Reflections on the 'House' season finale

Uploaded by WatchTheDaily on 02.05.2012

Reflections on the ‘House’ season finale:
>>ODETTE ANNABLE: It’s great to be able to be on a show that’s been on the air for
8 years, I mean this is the 8th season this is very rare. I truly believe that this is
one of the best TV shows of the decade.
>>OMAR EPPS: I’m going to miss it, nothing lasts forever and to look back on what all
of us, cast, crew, producers, writers, everyone has accomplished together, is to me it’s
more of a graduation you know its more of a, we’re leaving on a high-note.
>>PETER JACOBSON: I will miss coming to work with a group of people that I truly, truly
enjoy being with and it’s a strangely wonderful group of people. It’s very rare as an actor
to have that every day, for such a long period of time.
>>HOUSE: If I can’t express who the character is after 177 hours of television then no 10
words from me off the top of my head is going to do the trick. So I’m not going to rise
to that one. You can have a go if you want. Well why would you do that what’s in it
for you, nothing, just leave it alone. Let’s just side step that one.
>>ROBERT SEAN LEONARD: I’d rather talk about my career…
>>HOUSE: I don’t really think about legacies. I’d be happy just not to forget my car keys
when I go. I just hope that we did what we did, we told good stories and we told them
well and that gave people pleasure. That’s not much of a legacy though is it really?
>> ROBERT SEAN LEONARD: No, but it’s okay. It’s like when you just hope when someone
has a cold and they’re home from work and they make themselves some soup, and they go
“oh, HOUSE is on”. Certainly to me that’s the best of television. How uninspiring is
that? Hopefully the other people said something better.