Scrapbooking Tutorial #12: My Fancy Craft Scissors

Uploaded by Pages4theAges on 30.11.2010

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Hi, everyone!
I'm back from a relaxing Thanksgiving break
and I'm super excited to bring you this
brand new scrapbooking tutorial.
In today's video, we're talking all about
*this* scrapbooking tool,
craft scissors.
Craft scissors can be really helpful
for adding dimension to your page.
Plus, they just look really cool!
So, in a minute here I'm going to
roll the introduction film and
in that quick clip you're going to see
several different pairs of craft scissors.
So, my challege to you is,
how many different pairs are there?
Are you ready to start counting?
Okay. Go!
(Intro music)
Scrapbooking is the best way
to capture memories and
make them last a lifetime
But how do you get started without spending a fortune?
Pages for the Ages is here to help you out!
Yep. I love craft scissors.
That's why in my introduction video there were...
(drum roll)
...twelve different pairs!
There were actually 11, but you probably couldn't tell
that the one was just these boring plain ones.
so, if you guessed around there,
you were right!
Craft scissors are a great idea.
If you're new to scrapbooking, you might want to buy a pair or two.
They can really help you make decorative edges
for borders, photo mats, tags,
and even the photos themselves.
Over the years, I've collected eight different pairs of craft scissors
and they have really served me well.
Now, in a minute, I'm going to show you a layout
that I created using all eight of the pairs,
but first, here are two quick questions
that you might have about craft scissors.
What if I get tired of using
the same design over and over?
Well, this certainly may happen
if you have the same pair of scissors for several years.
If you happen to know somebody else
who is invovled in scrapbooking consider a Scissors Swap.
This could be a great party game.
It's also just a great way to save money
and to have access to a variety of different and new scrapbooking tools.
Otherwise, you might want to
check out your local craft store.
They have sometimes scrapbooking rooms
where you can pay a small fee
to use their scrapbooking supplies for a limited amount of time.
Um, what if I can't cut a straight line?
some people can be really perfectionistic when it comes to scrapbooking.
I don't think that's a good mindset to have.
You should embrace that what you're making
is handmade and it's unique,
but if you really are concerned about it,
get a pencil and a ruler.
They'll be your best friends.
Otherwise, you could always take another tactic
which is to intentionally cut the paper
NOT in a straight line.
Just make your audience think that's what you intended.
For the last bit of the show,
I'm going to show you this fun, crazy scrapbooking layout
I made using all eight pairs of my scissors.
It was kind of a fun challenge
that I put myself up to.
You might consider doing the same.
Take a look at how I did.
Today I'm making a layout about the board game Twister.
I picked out four primary colors
which you see on the Twister board.
I'm going to fit these three pictures on my layout
and I'm going to use ALL eight of my scissors.
Annnnd....she's off!
As you can see, I'm using some
craft scissors here to cut out
some basic border strips which I'm going to use to
add color and dimension to my page.
I did not have a preconceived idea
of what I was going to do for this layout.
I just did whatever came to me,
using a lot of basic geometric shapes.
In a little under 3 minutes,
I had successfully used 3 of my 8 scissors!
Next, I focused my efforts on one of the cropped photographs.
I wanted to create a picture frame for that photo.
I did so by marking down the photo's dimensions
and then using two different
types of craft scissors
to cut out the outside as well as the inside of that picture frame.
Once my picture frame was complete,
it was time to add some detail work with my acid free marker.
Next, it was time to use my photograph and to position it
inside the picture frame.
I chose to do this in a way that it was "popping out"
instead of being fully underneath the picture frame.
One photo down and two to go.
For this next 4x6 photo,
I'm going to create a photo mat.
Using this green sheet of paper,
I quickly take my pen and mark down the edges
of where the photograph sits
and now it's time to choose my weapon.
Only three types of scissors remain!
My 7th pair of scissors
does a nice job of cutting up this photograph
which I then place down on the green mat.
Finally, it's time to use my last pair of scissors
on this orange piece of paper.
Mission accomplished.
After a little journaling,
it looks like this page is done.
Well, that was my attempt to get creative this week.
I hope it inspires you.
Thanks for joining us.
Happy scrapbooking and we'll see you next Tuesday!