Galaxy Note 2 And ATIV S Windows Phone 8: Thoughts And Impressions

Uploaded by HeelsAndTech on 29.08.2012

Hi Guys, Now that the Galaxy Note 2 has been officially
launched, I’m really interested in knowing your opinions
on it.
You know, on first glance it looks like a scaled up S3, along with the physical home
button, But of course it has its own unique features,
like the s-pen.
The big question though is ‘is it worth upgrading if you have the Note 1?’
Or, if you’re thinking of entering this phablet arena for the first time,
would you go for the cheaper Note 1 or opt for the Note 2?
So, let’s have a quick look at what’s improved in this new version,
and what basically stayed the same.
Design-wise, the Note 2 has the smooth rounded corners we see on the S3,
And that may not be to everyone’s taste. But it looks like it fits in the hand better
compared to the original Note, even despite the larger 5.5 inch screen.
It’s actually a couple of millimetres narrower than the original, and slightly thinner.
But it compensates by being a bit longer and it’s also a couple of grams heavier.
I think we were all expecting the larger display, It's HD Super AMOLED with a pixel resolution
of 720 x 1280 compared to the 800 x 1280 of the Note 1,
So while it’s a HD display, there’s a small loss in pixel density,
And it’ll be interesting to see how it compares with the Note 1 for sharpness and overall
display quality.
The Note 2 comes with Android 4.1, JellyBean, so it’s bound to be really smooth, with
minimal lag. And I expect the Touchwiz user interface will
have all the features seen in the S3, like smart stay and pop-up play,
And of course the nature inspired design. It’s actually been confirmed that the S3
will be getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean soon, But unfortunately nothing’s been said yet
about an upgrade for the Note 1.
Another big improvement in the Note 2, is the redesigned stylus.
So now it’s got more pressure sensitivity, a better grip, and a rubber tip.
I think this will give it a much more true pen-like feel in the hand,
And more precise drawing and note-taking ability. There’s also a host of new features for
the s-pen like ‘Air View’, Where if you hover over something with the
pen, it’ll pop-up an information box without
you having to actually touch the pen on the screen.
The camera is 8 Megapixel with autofocus, and LED flash,
and should be as good as the one on the S3. The front camera is 1.9 Megapixel.
The next thing is the better processor. The international Note 2 has a 1.6 GHz quad-core
processor, And 2 GB (gigabyte) of RAM.
For storage, you get the option of 16, 32, and 64 GB (gigabyte) versions,
And it also has a microSD card slot that’ll recognise 64 GB (gigabyte) cards.
And to power all of this, There’s a huge 3,100 mAh battery.
So, really impressive specs for the Note 2. And I’m looking forward to seeing how it
performs in real life, And especially how it compares to the original
Note. So stay tuned for my in-depth Note 2 review
and comparison when it comes out.
The last thing I want to mention is the Samsung ATIV S.
It’s the first smartphone running Windows Phone 8.
Very quickly, it’s specs are… A 4.8 inch HD super AMOLED display,
A 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB (gigabyte) of RAM
16 or 32 GB (gigabyte) storage options with microSD card support,
A rear-facing 8 Megapixel camera with autofocus, and LED flash,
A 1.9 Megapixel front-facing camera, NFC and a 2300 mAh battery.
It’s one in a whole ecosystem of new windows 8 devices from Samsung,
But after this announcement, It’ll be interesting to see what Nokia have
up their sleeve for their September event.
Well, that’s it guys. Check back for my device reviews when they
come out. Take care,
And I’ll see you in the next video.