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And in case the lady from the CPS asks where you've been ...
I've been to the pediatrician with her. I know.
Yes, and on your way the car broke down.
Ms. Schwarz was about to call the police!
Seems to happen quite often that foster parents don't want to part with the kids.
So, that was it?!
Hey! We both knew that it wouldn't be forever.
Lilly will be with her father and her family.
But it's not easy.
There is my little one!
Thank you so much for waiting.
Then everything seems to have been resolved now. - Yeah.
Goodbye! - Goodbye, Ms. Schwarz! And thanks again for your patience!
Goodbye! - Thank you!
You really gave me a scare!
I'm sorry. I ... I just needed a moment with her.
We have to go now. Otherwise we will miss our flight.
I wish you all the best!
Thank you.
Please get in touch when you've arrived. Send us a picture every now and then, will you?
Thank you very much for everything! I won't forget what you two did.
Please tell Christian, too.
Take this.
Come on. Thank you! Yes.
Lilly's giraffe was lying in the hall.
She must've forgotten it.
I brought pizza!
No idea if I can get anything down, but ... Come on in!
It all seems so empty without Lilly.
We'll have to get used to it.
And Christian?
Since Lilly left, he has barricaded himself.
Even though I would need him right now.
I'm so sorry about everything.
Thanks for being here.
Do you maybe want a slice after all?
I even got one with ham!
Okay. Persuaded!
Christian's totally crushed.
He couldn't even watch when Fritz ...
Hello! - Hello!
I brought pizza. Do you want a slice?
No, thank you very much. I'm not hungry.
At least come and sit down with us. There's no use in brooding all the time.
Do we have salami?
I know what my men want!
Is it possible that we are totally different?
That's very well possible.
Hey! - Hey, you two! - Hey!
Is everything okay?
I just checked the internet. In Cameroon it's 89°F and sunny.
Great! Then Lilly can wear T-shirts and shorts.
I'd love to have shown her the spring, but here it's been winter all the time.
And? When will you show up at our place?
I thought that ...
What have you thought? That you'd get out of sharing a flat with Andi?
Don't worry! We really raised him well.
You two still want to move?
Sure! We won't get another chance like that anytime soon.
We'll surely get another foster child soon, and then we will ...
I ... I'm going back upstairs.
Do you want me to come with you?
You guys, enjoy your evening!
The police followed you? Did they even shoot at you, or what?
Of course not! It wasn't as dramatic as it sounds.
I mean, one time the police woman actually aimed her weapon at us. It felt like I was in a crime film.
And you say it wasn't all that dramatic? Charlie, why didn't you tell me?
What would you have done?
I would have stopped you! What do you think? - You see?!
Olli, don't you get it? Nico would have done anything to save Philipp!
How is she doing now? - Under the circumstances, she's doing alright.
How will she cope? - I don't know.
Tell me, how are you two doing? How was your first night without your Lilly?
I'm so sorry! With all this excitement ... I would've loved to say goodbye to the little one.
It all happened way too fast.
Yesterday we wanted to start our new life with her.
Our daughter. Our new apartment. Everything was perfect.
Today ...
But why didn't anybody tell you about it? That's the real scandal here!
Lilly probably deleted the message.
Besides ... It wouldn't have made a difference.
And how is Christian dealing with it?
He misses her terribly.
Well, we'll make a new start now!
In our new apartment. And we'll surely get a new foster child soon.
Yeah. Who knows? Maybe this time even an adoption will work out!
Oh, Olli! That would be so great!
Good morning! - Hello, Charlie!
What is that?
These are the baby things.
We won't need them anymore anyway. And I'm starting to feel far too confined here.
Of course we'll need them! And besides, we'll have much more room in the new apartment.
Olli, I will turn the realtor down.
You want to give all the clothes away? And her plush toys? And all her other toys? Why?
Olli! Lilly is gone! What should we keep the stuff for, huh?
And all of a sudden you also don't want the new apartment anymore? Or what?
For us alone it's way too big!
Christian, we always knew that Lilly would go back to living with Fritz someday. We made a conscious decision!
There's no reason why there can't be three of us again.
Yes! Many foster children are looking for a home.
Lilly only left a couple of hours ago!
I want to stay at the flatshare! Dana can move into Constantin's room.
And we'll be with our friends, like we used to!
Without a family!
I have to go to the stud farm now.
Say hello to Arno. - Yes, I will.
Olli! You two have to talk!
Christian has pictured your future completely different than you have!
For now.
It will surely be completely different in a few days.