What is an Inclusive Employer?

Uploaded by InclusiveEmployers on 11.05.2011

An Inclusive Employer is an organisation that really focuses on the
whole person,
so not putting someone into a silo or a stereotypical box
And what’s really crucial for Nomura, is that being a global organisation, different cultural nuances are absolutely crucial for us
and if we don’t understand those, we can’t be an Inclusive Employer
I think it’s about valuing people for their knowledge, perspectives,
experiences, and styles
and harnessing the potential differences there are between everybody
I think an Inclusive Employer is a business who is prepared to
to be open-minded about the diversity around them
Being an Inclusive Employer is about understanding that the members
of your team are individuals. They're not people you can put in boxes
It isn’t about having a diverse team that has one woman, one black person, a disabled person
It’s about understanding the variety and diversity of experience that individuals have on your team
and really harnessing that to make sure that your team is effective and efficient
and delivers what your business needs them to deliver
For me, an employer should be looking to have an inclusive workplace for one reason, and one reason only
It makes sound business sense
We all want to maximise productivity. But also for GSK, one of the key areas is about breakthrough innovation
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got
By being an Inclusive Employer, you think differently about what you do
and that takes you to a different mindset of thinking about problems and issues from a business perspective
We’ve been doing all sorts of work around equality and diversity and inclusion in the UK for many years now
Lots of great ideas have happened in the private sector and some in the public sector
the most important thing is to listen and learn both from your staff,
from your customers, and from other people who are engaged in this piece of work
Organisations like Inclusive Employers can help spread the good news of being an inclusive employer across the UK business sector
It's about being open-minded, it's about being aware of what talent is available
it’s about being engaging with your day-to-day dealings with other businesses and customers
and I think it’s about being aware that there’s actually a lot more to be gained from being inclusive and having considered these issues
I think inclusion delivers performance and innovation
It delivers an environment where people can authentically be themselves, come to work
and deliver in a way that suits them, but also achieves the business goals
The reason why Inclusive Employers is so important to us, is that we really want to develop
a culture that is engaging, enticing, and exciting for all the people we bring into the company
We’ve brought people into the firm because of their different skills, their values, and creativity
and the impact they’re going to have on the business. The last thing we want to do is to try and change them