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars a month.
That's really the money that changes lives.
There are so many people that with an extra five hundred dollars,
can buy a little bit of extra groceries or whatever it is they need,
and we have thousands of people making that type of income.
that's really what I enjoy seeing is this list of people and we do we verify
and make sure it's accurate and once we know it's accurate we then send it to the finance team,
so lets head over there.
The next step in the process is done by Richard Holt
and his department, this is the finance and accounting team.
So Richard, when Brad and his team are done computing the calculations,
They are certain that it's accurate, what is it that your department now hast to do?
It's actually a pretty complex process.
we reconcile three things right off the bat.
First we verify the bank account information on each individuals account.
We reconcile the amount that is contained in the back office system.
And we compute withholding taxes to be paid in addition to the commissions payment.
Wow. So your team, for thousands of different people each month need to do all three of those processes?
No wonder it takes a few days and several different people on your team.
After that I believe it goes to the treasury department,
what is it that they do to make sure that everything gets done accurately?
Our treasury department computes the cash that will be required in each country,
using the appropriate exchange rates.
We then transfer the cash to over 20 banks around the world.
So we have different banks all over the world that help us pay commissions.
How is it that we have established what banks we use?
There has been alot of work that we've done, not only doing do diligence to make sure the bank
is viable and safe, but we've also established relationships with those banks
to be able to do direct payments for distributors.
Ok, so Richard we have to make sure that we pay commissions on time and accurately.
Everyone needs their commissions by the 15th of every month.
How is that your team makes sure that, that's possible?
Once the reconciliation process is completed,
we download computer generated files containing the computer information
we transmit those files to the 20 banks around the world.
The banks upload that information into their payment systems.
And automatically transfer the cash into the distributors bank accounts.
Well now you can see a little of what it takes for us to make sure that all of you get paid,
accurate commissions and you get them on time. That is one of the highest priorities at Agel.
As you can see, we really do make it easy for you to run your business.
At Agel we like to recognize and reward the achievements of our team members.
Two of the most prestigious clubs to be a part of as an Agel team member,
are the Presidents and Premier Clubs.
So lets go to Agel's President Craig Bradley to find out why.
Thank's Sam, just had to finish my EXO. One of the main role and responsibilities
of the company is to make sure that we're always looking for ways to help
our team members to be successful.
Our executive team at Agel has many many years of experience.
I personally have over 22 years experience in this profession.
What we do is we use this experience and we create different incentives
different promotions and different programs that we introduce to the team members
to give you and even better opportunity to be successful.
I want to talk to you today about two specific program that I feel are
key to every single team members success.
These two programs are the Premier Club and the Presidents Club.
Now both of these were designed to help our team members
understand what they have to do the very first month.
That's probably them most important month in their history with Agel,
and every month there after.
We want to establish what the expectation is
What they have to do to be successful, to grow their own Agel business.
Now these two clubs are a great goal, every team member should do to achieve every month.
Once you qualify for these clubs, well you receive special recognition,
We have pins we have special bonuses,
but I think the most important thing is you get treated like royalty at all of the Agel events.
Especially Agel World, we have special seating for those that have earned these awards.
and then we have the VIP lounge. It's like an airport lounge.
We have food in there all the time we have coffee, we have soft drinks,
we even have computers and the only way to get there is you'll have a little
flag on your name tag that says you've earned the presidents club.
At Agel we feel it is important to reward the team members who are working hard to grow thier business.
For us the recognition should be as important as the commissions or the great products,
that this business provides and Agel Provides.
My challenge to you would be to learn more about the Presidents Club.
Learn more about the Premiere Club.
Ask your sponsor or someone in your organization to tell you what you have to do
to earn the right to be a part of these important clubs.
by earning the President Club and Premier Club,
It will change your business which would change your life.
Hey thanks Craig. Anywhere we see success in the field,
we always see and emphasis on these clubs.
Now we're going to go to a leader who always teaches the importance of these clubs
in his own teams, Philip Townsend as he shares with us the key points of
Agel,s innovative compensation plan.
hello everyone, my name is Philip Townsend and I get to talk to you about something
right now that is so important.
Which is the Agel Compensation Plan.
No the first time I looked at the company I really didn't understand everything,
I was just comparing it to other businesses that i've worked in,
because i've been involved in the profession for over 20 years.
The first thing that my sponsor did, Sarah Zolecki,
she got me on the phone with Mr. Randy Gage.
If your new, your learning about that name but for those of use that have been in the profession,
is the most respected networker in the world and leading the expansion for Agel.
What Mr. Gage explained to me was that this company has something that's never been done before.
which is called the Quadra Plan.
See we talk about the two teams that we build but has you look into the depth of
what we have to offer, when you become a qualified executive,
you can actually build four different teams.
It really became fascinating the more I learned.
The thing that motivated me the most was that it's so simple here to qualify.
See I worked for a company in the 90's. We had to sell 5,00 dollars a month of products
just to get our check, every month. No matter what.
if you didn't sale 5,000 your bonus check would go to the person above you.
No exceptions. It was so hard but I didn't know any different.
Now i've learned there are different ways to get paid, but i've never seen one so fair
as the Agel plan. Just by using the product yourselves,
and having a few people on each team that you sponsor
it's so simple, that you can make full time income,
just working part time hours. Another thing that really caught my attention,
is that this plan creates the right behavior. So many times in network marketing,
you hear these stories of "Oh, I signed up and I never saw anyone ever again."
That's because those companies created a comp plan,
that pays people for signing you up and then pays very little once you join.
See that doesn't happen here at Agel.
Our compensation plan creates, whats called a team atmosphere.
We're literally locking arms together in building a team on the right and a team on the left
and giving everyone an opportunity to rank advance,
and it pays us fair because it doesn't just pay the people at the top,
it pays us every step of the way. So when we go out and simply talk about the product line.
And people want to order product from us. You get paid great retail profits
right up front. Then as we start building our teams
we put together whats called a fast start bonus which can be big money in your pocket
quickly, which is what every one wants.
And we've got some money in the middle with the executive pool,
the exiting part is when you get to the car bonus.
Think about it. How are you going to feel driving through
your neighborhood in a new BMW, a new Mercedes, that Agel's paid for
for you. So you can qualify for that here. Even exotic vacations for you and your family.
That's all available here through our compensation plan.
The thing that really got me motivated here was, it allows us to build a team
where everyone works together and we want to do one major thing.
Number one. We're driving that team and selling the products.
but we want people to rank advance.
So if your brand new right now. Here's the most important thing you can do.
Rank advance as quickly as possible.
Get to supervisor, get to manager your first couple of weeks.
Go out there and set the pace for your new team.
And then turn around and teach other people how to do it.
See out plan creates behavior where we are working together
we're celebrating each others success and we're doing it by marketing the best
product line that's ever been available in the world.
And we're going to help Agel become a house hold name.
Welcome to Agel and we want to celebrate you with this incredible compensation plan.
A great aspect of the compensation plan is the car bonus program.
Through this program, team members can earn up to 3,000 dollars a month
toward their dream car.
This is my car as you can see. In our activity we have the possibility,
thanks to the car bonus, to get the car we've always dreamed about, the one we've always wanted to buy.
You don't have to buy a pink car. You don't have to buy a mercedes or a BMW or whatever,
Agel says "buy your car, buy the dream car for you."
go to the website below to see more amazing stories of team members taking advantage
of this great program.
One of our favorite things here at Agel is writing checks for brand new cars.
Everybody has a dream of what kind of car the want to be in,
and what kind of car they want to drive and the fun days at Agel are when we
finally make those dreams become realities,
There are really some amazing cars out there.
Another thing that we do every year is we have an Agel leadership retreat.
Where we take the top earners and producers to one of the most exotic location the world can know.
We like to roll out the red carpet. We see some of the most amazing places.
We do some of the most amazing things. We lay around. We get to know each other.
These people that you see on this wall behind me are always there.
The top executives are there and it's a time where we come together
and create friend ships that last a life time.
And it's one of the great things our company does to build a culture around
Who we are and what we believe we are.
Lastly the Fit Challenge. This year we've invited the winners of the Fit Challenge
to participate with us on that five star trip in Hawaii
and you're going to have the trip of a life time and your going to see what it is
that the diamonds to every single year. Work hard and finish the Fit Challenge
the way you want to. Earn the right to be there with us.
This is a business about dreams. It's about opportunities. it's about doing things that
sometimes we'd never have an opportunity to do.
We do it here at Agel.
And it's one of the great and fun things that make this company great.
Last year's retreat is Costa Rica was amazing and next year's trip in Hawaii,
Will be absolutely over the top. You've got to find a way to be there.
Now that's all the time we have for tonights show.
Tune in next week as we celebrate the 20th episode of Agel TV
and announce a special world wide promotion.
I'm Sam Higginson and this was Agel TV.