Calculus Help Program App for TI 89 Titanium Calculator

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 18.10.2012

This a video on calculus help, many of you have asked for this, this is the ultimate
calculus help program, uhm, this a video for you if you need help in calculus. The instructions
that go along with my programs is the ultimate cheat sheet for you also. When printed out
you are indexed to all that my programs do and they can do quite a bit. All my menu driven
programs are all step by step, and let’s get started here. You’ll notice index8 here
in the entry line of the calculator and you press second alpha, to put in the, uhm, allows
you to put in the letters and then you press alpha to put in the eight and the closed parenthesis,
open and closed parenthesis. Press enter and your into this program here, which is my menu.
And you scroll up or down on my menu and choose the problem you need calculus help with. For
instance, you have graph by hand, implicit differentiation, inflection point, integrals
algebra, integrate by parts, more graphing by hand, intervals of increase or decrease,
limits. You press the clover leaf scroll down button on your calculator to access all these
programs. Let’s do a quick one here. Let’s do product rule for instance, product rule
is when you see a problem and it has a times sign in between two functions , and uhm, quotient
rule would be if you saw a function or a problem and it had a division sign in it, and here’s
the formula for it. And you can enter, you enter it in these brackets here, you put those
in, you have to press alpha first, so your going to have to put that open parenthesis,
and then you cab put, let’s say four times x and then you close off the bracket and put
the new one in, times, lt’s say , three times x squared plus six and close off the
parenthesis, and press enter, it shows you what you’ve entered, you can change it if
you want, I say it’s ok, and then it does the problem for you, and you put all this
down on your paper, or homework, and here’s the answer thirty six x squared plus twenty-four,
ah pretty neat huh? Every step calculus dot come, check it out, check out my programs
and the blog whatever.