How to Punt a Football : How to Put the Football on the Droptable for a Punt

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi, I'm John Millar here with Expert Village to teach you how to punt a football. What
to do with the ball after you have caught it while your going through your footwork.
You want to catch it with your fingertips, you spin the laces up and you kept your arms
outstretched the whole time you never brought it into your body. Then you want to keep it
almost called a drop table. It's the visible glass table that extends through the bottom
of the football and just keeps going on into space. It's made out of glass. What you can't
do is break it, you can't lift that ball up or down. If you are, then your adding unnecessary
motion and your making it more inconsistent it's hard to do this consistently every time,
you just want to keep it right on a plane. So I catch it I put it on that drop table
it's on the right half of my body. It's lined up with my elbow, which is kept in to keep
the ball out. My shoulder, my hip, my knee, and most importantly my foot, which is actually
going to make contact with the ball; all in a nice line on the right side of my body.
I'm going to keep it at drop table at nipple height the entire time I go through my motions.
So I'm going to receive the ball, then just put it on the drop table. Up until the point
to where I release it. When I release I actually slide it out and push the ball out and it
stays on that drop table and stays at that height the whole time until gravity pulls
it down. Gravity is actually your enemy in punting. Because it's pulling the ball down
to hit your shin and you want it to go out and hit your foot but you want it up in the
air as much as possible of course, to go as far as possible. So, put that ball at the
drop table. You want it nipple height because that's nice and high and that gives you a
lot of room to work with you want to make contact with the ball at a nice high level
so you get a good hang time. If your holding the ball down here you don't have enough time
to release it and get your foot underneath it and kick it up. That's why you need to
be up here. Anything higher gets to be a little ridiculous and the wind can play with the
ball and it's hard to drop it that far under your foot. And that is how you do the drop
table that's why you do with the ball while you are doing your footwork down below.