The Head of Police Department - Damanhour - Egypt - Feb 24th, 2011 (with closed captioning)

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Of course we are not affected by any of this. But we are present, real men!
Defending our locations, and no bastard can approach you!
We are all one hand, and we don't listen to anyone.
Rumors are made about ministers' assistants, it's all lies!
All this rumors are intended to....
You will say the minister assisstant, I am a security executive
#$%$#)*TH$#.... Should I leave or what?!
All these are planned rumors with the intention
to take control of the country and the power
But thank god that didn't happen
Of course we are heroes, I know, yes.
We are real men, we don't listen to what's said
We will accomplish our tasks
And we will punish whoever contradicts the law
We will bring every outlawer, take a legal action with him and imprison him
Whoever approaches his "master", must be beaten by shoes
His hand must be cut
We are the masters, we are the police, we are the security
We are the ones that were protecting them
the people were cried and wishing for us to come back
Of course they saw miserable days and they knew the value of the police
We have a value, we have a weight, we have a position
And no one can even walk on the street with you and you (pointing at his officers). So that you know
We are treating normal people and civilians nicely
But any outlawer has a special treatment
We'll stand one hand, and do our job and we won't listen to what's being said
because it doesn't have any value to us and we don't take it in consideration
Good Luck!
Listen, guys! I'll tell you what Mr "the executie" did today
so that you learn, because we all learn from him
He was at the bank in damanhur, and saw someone needing money and unable to withdraw it
The executive gave him the money himself, Why??
So that when this man sees a protest, he'd throw stones back at them
the next stage is to be in accordance with the good ones no arrogance.
All what happened hurts the lower class
We want them to be with us instead of being with them, right?
Everything now is stable, we will do our job and good luck!
-Do you want anything? -No. -Salam Alaykum