Maridaje: Bodega de Angeles

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Food and Wine Pairing in Wineries Lamb Pie with Red Fruit and Malbec Chutney
Hello! We’re at De Angeles winery today.
We’re here with Carlos again.
We’ll prepare some lamb for you today.
We’ll start working with the gigot, which is the hind leg of the lamb.
We’ll try to remove some of the fat.
When you work with lamb, you need to remember to remove a gland, which we’ve already ripped off..
It’s a green gland that is usually over here, and that can confer a rather bitter, strong flavor to the meat.
What we will do is cook it on the grill, wrapped in foil.
We need some good, thick foil
We’ll make it into a kind of confit using a little olive oil.
If you happen to have Arauco oil, much better! It goes very well with lamb.
We’ll season it with plenty of salt.
Only salt, pepper and olive oil now because we’ll add more seasoning later.
We’ll now wrap it up very well, making sure it’s completely covered with foil,
so that the lamb juices are kept inside and the lamb cooks in its own juice.
It should be left to simmer for at least three to four hours on low fire.
It’ll be done when you prick the meat and can see clear juice coming out.
We’ll make a red fruit chutney now.
We’ll use some white onions.
We’ll slice the onions thinly, in the traditional way.
I’ll add a little more olive oil.
Once the onions have been sautéed, and are transparent and starting to get golden brown ? not before ?, we’re going to add the red berries.
They’ll give the onion a red tinge.
We’ll also add some sugar.
We’re going to deglaze the pan with a little wine, the same we’ll pair this meal with – De Angeles Malbec.
We’ll leave it to simmer for at least forty minutes.
We’ll now go back to our leg of lamb.
We’ve been turning it over for even cooking.
You need to constantly turn the leg over, and remember that it takes three to four hours to get done
You’ll know it’s done when you prick the meat and see the clear juice coming out.
After a three-to-four-hour cooking time, we get a cooked, yet rosy-pink meat that will hold its cooking juice.
We’ll cut these big pieces into slices so that we can arrange them nicely on the dish.
Notice that I left some fat on the meat.
And it is beautifully done.
The meat is done but keeps its rosy color,
thanks to this cooking technique.
We cut it into slices, and then into wedges.
Then I sauté the lamb in plenty of olive oil.
We’ll season it again with salt and pepper.
We’ll brown it a little,
and add some grated lemon rind.
The vegetables we’ll use today are going to be these baby zucchinis.
We’ll only cook them on the grill.
How do we prepare some good mashed potatoes?
It’s very easy.
There are certain things we must not forget to do:
First, we need to put the peeled potatoes into cold water, in large pieces so that they don’t absorb too much water.
This is very important.
Then we boil the potatoes.
Once the potatoes are cooked, we mash them and add some salt, pepper and nutmeg, that goes very well with mashed potatoes. Using milk and butter helps to avoid lumps.
Next, we need to heat it to make it smoother and be able to make the pie.
Here are our purée and a pot with olive oil, which we’ll use to heat the purée to finish making the pie.
We’re about to finish our chutney. Look at it; it’s just right.
It’s just like jam. It’s a very bright chutney.
Now the purée is hot enough. We heated it on the grill.
This square metal mold will shape our pie. This bottom layer will hold the pie.
Now we’ll add the lamb with the lemon rind. The lamb is golden brown.
We’ll push it down so that it does not fall apart when we remove the mold.
The purée is below and above the meat.
We’ll now add the chutney, which will be today’s garnish for this dish.
We’ll add the zucchinis, which were grilled with olive oil.
To finish our dish, I’ll make a pesto with dried tomatoes.
We’ll put some tomatoes marinated in Malbec into a mortar, and add some capers, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Then we’ll crush all this.
We’ll put a generous spoonful on top of the pie and then remove the mold.
Our dish is almost ready. We’ll just add some green leaves for a fresh touch, a mini salad.
The truth is that the combination of these vegetables with meat and wine achieves a very interesting mixture of flavors and highlight the fruit of the wine.
The combination of meat and vegetables with the wine offers a very interesting mix of flavors that enhances the wine’s fruit.
And I love that. Very good!