How to reuse rugs to get the Vintage look-by Luv-A-Rug

Uploaded by RugloverMary on 17.01.2012

Hello it's RugloverMAry and today I am going to highlight a
Chinese hooked rug
this rug here actually has
looks to it. this is the original. this is the top of the
chinese hooked rug. it was
bright colors
and then over time
it faded so what the owner did
was they took
edge strip that used to be on the side
flipped it over and sewed it on
what was the top side
and made the back
the top
because it was brighter
when they did that and then over the years it
and now this
is what the rug looks like now
top size, the original top side of the rug
it's a golden
color that used to be green
and this rug was bought at an auction house here in victoria bc
for under fifty dollars and its a ten by fourteen
so it's quite a large rug
for not a lot of money
it does have a little bit of
damage it is missing some fibers along one edge and one corner
but that can easily be
covered up by furniture
now you may be wondering why buy a rug that
has been
it's old
it's got damage
why wouldn't you just throw this rug out?
well the new trend for decorating now
vintage chic
where you take
older items or old looking items
and you can make a comfort room
and that's where you use overstuffed
faded old
things that you're a member from your childhood
and you put them all in one room
and that is where you can go to relax
to meditate
that is why
old rugs
can have a new life expecially rug from auction houses 'cause you can get them
for a low, low price
and you can refurbish them
so not all rugs have to be new
to be great
and old rugs can always have a new life
no matter if they're faded
have a little bit of damage
you can always be used for something else
this has been RugloverMary for
Luv-A-Rug in Victoria bc
thank you