Photo Crafts : Photo Flower Pot: Bows for Flowers

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.07.2008

Alright, now you are going to want to select a color of contrasting ribbon. So, I have
got another ribbon, here. A little thinner, it's pink with a blue stripe, so it's going
to match this ribbon below, and you?re going to tie it in a bow, much like you tie your
shoes. So, we're just going to take our piece of ribbon and just start tying into little
bows. Wrap it around and pull it through. And, then we have a bow here and I just like
to cut off the ends. And,
then we have a little bow. You can do a lot of things with these; you can put them around
the edge of your pot again if you want to do them sporadically. What I like to do is
place them right here below the picture; it just kind of adds something. You can continue
on down the stem, they look really great, really do anything you want with them. But,
I'm going to take mine and put it at the base of my flower. So, I'm going to turn my bow
over and right at the knot I'm just going to place a small dab of glue and I'm just
going to put it on my stem at the bottom of my flower and I'm just going to pinch it with
my fingers there. And, you want to slowly pull away, make sure it's not going to slide
down on you. And that is going to continue to dress up your flower. I'm actually going
to take the second one and I'm just going to place it at the base, here, since I already
have it. Again, on the knot on the back my flower and a small dab of glue and I'm just
going to hold that and pinch that onto my stem. And, these are really great craft for,
like I said, the spring, a Baby Shower, there's a million reasons you could make them and
put them on your desk. And, that is what I like to do with the bows.