The Hammer - Trailer

Uploaded by FilmIsNowEU on 25.10.2011

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The Ides of March has maybe been the most well talked movie released this year,
but apparently that's not even the best scoop
that George Clooney is going to pull off this 2011.
The Descendants, the new film by director Alexander Payne (Sideways and About Schmidt),
adapted from the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings,
has received brilliant reviews after Toronto Film Festival last month.
It seems as Matt Damon wants to direct star of The Office John Krasinki
in his first attempt behind the camera,
but he's having some problems finding the perfect project for the actor.
Last June rumour was that Damon wanted to interpret Matthew Aldrich's script,
Father Daughter Time: A Tale Of Armed Robbery or Eskimo Kisses.
But now Variety and THR
confirmed that the two actors are working together at another project,
which still hasn't got a name.
The only thing we know it's a that the movie is a drama.
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