Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (5/5) Movie CLIP - Charlie's Choice (2005) HD

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Right over there.
That little house.
What time do you think they'll be back?
Hard to know, dear.
[crashing, mrs. Bucket screams]
[debris clattering]
I think there's someone at the door.
Hi, mom!
[bell dings]
Mom. Dad. We're back.
Mr. & mrs. Bucket: Charlie.
This is willy wonka.
He gave us a ride home.
I see that.
You must be the boy's--
Yeah. That.
He says charlie's won something.
Not just some something.
The most "something" something of any something
That's ever been.
I'm gonna give this little boy my entire factory.
You must be joking.
No, really. It's true. 'cause you see,
A few months ago, I was having my semiannual haircut,
And I had the strangest revelation.
In that one silver hair,
I saw reflected my life's work.