AVG Internet Security 2012 - Teste (Test, CC)

Uploaded by victorh2007 on 22.09.2011

Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review!
Today we are going to test AVG Internet Security 2012
As you all know this is a security suite that counts with an Antivirus
A Firewall
An Anti-RootKit
And the Link Scanner device
I have previously installed the software
I kept all the default settings
And as always nothing has been changed
Here you can see there is an update for the software
I will update it
AVG already counts on an excellent factory settings
And almost nothing needs to be changed
Updated is finished
Database is updated
Lets now check RAM memory usage
For a total of 11 active services
A memory usage between 55 to 60 MB of RAM memory
It is a high memory usage even for a security suite
Here I have a list of malicious links and let's start testing
Here you can see AVG's security toolbar
As you can see here
This threat was detected and blocked
This threat was also blocked
By Link Scanner, AVG's web filter
This one was detected as a threat
I will move it to quarantine
I will restart the computer at the end of this test
This one was detected and blocked by the web filter
This one was also blocked
This link is dead
This one was also blocked
Computer is now running very slow
This threat was apparently not detected by AVG
This one was detected and I will move it to quarantine
I will restart the computer at the end of this test
The computer is behaving very strangely
It seems this link is dead
I will restart the computer now
And I will return in moment with the scan results from AVG
After computer restart
I got surprised with this screen
Of a Trojan Ransom
A malware that requests a password to unlock the computer
By payment
I will reboot the computer in safe mode
To try to circumvent this screen
And I will be right back
To resume this test
I gained access the computer in safe mode
And there I have disabled this entry
And through this I could access Windows in normal mode
That entry belonged to the Trojan that was preventing me from gaining access the operational system normally
I will do a complete scan of this computer with AVG Internet Security
And I will return at the end with the results
At the end of scanning process
Three threats were detected by AVG
One file was sent to quarantine
As I sad before three threats were detected
Two infections and an advice
I will remove all items not recovered
Items were removed and this one was sent to quarantine
I will clean temporary files now with the CCleaner
I will return in a moment with the results from Malwarebytes
At the end of Malwarebytes scanning process
Four infected objects were found
But at Recycle.Bin folder, which is not characterized as a problem
And a registry key of Security.Center
I will remove these objects now
I will start scanning now with Hitman Pro
I will return at the end with the results
At the end of Hitman Pro scanning process
It was detected a Rootkit on this machine
I also have scanned the computer with Kaspersky TDSSKiller
It was detected a Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.tdl4
Well, my final words about AVG Internet Security 2012
AVG did not get a good result in this test
Because it failed in the detection of some threats
Especially this Rootkit TDL4
That is considered one of the worst threats
This security suite lacks of a HIPS module
To deal better with those threats called "zero hour threats"
Well, that is all for today. Let your comments, suggestions, opinions and visit my blog: http://seumicroseguro.com/
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Thanks for having watched this video and I will see you!