Beyond The Matrix | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

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Beyond the matrix.
Right now on your computer or your handheld device you have a number of apps and icons.
Press the icon and what happens? You are immediately transported into a new world. A fresh perceptual
reality emerges.
But whatÕs happening in the interior of the device? Most of you donÕt know and for the
most part, donÕt care. All you want is the perceptual experience of the world you are
looking for, and you want it to open and function. But if you are a computer specialist, then
you know that whatÕs really happening inside the device is that a series of 0Õs and 1Õs
in various mathematical sequences are just going on and off. Borrowing language from
cognitive science, we could say that you are a conscious agent using an interface Ð the
icons and apps Ð to trigger on and off activities that evoke perceptual worlds.
LetÕs go deeper: we are Ð all of us, including all living species from insects to honey bees
to dolphins Ð we are all conscious agents using our perceptual apparatus or brain, to
interact with a deeper non-local and virtual possibility field, which manifests as our
perceptual experiences.
There are a myriad of perceptual truths that conscious agents evoke. The matrix of consciousness
is where all of these perceptual realities exist in non-local potentiality.
What you see is not what is. Perceptual truth is not existential truth. Ask yourself who
is looking?
You and I are the eyes of the universe looking at itself from a particular point of view.
This is God Ð or all of existence Ð reflecting back on itself through itself. There is no
real look of the world. There are only different pictures and different points of view.