Garam Masala (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 5

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You just said he had breakfast. - Who told you?
Yes, I told you. But this Shyam is not that one
who ate the mutton cutlet? - That one's different
The Shyam who's coming is my friend. - Then who is this Shyam?
Don't you know? You brought the email! - Who is that Shyam then?
I have five friends named Shyam. Do you know all of them?
I have five Shyams as friends, and he knows just one.
He's crazy. He's very weird.
Snake in the grass! You know when to grab a bite
I didn't get this email, you dig? I don't want to talk to that ingrate
He wants you to receive him at the airport
My dog will receive him! - When did you get a dog?
Is that a joke? - Look, he is your boss. You must go
can't you tell a lie for your brother?
For a brother, yes. Of course, with an open heart
Enough. I can't stand more happiness
My flight timings are going to change.
We'll be flying only during daytime
what time is the arrival? - I'll get to know today
I'm dead. Got to rework the adjustments
what adjustments? - No... my work schedule
I'll have to adjust my schedule according to your flight timings
You take a bath
Yes? Tell me. - Where's Mac?
I don't know. He's not coming to the office either
I've been looking for him. He doesn't even call me
I left three messages at his office...
...but he didn't call me. Please tell me
I got to attend an urgent meeting. Bye
where are you going? One second
Listen to me...
You must tell me. Where's Mac? - How can I tell you? I don't know
You are lying. I know you can tell me
Say, how much is it worth?
So you'd care to grease the palm?
The work I do here... don't tell me what people call this profession
But if I have to continue this, you will have to double my salary
can we sit and discuss it? - Mac!
What happened?
Anjali is coming. - What...? Who the hell told...?
Who the hell told her about this place?
- I don't know. I saw her coming here
You were supposed to take me out for a movie and dinner, what happened?
And now you have moved in here! You didn't even care to call me
If you don't like me, tell me Makrand!
- Don't call me Makrand. Call me Mac
And stop screaming. I command some respect here
This house is not mine. Belongs to my friend
My office snatched away my house. After I find a new house...
I'll take you anywhere you want. Restaurants, movies, anywhere
what happened? - Babban
Babban, see the lady off
But... - Go on Hurry up
Hello? Mac here. - Pooja here
why are you puffing? - I was running
Running? What for? - I mean, on the treadmill
There's a problem here. My flight is delayed. I'm coming over
don't come here! - Why are you yelling?
I thought we'd spend some time together, but you...!
Try to understand. Why bother? I'll come to the airport
No need. I've hired a cab already. - To hell with the cab!
I'm coming to the airport, pooja...
Hello, Mac, hello! - Bye.
Who was it?
A... relative
Relative? Who?
Close relative
close relative, who? - He's like half-father to me
what...? - He is my uncle
But you yelled pooja! - I did
who was she? - It was a male
How can a man's name be pooja? - Why not?
He's my uncle pooja. Get that? His name is poojari
kids used to tease him, so he changed his name to pooja
That's uncle pooja! - The biggest lie ever
why do you call him? He's always busy in the kitchen
don't you trust me? - No!
I swear by my father
Is he your father? - Yes
You never told me. - You never had interest in my family
This is when he was young... with my mother
That's the naughty me. - How sweet!
He even creates parents
Uncle pooja is coming, I'm going to the airport
I got to talk business with him. He'll be leaving by the next flight
I'll be back. Get dressed or you will catch a cold
I'll be back
Listen carefully. The Mumbai flight is delayed
If it lands here by chance, don't let it meet the Bangkok flight
I don't want them both to collide
Because if they crash, I'll die. Help me please
Mumbai flight hasn't taken off, Bangkok flight is at home
If the Mumbai flight lands, the Bangkok flight will...
Where's she?
Damn! I'm dead
Mac? You are here? - Where were you going?
I was going to the taxi stand. I'm famished, let's go home
Mambo has taken the day off. Let's go to the airport canteen...
we'll have chicken breasts. Come on
Is it early? All right, I'll get to the airport
Mambo, don't cook for me. I'm leaving
May I say something? - Tell me
I think I must've done some good deeds in my previous birth
That's why I get opportunities to spend quality time with you
Honey, you really flatter me. - That's the problem
If only I could rent my heart! But you'll still think I'm lying
Hi Mac!
I've been looking for you. I thought you came to receive me
Give me a hug
Go and sit there, we are busy. - Hi
Hi. I'm pooja. - We are best friends
we can even give up our lives for each other
Not that best friends, okay! Go and sit there
How can you say that? - Join us
we used to work together. I got the International photography award
Then I went to America... - She is my fiancée
Fiancée? - Yes
If you don't mind, we want to discuss something private
Find another table, please. - Carry on
You and I have no secrets between us. She won't mind it
She knows the friendship we share. - Such a pile on, you know
I have to report to my office. - Okay
Because, I told them I'm going home. - Okay, darling. Bye
where did you find that bombshell? - Got to be handsome for that. You...
what happened?
What happened, Mac?
What are you doing down there?
I had lost my ring
How come you arrived early? - I told you about change in timings
They called me suddenly. Departure is rescheduled three hours earlier
Hi! I am Shyam from America. - Hi! I am Sweaty.
This is my... - Fiancée?
Yes. - How do you know?
We've been friends since childhood. We know each other's choices
why don't you sit? - Move it
Here... here, darling. - Okay
Is he the Shyam for whom you made the breakfast...?
Yes... the breakfast... it's him
when are you coming back? - Don't know
New schedule, new timings. I'll know only after I return
I'm getting late, I got to go
Bye, Mac. - Bye, take care.
You are indeed lucky. I have seen fate look up
But this is incredible! You are very lucky
Trust me... - Mac, I got to leave
It's time for my flight. Love you, honey
Ok. Bye. Bye. _ Take care. - Take care.
Where do you think you are going? - Incredible setup
I can add spice to this setup
There's my stuff. Let's take that to your house
Then we'll fix half a dozen girls. We're brothers, after all
Get lost. Don't touch me. - Well?
One cold coffee
Swine! You cheated for that award. And then you forgot me
Then you got promoted and flew off to America, all alone
You went blind, didn't you? I decided then, to end our friendship
You go your way, I go mine
Excuse me! My bill. Coffee, separate
Listen... listen...
damn you!