One stroke nail art tutorial : blue jeans & pink flowers

Uploaded by cutenails on 22.09.2012

Hi girls! Today, I will show you how to make flowers with the one stroke technic.
I’ve placed them at the end of my nails, like a French manicure.
This tutorial will help you if you’re new to the one stroke technic.
Since we don’t make an entire flower but only parts of it.
It is quite easy.
I hope that you’ll enjoy this tutorial.
First, I’ve applied this base: England – Tristam.
To do this nail art, I will use red and white acrylic paint
And a one stroke brush.
I’m using a square brush but you can also use a beveled brush
I dip one side of the brush in light pink - obtained when mixing red and white color.
Then I shade off on my palette.
And I draw the simple petal.
If your brush is too wet, like here, the paint won’t hold on the nail polish.
Try to avoid this.
Have a look at my video “One stroke for beginners”. You will learn how to do it.
Just click on the annotation
So I draw three petals on each side.
It is easy to do since we’re not doing an entire flower.
It is quite difficult to draw an entire flower with the one stroke technic.
When the paint is dry.
Apply another coat to darken the color
And if needed, like here, apply a third coat.
Now I dilute as my white paint to be able to make very thin lines.
You can find the reference of this detail brush in the description.
To highlight the drawing, I’ll draw the outlines.
Then I add two big drops on the sides.
And now I fill the drawing with a grid.
To be able to do so, I have diluted my paint much with water. That's not shown in the video.
I have diluted my paint a lot in water so that the white paint is barely visible.
And to obtain very thin lines, as you can see here.
I make a quick grid.
And then I use my doting tool to add some dots in the middle of it.
Then to make it shine, I use a top coat.
I add it inside of the flowers
And now I sprinkle it with tiny glitter flakes.
Do not use the normal glitter flakes because they are too big. It will mess up your design.
Use glitter flakes that look like powder.
You can use for example, glitter flakes used for makeup.
And finally, I use the rhinestone glue to apply the rhinestone.
So I apply a few of it and then I apply the rhinestone.
And then I apply some top coat all over the nail to protect the design.
The nail art is done. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it!
If you try this nail art, come and share it with me on my Facebook page.
See you soon.