My SimpleNutrition

Uploaded by SafewayInc on 17.10.2012

My SimpleNutrition I need More Fiber. Gluten Free products. Lower Sodium soups.
What if there was one tool that could help everyone find their individual nutrition choices?
What if it was so easy, anyone could use it in minutes? What if it was customizable for
their specific needs? Randall's introduces My SimpleNutrition, an innovative personalized
nutrition tool. My SimpleNutrition makes it easy to find better-for-you choices for every
meal. Want to find better-for-you alternatives in your store? My SimpleNutrition looks at
your recent purchases and offers Quick Substitutes. If you're shopping for specific nutrients
in your food, My Substitutes can help plan your shopping by category. The Health Interest
List is another convenient planning tool. For those living with a health condition like
high blood pressure or gluten intolerance, and for those with dietary preferences including
natural and organic. My SimpleNutrition is completely personalized because it's based
on your Remarkable Card purchases. You can browse your SimpleNutrition purchase history,
even create a shopping list that you can print or email. My SimpleNutrition: the personalized
online nutrition tool that helps you find healthier choices to fit your needs. Try it,
it's free at