What is Hunger? - Healthy Living Lesson

Uploaded by BiblicalHealthTV on 03.06.2012

I have taught a class similar to this for about ten years. This is the list I have compiled
over the years, you will hear some of the things that you included: headache, fatigue,
weakness, moodiness, crankiness, pain in stomach, low blood sugar, dizziness, irritability,
nausea, listless, tired, empty stomach, bored, time of day, habit, cravings, foggy brain,
sick, low energy, acid stomach…need something to soothe stomach, and dissatisfied. I have
to tell you: not one single one of those things is hunger!
Those of you who have been following those feelings for thirty, forty, or twenty-five
years or however old you are, you’re following something that is not hunger. Now, if you
came to me (we have a chiropractic practice) and you said, “Doc, I have this problem.
I feel sick, I feel nauseous, I feel tired all the time, I’m dizzy and I get headaches.”
What would I consider those things? Symptoms! Yet if you’re home and you think it’s
time to eat, you consider those things signs of hunger. They are not signs of hunger. They
are signs of sickness.
As a matter of fact, if you want to take note, the least expensive diagnostic test you can
do, you can do it on yourself, it is very safe. All you have to do is to go without
eating for some length of time. For some of you that will be six hours, for some it will
be a day or so depending on. If you get any of these symptoms before you actually get
hungry, there is something wrong with your body. That means if you get a headache or
the shakes or you’re moody, or you get pain in your stomach, or tired before you get hungry
there is something wrong inside.
So what is the next logical question then? What is hunger? If it’s not one of these
things, it has to be something else. What part of your body controls hunger? Brain,
I heard stomach, anything else? How many people think it’s the stomach? You’re afraid
to raise your hand [laughing]. How many think it’s the brain? Say yes. Yes, your brain
controls your hunger; but how does it do that? Anyone? It sends signals.
Now, your brain has to sense everything that is inside your body. And the blood passes
through the brain and the brain calculates what is inside of it. If the levels drop just
like your gas gauge in your car, a signal is sent out. And, a signal gets sent out to
where? The stomach? The head? Does it make you shaky? No, these things are not hunger.
So, the brain is actually sending the signal somewhere else. Where do you feel thirst?
In the mouth. So, now I ask you, where do you feel hunger? In the mouth! But, most Americans
have never experienced hunger. Why have Americans never experienced hunger? Because we always
eating. The land of plenty.
Dr. Andrea: So many opportunities.
Dr. Jeff: So many opportunities. As a matter of fact, we actually suffer the diseases of
kings and queens. The peasants of old ate very simple foods. They didn’t have a lot
of extravagant foods. Consequently, they didn’t die of the same diseases that the rich died
from. In the United States of America the poor people eat like the rich of hundreds
of years ago and consequently, we die of the diseases of kings and queens. We will go into
this further in a later lecture.
So your brain has to sense the levels of chemicals or nutrients inside your blood and it sends
a signal out. The signal is felt right in the base of the throat, just like thirst is.
The difference is when you’re thirsty what is the driving force? You have this feeling;
you’re thirsty and then what happens. You want to satisfy it. How can you satisfy thirst?
Drinking water. Can you satisfy thirst drinking anything else? No. As a matter of fact if
this was a lecture on water and all you had to do was learn how to feel thirst, and drink
water, we’d be done.
But, why do we have to spend the next hour or so describing how to understand hunger
and what your body is telling you? Why do we have to do that? Because we’ve never
been hungry. Does a lion have to figure out: gee, I’m hungry, what am I in the mood for?
Maybe I’ll kick around a few pebbles today, eat some dirt, maybe later on I’ll have
a rabbit or two. What does a lion do? It goes by instinct. Do you think humans are born
with the instinct to eat? Let’s say we were to take…how many of you have children, young
children, five years or younger? If you were to give a young child in a playpen a bunch
of grapes and a rabbit, tell me what the baby would do with the rabbit and what they would
do with the grapes. By instinct, they would eat the rabbit, right…and play with the
grapes? [laughing] No! Of course not. They would eat the grapes, well they might play
with the grapes also.
So, the instinct is inside. Why do we have to teach about hunger; why do we have to spend
an hour learning about hunger if it is instinctual? Perfect. We have developed bad habits.