Justin Bieber Boyfriend - Official Music Video Clip and Teasers - ArielleIsHamming Recap

Uploaded by DanceOn on 20.04.2012


NICK LAZZARINI: So I caught Justin Bieber's new video on
The Voice this week, and it's a huge change of pace from the
Biebs that we all know and love.
I guess "Boyfriend" is Biebs' way of letting us know that
he's not a 14 year-old boy anymore--
even though he still kind of looks like one.
Let's check in with Arielle to see if the new video made her
a bel-ieber.
ARIELLE: Oh, Biebs.
Damn boy, you only 18!
Why all these sexy girlies be touching you?
The legal age is 17 in most states?
Well then, good for you, J!
I hope Selena ain't mad, though.
I don't know!
Is this video too sexy for an 18 year-old?
What do you guys think?
Let us know in the comments below.
Not like how most 18 year-olds act these days.
I think not!
I have to admit though, I love the contrast between the darks
and the lights and the reds and the blues.
But why are you drowning?
Don't drown, Justin!
And what the hell is that girl wearing on her fingers?
I do have one big criticism.
How many teasers are we gonna get?
Three on YouTube alone, and now you don't even show us the
entire thing on The Voice?
I don't know.
The hype has just about died for me.
I don't even want to see it anymore.
OK, that's a lie.
But besides that, I really like the video.
I love ya!