Philadelphia Eagle LeSean McCoy visits Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital

Uploaded by PennStateHershey on 10.04.2012

>> I am.
>> LeSean McCoy: Relaxed?
>> Yeah.
>> Let me get your picture real quick, and I can print it. Ready. Thank you very much
>> LeSean McCoy: So what's going on? What teams do you like?
>> I like a little bit of every single team.
>> LeSean McCoy: Oh, all right. Okay. Are we one of them, or no?
>> Yeah, sure.
>> LeSean McCoy: See, I like Bryce already, man.
>> Bryce is special.
>> LeSean McCoy: Who do you like on the team?
>> Everybody.
>> LeSean McCoy: Everybody? How old are you?
>> Seven.
>> LeSean McCoy: Seven? You're big for seven. You're older than seven, come on?
>> No, I'm not.
>> LeSean McCoy: You're about ten.
>> No, no, no. I'm turning eight on June 10th.
>> LeSean McCoy: He's messing with me. He's about ten or eleven.
>> No, I ain't.
>> LeSean McCoy: How old is he?
>> He's only nine months.
>> LeSean McCoy: Oh, okay.
>> LeSean McCoy: Do you watch football?
>> A little.
>> LeSean McCoy: Who do you like? Who's your team?
>> LeSean McCoy: Who do you like?
>> Who were you asking about
>> Michael Vick.
>> LeSean McCoy: Michael Vick? [Laughter]
>> LeSean McCoy: How are you doing?
>> Good.
>> LeSean McCoy: That's a cool shirt. Is that Spiderman?
>> Yeah, Spiderman and Captain America on the bottom.
>> LeSean McCoy: Oh, you know what? Spiderman is my favorite. What do you like about the
>> That was my mom...
>> LeSean McCoy: Oh...
>> And my dad is a Giant fan and I like Green Bay.
>> LeSean McCoy: Oh, I like Green Bay. I like Aaron Rodgers. Thumbs up? Okay.
>> Oh, thumbs up. I love it. Perfect. Thank you so much.
>> Thank you.
>> That looks awesome, and you are good to go.