[EngSub] JAEJOONG @ TONIGHT SHOW Mar,28 2011 Part1

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MC ; thanks you , thank you. Welcome back to tonight show agian
Like i promised that this part will be the story of this man surely.
Mc ; It's not you Mc2 ; ah.I thought it's me Mc; no!
Mc2 ; so why you invited me here
because you're producer of this event.You bring Kim Jaejoong whose everyone in this studio love to Thailand.
And there're a lot of fan all around that waiting for his coming in this time
Actually,how many people of them?
3 ,the name is JYJ, from the begining letter of their names
but today the one coming tonight show is Kim Jaejoong
fan, his fans are all around
and I thimk you ready to meet this charming guy, Kim Jaejoong
kim Jaejoong
at first i want to tell you that his coming this time
Lately I talked with him in dressing room
he said that when he saw his fan.He was so impress and be so excited.
it's be unexpected that a lot of you will come like this
there're anwsers to ark him
you here maybe know about him already,
but we have to talk to him for the audience to know about him too.
wanna ask him about Thaifan's welcome. Are you satisfy?
JJ ; Every time , fan love me. I satisfy,but i'm sorry that couldn't come occasionally
And there's a bad story that happened so I really apologize to my fans
*interpreter translate what Jae say*
Fan ; It's alright
Mc2 ; How do you feel about Thaifan?
JJ ; at first. I'm a bit shy.
Do yo ask about feeling about female? or ?
Mc ; Let's do this, I will ask his fan
"is Kim Jaejoong gorgeous?
fan ; gorgeous~
Mc ; wait, if you say he's handsome that much,I'll ask "where's handsome?"
Mc ; oh ,this's handsome all of his face
someone point at nose, someone tell his cheeck ,
oh ~handsome at his mind!!
JJ ; but : lately at this time,I think I don't handsome
Mc2 ; oh ,if he don't handsome,Nothing left on my face?
Mc ; don't handsome is alright.
.But when you come to Thailand, Is Thai girls pretty?
JJ ; good, I like
but at first, the kindness ,honor and love of Thaifan never change. I love this part
Mc ; he's came to Thailand many times.
Can him speaks some Thai?
Mc ; Wanna hear it? Fan ; I do~
Mc ; at first. Can him speak?
JJ ; What I can speak..
Sa-wad-dee-kab [hello]
Kob-khun-kab [Thanks you]
Mc ; this not the words that we want to hear.
JJ ; Phum Rak Khun [I love You]
Mc ; this's right
Mc2 ; He love his fan very much.And this concert is first concert of their world tour.
Are there surprise for Thaifan?
Fan ; Chang [elephant]
JJ ; I prepare song "Chang" for fanclub [Chang = Elephant]
Mc ; Is it new song?
Mc2 ; No.Chang is our Thai song "Chang".
Last time he promised to Thaifan .
Mc ; Our song "chang"? it's mean chang chang chang chang ?
Mc ; incedible, Can you sing?
Mc2 : Can do it or not.You have to go to pove it in concert.
Fan ; sing it a bit~
JJ ; So...
JJ ; If I sing,will you come to listen this song in my concert?
Mc ; Will you? Fan : I will ~
Mc ; Excellent! Excellent!
Mc2 ; Not just this surprise.There's effort for surprise too.
JJ ; Our member prepare 4 new songs that we compose it by ourselves.
Mc ; I still like chang song.
He sing this song mean he give us his heart
and we know that him like elephant very much
If you like chang that much when you come to Thailand, did you ride elephant yett?
JJ ; never ~
Mc ; Are you brave?
JJ ; Before ride elephant, I want to touch it, feed it so elephant'll take food from my hand.
Mc ; You did it yet?