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And like that, Eva walks stone-faced,
down the unfamiliar streets of New York.
With the black-and-white landscape of the city behind her shoulde
An unforgettable opening scene.
From "Stranger than Paradise "
In a few days, I'll be walking those streets myself.
Tomorrow will be my last show before I leave for New York.
I'm sad to leave but tomorrow.
I'll wait for you here at Midnight F.M.
With the soundtrack from "Stranger than Paradise "
"l put a spell on you, " I'll conclude tonight's broadcas
Oh, and for the tickets to "the Breaking News " premiere.
keep your calls coming in, all you thriller-lovers!
Talking about the movie reminds me of the killer's chilling glare
There is a serial killer at large going after criminals.
I don 't want to see psychos even in the movies.
...reminds me of the killer's chilling glare from the movie.
There is a serial killer at large going after criminals.
I don 't want to see psychos even in the movies.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the night.
and that tomorrow will be another movie-like day.
This is Ko Sun-young saying goodbye.
She's here!
Clap, everyone!
Charismatic announcer turned radio DJ
How fresh she looked!
Those were her good days.
You're right
What's with sudden interest in studying abroad?
So that I can take your job when I come back.
I don't think she's kidding.
As if she ever does!
Studying is just an excuse I need some time off.
Plus, there is my daughter's operation.
Being a single mom is definitely not easy.
She'll be fine.
Declared innocent by lack of evidence
Leaves us all puzzled as to where there is any justice
Obviously, Judicature has lost it.
Judicature has lost it!
Still makes my hair stand to think about that time.
Resigns as a news reporter
Come back after 2 years.
I'll put you back in the newsroom.
What's the point when she'll get kicked out right away?
Somebody is upset about Sun-young's departure.
Where is Se-yeon?
The new girl can't be bothered to show her face?
She's been out of reach since last night.
Old one or the new one alike, they have no respect for the producer.
I should get going.
Producer Oh.
What are you doing?
I don't feel so generous as to wish you good luck.
Can we get over this?
You want to make up?
So, you wrote up your own little playlist and faxed it over?
What fax?
- What's he talking about? - Forget it!
Don't get your hopes up about getting your TV job back.
It's not happening.
Where are you going, sir? What about the show?
Don't you know how busy I am?
I'm not a family babysitter.
Even Jun-young had me pick up Hye-ji from the airport.
What a handful!
Eun-soo, what are you doing up?
She's still up?!
Your mom is angry because you're still up.
Share your bed with your cousin tonight.
What you doing up, honey?
You could miss the flight tomorrow
So go to bed now.
If you agree, tap tap tap.
Once more.
Good girl
From tomorrow, mommy will spend more time with you
Put your auntie on.
I have to stay up for work.
What the hell?
Can I send in my request by text?
I'm really not in the mood So, please stop talking nonsense?
Hey, I'm a listener, too!
We started together, we end it together
I can be an annoying listener
Don't fool around.
Get Eun-soo into bed for me? I'll check in later.
All right! Don't be a pathetic crybaby for the last show
Go get it, sis!
All right. Gotta go.
Come on.
A single tap for no and three for yes, is it?
Isn't it better to just text each other?
I don't want her to forget how to talk
She's putting up with so much...
So many operations.
Will she get a better result in the States?
She will I know she will.
Difficulties following the homicide
at the red light district, the police...
Red light district! Difficulties!
concentrate on the crackdown
Red light... Red-light District
Are you serious about going back into TV?
Makes me look like an ass, right?
You actually know that? and, you're still doing that?
What the heck?
Jesus Christ!
Are you all right?
Is he out of his mind?
Come back here!
Oh, my god! What's he doing?
- What the! Let me... - Stay in the car
He's going to kill her!
Out in plain sight...
It scares me to raise a daughter with a scum like that around.
It's obvious he's stone drunk. Shall I call the cops?
Forget it. No good can come out of getting involved.
What the fuck are you looking at?
We'll get off here.
What a creep!
Pick up the damn phone...
The person you're calling...
You'll be a pain in the ass, too?
Lost your mind? Call me right away!
Eun-soo, I made this for you.
Promise me you'll wear it every night?
Good. Now, go to sleep.
I can't. I've got work to do
Go to sleep! Now!
As 7th victim from the recent serial murder has emerged,
the police have announced reinforcement of the task force team
This is Jang Seok-hyun from GCN News.
Anything you want to add?
Looks like they're having fun.
Guess what? Our show could go down the same road.
Mr. Oh is eager to rebuild the program from the inside out.
I think he'll get on well with the new girl
I don't think so...
With you gone, the ratings will drop.
And by next fall, we'll get the axe.
You know Deok-tae? He's tonight's guest.
But, I thought it was someone else.
The 'Travis' guy didn't answer my calls
Thank god we found a replacement in time.
Are you crazy?
That man is a stalker!
I think you're overreacting.
He is an avid listener and the biggest fan of our show.
We still have time. Find someone else!
You can't be serious.
Hey, where are you going?
That was very bad.
Come and have a seat
Give me your phone
What have you got here?
2424? What are you, a mover?
Is that why you have those broad shoulders?
She won't be using this number from tomorrow.
What do you see in her? She a mom, you know?
She has... a divine voice.
Real soft up in your ears.
Like a soft tongue?
You're dirty.
I'll give you a shout later. Go to the bathroom.
Switch off the cell... Do it now
He is a just fan. We can't change him now.
Did you see this?
Look at those muscles!
There is only a fine line between a fan and a stalker.
Let your guard down and they'll walk all over you
It's your fans that keep you on your job.
Make sure you get that to the new girl as well.
The minute you let them take control, it's over.
Whatever you say!
Totally oblivious of this.
How about coming in on time for once?
- What a beautiful night! - Hi!
It's the last show. You could have come early
...and donuts! Oops!
Go on.
They're fattening
You said I should put on some weight
Did you check the CDs?
Am I your maid?
- My sweetheart - Cut it out!
Thank you for this!
It's nothing
Let me see
I'm impressed!
It is quite hard to take in but
it's our dear friend's last show.
In 5 minutes.
What's gotten into him?
Where are you?
You scared me.
You'll wake Eun-soo up if you scream like that.
I said stop screaming.
What do you want?
Have you ever had coffee with an angel?
This program is brought to you
by angels' choice of coffee, Angel-in-us
3... 2... 1!
Did you have another movie-like day?
Hi, this is Ko Sun-young from Midnight F.M.
Tonight will be the precious last time that I share with you.
I hope the next two hours will be an unforgettable experience.
Our last...
I never thought I would ever say these words.
Tonight we're going to talk about farewells.
There she goes again! Why bother writing up the script?
If I were to pick the most beautiful farewells in the movie.
What's wrong with you today?
I would choose last scene from Casablanca.
I'm a bit of a romantic.
At the foggy Moroccan airport.
two people stand facing each other unable to speak their mind.
Ilsa boarding the plane and Rick watching on.
A farewell scene that was as beautiful as it was heartbreaking.
What would our farewell be like?
It's a text from a listener.
It says
Love that lasts the longest is love that never returns.
I suppose that parting could be...
a way to preserve your love forever.
The queen of improvisation!
What is this?
The reason why so many fans still remember James Dean.
Somerset Maugham could be because of
his unexpected early farewell
A listener who sent in the Somerset Maugham quote.
you forgot to give us your name but thank you.
You could call this the love theme song of "Casablanca"
'As time goes by'
They won't notice that this was an accident?
How could they? When she's that smooth.
Take it easy, relax!
You nervous? Forgetting to switch off your cell.
It's officially the final show.
Even Ms. Perfect is making mistakes.
I've never seen her make a mistake since her first broadcast.
It's your fault.
She's low on caffeine.
I could use a cup of coffee.
You heard her! Get some donuts and cheesecake, too.
People will remember this show forever
Shall we go together then? Consider it a date.
Go on. It's still quite early. I can manage by myself.
I don't like where this is going...
- You said my pot belly... - I know you want it, too
Hey, sis! Are you trying to pull tricks on me?
I know you're trying to loosen me up.
but tonight's show is really important for me.
Ko Sun-young? Did you get my fax?
Who is this?
You'll play the songs as it appears on the list.
Because I'm holding your family hostage.
Or your sister will die.
A-young, who was that just now?
Listen carefully.
You try to tell anyone about this situation and I kill them
Hello? Police?
I can't reach home.
Could you send someone to look around?
Detective Cho, check this out.
Something is wrong.
Face covered up and bow-like knot looks like our serial killer's
But he's only been going after pimps and drug dealers.
Is she one of them?
Who reported this in?
The killer called in to say he left her body here.
The suspect called himself?
It's the producer from the radio show.
- I'm Detective Cho. - Oh Jung-moo.
I'm sorry to have called you so late.
but the victim's cell phone had multiple calls from you
Hang in there.
It won't take long.
Who is that kid?
Where is Sun-young's daughter?
She's... in the hospital.
Because... she hurt... her neck.
Those ofyou still up at this hour and listening to this show
send in texts to #21 1 2.
'Sun-young, is this really the end?'
'You already kept me company through the night'
Hi, Ms Bridget Jones,
it's you guys who kept me company
Tomorrow morning, tell me the sky is white...
then, I'll reply that the clouds are black'
It's black.
'Travis'! You quoted from...
- "Les amants du Pont-Neuf" - "Les amants du Pont-Neuf"
This quote reminds of the scene where the heroine leaves
And my heart starts to ache.
I feel that I've broken a promise I made with you
because of personal reasons.
Mr. Ko Joon-young...
- So, you're her brother. - That's right.
But in the movie, the lovers are eventually.
But, it's a protocol.
We still have to take a look around.
If you must.
Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris
But its name actually means a 'new bridge'
Thank you and sorry to be a bother.
What a nice place.
You have upstairs, too?
The radio is a little too loud
I'm already jealous that she'll get more love.
I missed 3 minutes of the show.
I hope you'll give her just as much
Iove and attention.
I'm going back up.
The next song is from Michael Haneke's "Pianist"
another film about obsessive love.
Hey, Sun-young.
I told you not to tell anyone.
Why did you call the police?
Why won't you listen to me?!
Now I'll show you what the consequences are.
Listen very carefully.
You cannot tell anyone about this situation
Who are you? Are you a friend of A-young's?
Stop this sick joke!
Does this look like a joke to you?
Does it?
I am holding your family hostage.
Where is your daughter anyway?
I only see this kid.
She's in the hospital. She hurt her neck.
Please... Why are you doing this?
Hey! I'm telling the truth!
From this moment,
you'll be running the show according to my instructions
You got my fax, right?
So, you faxed over your own little playlist?
I put a lot of thoughts into that, you know
I don't have it with me. Somebody took it away.
I hope you won't disappoint me anymore.
Shouldn't we try for a beautiful ending?
I'll tell you what you should play next.
July 1 8, 2005...
Was the first week after you started the show.
I want the first song you played that day.
Trouble recalling? Let me give you a clue.
It's a bit like our relationship.
The main character was a DJ.
Quite a bit actually.
"Play Misty for Me", "Good Morning Vietnam"
"Fisher King", "Talk to Me"
The list goes on.
You're going to find that song and play it.
right after this one.
What are you doing here?
Woo-han, when this song ends play the ads.
Don't play any songs! Just the ads!
Ko A-young
Look at this
Now, it's all up to your sister.
Are you... okay?
Whats the matter with you?
Hey, stop it!
What's the matter?
What's this about?
From when?
July 1 8, 2005!
I must find the first song I played that day
What the...
It was 'Everybody knows' from "Pump up the volume"
You know that? From memory?!
It's right...
'Everybody knows'/ "Pump up the volume"
Holy shit! He's right.
This is all you need?
You really are a stalker!
That's creepy.
Find "Pump up the volume" OST from the database.
Pump up the volume! P! U! M! P!
It's not on the database. Try the shelf.
What kind of database is that? Pathetic!
Found it! Hang on...
Shit! The case is empty
Can you download an MP3 or something?
Are you for real? We are a radio station
Is it the sound quality? Listeners won't notice.
Why on earth do we need it anyway?
I don't know, either.
Look up Leonard Cohen discography.
You're right! It's a Leonard Cohen song.
I'll be right over.
- Excuse me, Mr. Oh. - Yes.
We haven't notified the family, yet.
Please keep it discreet.
It's track 3
I had to play six public service ads in a row.
What the matter with her?
She has completely lost it.
What a sure way to screw up.
I'll have to write a thousand report on this.
Talk about something after this ad while I get the song ready.
while I get the song ready.
Maybe because it's my last show.
I 'm getting really nervous.
I hope you'll understand
Even if I seem to be acting a little strange.
Wake up! Wake up!
It's just... really hard for me today
because I don't want it to be the end.
Originally, I wanted to talk about farewell
as the subject of the last show.
But, let me just play the songs you want like always.
Wake up! Wake up!
My apologies. I must have been too sentimental.
Up next is 'Everybody knows' from "Pump up the volume"
Where the hero was a DJ.
A shy teenager, Mark becomes a DJ at night
and enthralls fellow teenagers.
Through broadcasting he discovers himself changing.
Here is the song.
We need to talk What is it?
Is it Mr. Oh?
He won't get off your case?
Excuse me
Well, l...
It aint...
What do you mean?
I dug up the old cue sheet...
I specifically requested the song you played on July 1 8, 2005.
And the version you played wasn't Leonard Cohen's.
It was the Concrete Blonde.
You even said yourself.
that Cohen version was in the movie
but not on the OST!
You don't even remember what you said.
I am really disappointed.
Who are you talking to?
Open the door!
Look! Ko Sun-young!
If you hang up on me again,
I'll fucking kill them all!
I'll give you one more chance to make up...
With the next song.
Oh, my god! A-young...
Please... what is it that you want?
Is it money? I'll give you it to you.
It's not money that I want.
Let's meet up I'll come over to you.
You'll come here?
How can you be so irresponsible?
This is your last broadcast!
Wasn't it your idea to make a memorable time with your fans?
And, now... you'll abandon the show and come here?
Hey... please! What is this about?
You will not stop the broadcast! Because, If you do...
It'll be your sister's ankle not just a toe.
Next is the theme song from "Taxi Driver"
You must say the exact thing you said when you.
played that song on Dec 5, 2006.
Come on, Sun-young You can do this!
You poor little thing.
Do you remember what I said
when we played 'Taxi Driver'?
You're driving me nuts!
Tell me what's going on so I can help
I'll explain everything later But now...
You've got to help me out Please, okay?
Give us at least some kind of explanation.
Well, the main character Travis is a taxi driver...
so every night...
No... no!
You said you remember all my shows.
That's right...
December 5, 2006.
What did I say when l played the song from "Taxi driver"?
This song is finishing Shall I play another advert?
Quickly! Think!
Travis, a hero grows...
through suffering
A hero grows through suffering.
I have never heard before
They could no longer put up with the corrupt world...
So, they had to stand up.
Taxi driver
"HBC Radio"
That was 'Everybody knows' from "Pump up the volume"
You have to tell me what the situation is
Stop making prank calls to 91 1.
By killing the pimps and rescuing the prostitute, lris,
Travis earns the title of hero.
Was he really a hero?
At time, I said a hero grows through suffering'
In the movie, Travis is portrayed as a maladjusted man.
But if you think about it,
all heroes are like that to a certain extent.
Because they cannot endure the corruption of society,
so they must act.
Right answer! Clap Clap
Are you out of your mind?
What do you think you're doing!
I said unless the world changes, we can only wait for heroes to rise
Are you all trying to finish the show?
Don't shout at me I'm fed up too
I suddenly remember this
Let's fuck it up and hand in our resignations!
Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets.
She's already introduced the next song.
If you have any bitter feelings you wish to get rid of.
Hope you can wash them away with this song...
You want to fuck up? Let's finish it off.
- The music! Change the song! - Screw you! All of you!
Sun-young... Don't cry.
Do you know where I've just been?
You were doing so well.
Why are you screwing up now?
It wasn't me.
Your sister is dead because of you.
Shouldn't we work together for a beautiful ending?
No, then he'll kill her daughter
But we gotta call the cops.
That psycho killed a cop He's capable of anything.
Exactly! We don't know if he'll keep his word.
Are you okay? Who the hell is he?
We saw your phone He threatened us, too.
Sun-young, check this out.
My sister got killed because of you!
If I only played the right song... You killed her!
Calm down and check this out.
I don't want to listen to you.
Se-yeon is dead, too.
I just went to identify her body.
What's up?
This came in for you.
No name?
What is this?
The police thinks it's connected to the serial killer.
Maybe he has something to do with us.
Can you think of anything?
Baby... is that you?
Baby, are you okay?
The playroom, you know.
get inside the closet and stay quiet.
Inside the closet and stay there, okay?
Mommy will come for you Hang in there, okay?
What are you doing?
I gotta go.
You should calm down.
Pull yourself together!
Can you get a broadcast van ready?
Leave one phone line open Put others on hold.
Stay focused!
- You've got the ads? - Yes, sir!
- Can you give us a hand? - Relay channel... 3!
Let me take it.
Once you get home, what will you do?
She's hiding from him in that house. I can't just wait around.
This is like asking him to kill you, too.
I can't just sit here and do nothing.
Have the van meet me at the front.
Hey! Sun-young!
This is too dangerous.
Are you up now?
You've only done 40 minutes of the show.
Doesn't look like you're in the studio.
- Where are you? - The restroom
The restroom?
Why are you doing this to me?
What did I ever do to you?
How uncommitted you must've been all this time?
Just get to the point.
What is it that you want?
I gave you many chances.
What the fuck do you want, you psychopath!
Shut up!
Of all people, you cannot insult me like that.
We've still got so much work to do together.
and you're bailing out?
That's all fine but you gotta put things right before you go.
Put what right?
Don't worry. We still have time.
Part 3, when you take calls
that caller will be me.
I hate it when I get beat off for that.
Whatever you want.
But, don't touch the kids
Maybe the kids are tired of playing hide-and-seek.
Maybe she wants to play ball.
Lay a finger on my daughter,
and, I'll kill you myself!
You're a big fat liar.
Eun-soo! Come out, come out wherever you are!
Don't let him find you!
You can get the call sign through this.
Do you know where we're going anyway?
Turn left here.
Damn traffic!
Let's get started.
It's not the time yet...
You're listening to Midnight Soundtrack
We're back with part 3 of the show.
In part 3, we'll be connecting to one of the listeners
and have a live chat.
We already have a caller I'll put him through.
Can you tell us who you are?
About me?
I'm someone who believes this program is all about you.
Your partner, Han Dong-soo.
What do you mean by that?
I'm saying that.
I don't think anyone else can replace you on this program.
An unqualified DJ like Lim Se-yeon?
Simply unacceptable!
Although she won't be able to now, even if she wants.
Son of a bitch!
What do you for a living?
Look! Hurry!
Can you tell us more...
Hello? Hello?
Hang on a second.
He hung up.
We have a bad connection. Let's listen to a song first.
Hurry, Eun-soo!
Try not to breathe heavily. And, be careful!
Sun-young, wait a little bit.
There is no time I think he found my daughter.
Wait till the cops arrive.
Did you call the police?
- Is this it? - Yes, sir.
Are you crazy? He killed a cop already.
You're only provoking him!
He's a nutcase! It's too dangerous.
You can't reason with him.
If anything happens to the kids, I swear I'll kill you.
Don't do this. Don't go in there!
Ex... excuse me... I'll come with you.
Just stop it!
I don't need this.
I think I can help.
You're a goddamn stalker, too.
We're back on.
We'll try again.
- Dong-soo? - Hello
Shall we continue where we left off?
What you do for a living?
I... I raise rabbits.
Because I just adore rabbits.
Did you say... rabbits?
They love to hide from me when I as much as blink.
I see.
They are such sweet little creature
but they cause trouble time to time.
And, one of them has a injury on the neck.
I see.
As an avid listener...
What's your most...?
You said earlier.
Parting could be a way to preserve love eternally.
That's not what I meant...
If my rabbits vanish one day.
then, I'll be able to keep their loving memories.
No, actually...
So, l...
Found the two rabbits that got away.
And killed them.
You son of a bitch!
All force dispatch immediately.
What the fuck did you do with the kids?
What did you do with them?
Hey! What are you doing here?
- Anything? - There's no one here.
Nobody upstairs either.
Sun-young! He got away.
Was it so hard to follow my instructions?
I asked you not to leave the studio no matter what!
He knows everything.
It's too bad but you won't be able to see the kids again.
No... Don't do that
Hello? Is this the TV station?
I have information about the murder.
It's difficult to confirm without an official police announcement.
But, Ms. Ko Sun-young is staying at her house
while the police is trying to locate the perpetrator on the run.
As Han turns out to be the one responsible for the recent serial murders.
Relationship with Ms. Ko seems to be the key to understanding this case
What about the show?
Play the songs on the list.
I'll call you back.
It's ready.
I want to be like mommy.
- This is the fax he sent you? - Yeah.
I pulled up his record.
He was arrested for attempted murder 4 years ago.
Attempted murder?
He was diagnosed with schizophrenia during investigation.
I'm Ko Sun-young's partner.
He was sent to a mental institution for 3 years
and got released last year.
This type of serial killer is known as mission-oriented
They believe they're doing
good for the society by ridding the world of criminals.
What about an innocent family member or a DJ? A contribution?
A contribution?
I'm saying that he's a mental case who believes his cause.
Look at the date the fax.
I think he was motivated by Sun-young's program.
The dates of the murders coincide with the program schedule.
Travis from "Taxi Driver", drives his taxi every night
through the decadent streets of New York.
'Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets '
Why do get such satisfaction from watching our heroes in the movie
Because in reality, no-one takes care
of the wrongs we come across everyday
Where is my hero right now?
Are you listening to me?
Heroes sometimes suffer at the weight of their fate.
But, it's that suffering makes them stronger.
Where is my hero right now?
Are you listening to me?
He's using the term partner
he probably wants recognition from his object of obsession.
I don't want to see these psycho killers even in the movies
Sun-young is a victim, too.
Stop connecting her to the case.
I don't want to see these psycho killers even in the movies.
You'd better turn on the television.
The suspect just sent us a video clip of himself
Reporter Jang Seok-hyun has the exclusive.
Every Saturday, this is the quiz corner where you participate.
We have a caller on hold... Hello, 'Travis '?
Are you ready?
In front of me, there is a girl that needs my help.
The poor girl is living in hell because of her scumbag pimp.
And, I have her pimp who is lower than a scumbag.
Do you know lris?
I don 't know. I've never heard that name before.
Is it from Taxi driver?
The final shootout scene, right?
Travis kills the pimp and saves lris.
Where is everybody?
And is hailed as a hero in the press.
Do you agree with that?
Travis put his beliefs into action.
He might be the man we need in this time of rampant immorality
Well, l...
couldn't agree more.
What is this?
How was that?
You scared me.
Is this being aired?
It's from our show
When did you get that?
You can't just show that on a public channel!
We were blackmailed, too.
The suspect sent us the message
that if we don't release this clip there will be another murder
The murder victim in the video was identified as Kim Tae-soo
He threatened to kill the kids
who made the news in 2006 for his involvement in human-trafficking.
He was released on the grounds of insufficient evidence
Sentenced innocent by lack of evidence
whether there is any justice in our society.
Ko Sun-young who was the newscaster at the time...
Ms. Ko, how do you feel right now?
Please, just one word!
Was the voice on the tape yours?
It was.
How do you feel about Han Dong-soo?
He killed criminals.
I think...
It was a heroic act.
Are you listening to me, Han?
Come on out and talk to me!
Tell me what you want!
What do you think you're doing?
He's a psycho threatening to kill your kids!
This is what he wants.
He's a psycho who believes he is a hero.
He'll call me again.
One more time, baby.
Can I consider that as your recognition?
Yes. Isn't that what you want?
But, you're too late.
I've already killed them.
You're a hero.
A hero would never do such a thing
Officers, have you finished tracking the location?
Come and collect the bodies.
Han Dong-soo!
I'm turning myself in.
Han Dong-soo!
Do we have his location?
Get everybody over there now!
And, request for a backup!
My kids... they're alive, aren't they?
Ms. Ko, the sky is white and clouds are black today.
Come meet me. Hurry.
Go! Go!
All hell broke loose here.
Where the hell are you?
Get your ass over here, now!
Yes, sir!
I gotta go back to the station.
Will you be okay?
I'm okay.
Come with us, ma'am.
I'll take my car.
- Keep closely behind her. - Yes, sir.
Let's go!
Her car just started off.
You should've sent out a substitute program
I don't believe we should do that in this situation.
What situation?
Get your ass in the studio. Now!
Yes, sir.
We have exclusive breaking news?
I have the fax that Han Dong-soo sent to Ko sun-young tonight.
Son of a bitch!
In the fax, there is a playlist of songs that Han put together
All these movie soundtracks have one thing in common
that the main character kills villains and becomes a hero himself
We're heading to the place where Han says he's turning himself in
Block off the press! Don't let anyone near.
Are you on your way? Can't wait to see the kids?
Then, let's get started with part 4.
Tap tap tap, if the answer is yes.
Can you help me?
We'd like to apologize for earlier problems...
Have you lost your mind?
Get out of here! Now! Out!
I'll be expecting your resignation
Until 4 am, this time slot belongs to Ko Sun-young.
and I'm the producer in charge.
Is that the car?
I think it's a recording of Ko's program
Coming up in a few minutes in part 4,
We'll reconnect with Han Dong
Detective Cho!
Who is that?!
I did exactly as you told me.
Now, where are the kids?
Don't worry about them. They're safe in my hands.
Take the right.
What the...?!
She gave us the slip.
Were following her to the west.
Find out who she is. And, get an aerial backup.
Yes, sir!
Hello! This is Han Dong-soo.
I'm currently moving in a car with my partner, Ko Sun-young.
Ms. Park? Are you there? Can we play a song first?
Is that... Is that her car?
Where are you going?
Where are the kids?
Stop right there.
You want me to stop? The kids are in the trunk.
Just drive through.
That's more like it, partner!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Get out of the way!
This city fills up with trash like them at night.
Out of the way!
But, with your voice even things like that turn into a scene from a movie.
- Sun-young! - Keep going
No... no!
You said that I was a hero.
Did you mean that?
I did everything you wanted me to do.
People change their words all the time.
I can't feel the sincerity in your words anymore.
But, it doesn't matter.
All they care about is what you say.
We're almost there. You'll like what I've done.
You're right, Han Dong-soo.
I've been spitting pretentious words out of my mouth.
But, you...
You're just a dumb killer who can't tell a broadcast from reality.
Eun-soo! My baby.
Sun-young! It's me!
What are you doing here?
The clouds are black and the sky is white.
Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge on Seine.
And this is the oldest bridge in Seoul.
Why do you keep avoiding me?
I really want to help.
Stop following!
Ko Sun-young!
Eun-soo! Eun-soo!
Detective Eom!
What about the woman? Any leads?
She's still unconscious.
She had no identification on her.
Man, it's a hard day to forget.
Let the kids go.
You can tell me what you want.
I'll do anything you want.
Ms. Park, listen to me carefully.
The moment this show gets interrupted,
I'm scared... It's so cold here.
the kids will die.
Is that clear?
We'll continue with the show.
I'm at the place where Han Dong-soo lives.
Let's hear from him directly why he committed these crimes.
Dear Midnight F.M. Iisteners a special corner.
It's your turn, Sun-young.
Do you recognize him?
He's a trash!
A piece of trash that needs to be swept away.
You said
I'm scared to raise my daughter in this world.
That's right, everyone!
Sun-young will shoot the guys with this gun.
And become a hero herself.
Leave me alone!
What the hell?
What the fuck are they doing?
You think this your show?
Who is this?
Hey... Hey!
You wanna see them all die?
Back off, Han Dong-soo.
This is my show.
I'll host it to the end.
Are you all right?
We've got to get the show going.
Stay with us till the end.
Get your ass over to the control room.
What are you doing?
Tic toc! 4 minutes passed...
Eun-soo, hurry!
- Tell me if anyone comes this way. - Got it
Shall we get started again?
This man is a filthy low life human-trafficking scum.
that needs to be swept off.
What do you mean human-trafficker?
She is my sister!
She ran away from home!
He's lying.
What did you do with my sister?
Where is she?
We don't have much time.
Fuck you! You're delusional.
Find him! Now!
Even a criminal deserves the law.
They'll sneak out with a fine.
Who are you calling a criminal?!
Is that train sound in the background?
Train runs at this hour?
From all the listeners out there only you...!
How did you feel when Kim Tae-soo was found dead?
You were happy that I did it for you.
Then you should be thankful
Leaves us all puzzled as to where there is anyjustice.
Now, it's your turn.
Ms. Ko...
Shoot that scumbag and be my partner.
Fuck yourself! You crazy psycho!
Search around the train tracks where trains are still running.
Search around the train tracks where trains are still running.
In about 5 minutes, blood will start to freeze.
It's your call.
Listen, lady! Just calm down.
Is it going to be your kids or that piece of trash?
Go on, do it!
Like you said on the radio!
Promise me.
That you'll let my kids go if I shoot that scumbag.
I'm not a liar like you.
Hey, wait! No...! No! Don't shoot!
No! Don't shoot!
Eun-soo, I'm scared...
Please, don't shoot me!
No... please! You can't do this!
- Why...? What did I do? - Two...
Please... No! Don't kill me.
I'm not a scum.
My brother...
I'll get you out.
Han Dong-soo!
Tell the listeners!
That you'll. Let my kids go if I kill this scum.
- No... no... no... - You lied to me again!
Help us!
Go! Hurry!
Run! As fast as you can!
We haven't got much time.
Come on! Hurry!
Sun-young! Sun-young!
What the fuck?!
You ruined everything!
You ruined everything!
Get moving!
Sun-young that talked to me always said the right thing.
Drop the knife! Put your hands up where I can see'em.
It's over, Han Dong-soo.
People should never hear your voice again
Han Dong-soo
Go to hell.
Did you get that shot?
We'll get a direct interview with Ko Sun-young
You'll be reunited with the children soon.
How do you feel now?
I'm reporter Jang from GCN.
Any comment, please.
Step back, please!
Hey, can you stop for a second?
Be gentle!
I got shot.
Are you okay?
Don't worry about the reporters.
They'll forget all about it soon.
I'm sorry, sir.
We'll get moving.
You must have felt the need to escape from this suffocating daily routine
How about you go crazy today for once?
Turn it off
Are you willing to go wild?
Excuse me?
Then follow my instructions.
Turn the goddamn radio off!