Understanding the Affordable Care Act | HealthCare.gov

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The Affordable Care Act will help give all Americans more control over their own health care
and give more people access to care and the security insurance coverage provides,
so they won't have to fear being unable to get or afford the health care they need.
The Affordable Care Act strengthens Medicare
and lets you keep your health plan if you like, while adding important new consumer benefits.
The Affordable Care Act will expand access to quality health care to millions more Americans,
particularly those that haven’t been able to qualify for or afford insurance,
and make insurers more accountable to consumers.
The Affordable Care Act will cut healthcare costs
through an emphasis on preventing costly illnesses, improving the quality of care,
and fighting waste and fraud.
Not all aspects of the law take effect at the same time.
If you have a child with a pre-existing condition,
if you've fallen into the Medicare donut hole,
if you haven't been able to afford insurance coverage for your employees,
if you've graduated from school and lost your insurance coverage,
...you may be among the millions of Americans who will benefit immediately
from the Affordable Care Act.
Other benefits will be phased in over time,
and new insurance market reforms start in 2014
when competitive insurance exchanges or marketplaces will offer a choice of affordable private
plans for individuals who don’t get coverage they can afford at work,
along with plans for small businesses.
The same choices that members of congress have.
This gradual process means that we can continue to build on what works in our health care
system, and implement the new law in a thoughtful and deliberate way,
with an eye to our nation's future.
HealthCare.gov will guide you through the opportunities available to you and your family
under the Affordable Care Act,
and help you make the most of your expanding health care choices.