Express Boy ep 3 (4/4) Eng Sub

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Are you like what people outside say?
You've become dumb after jail.
Why have you changed in these 2 years?
Where did my zealous son go?!
If you were still in the gang,
who'd dare to set your company on fire?
Dad! I know no matter what I say, you won't agree with me.
But, I really have my own path to take.
What "your own path"?
The Express Boy Gang is your path!
The conclusion is...
You must come back before the shareholders' meeting.
Dad, then I'll head back first.
Take good care of your health.
Do something about your hair if you're free.
How do you lead others when you look like a brat yourself?
The loan? Yeah...
Sorry, I forgot about it.
Sure, don't worry. I'll settle it today.
Okay, got it. That's it for now.
What hero was I trying to be...
All would be fine if I had taken the money just now.
Eating cup noodles everyday...
I'm gonna turn into a mummy* soon! (*Egyptian mummy)
My dear Missy, you're still picky?
We don't have money left.
What else can we eat other than cup noodles?
We can't possibly keep on hiding like this.
That's right. It's infuriating...
I really want to bathe...
Mai Mai, let's not care any more!
Let's sneak back and see how it is?
Sure, sure... I want to bathe badly too!
It's been so long. Shouldn't they be gone by now?
Long Yan, come with us.
Right... come with us.
No more "buts." Long-winded... Let's go.
Wait for me!
Mai Mai.
Mai Mai.
Mai Mai!
Mai Mai went to buy something.
- Long Yan? - Yeah.
Help me get a towel.
Get a towel?
Hurry up! It's freezing!
Oh... okay, okay...
Have you found it?
Where do you put your towels?
In the drawer at the very bottom.
I'm warning you... You better close your eyes.
If you peep, you'll have to marry me.
Don't worry. I'm not that despicable.
What happened?
What's wrong?
I think someone followed me just now. What should we do?
I deliberately made a detour to get home.
It's been so many days and they're still watching out for us?
Long Yan, let's go!
Hey, but I haven't bathed!
Hurry up and go!
Hu Tie Nan! Over here...
Eat while the food's hot.
One more bowl of pig's liver soup. Big one.
No problem. Coming right up.
I'm a vegetarian, Miss.
I don't care if you're vegetarian or eat grass.
When the soup comes later, finish everything.
Your body just recovered. It won't do if you don't nourish it.
No wonder you can't get a boyfriend.
Me? What about you then?
You like to eat here too? I couldn't tell.
What? Is there a need to choose an auspicious time to eat here?
It's just... I remembered the time when that damned cop gave me a treat here.
Said it was a welcoming reception for me.
Holy cow! This is called a good feast for my reception?
You think cops are filthy rich?
Treating you to a meal is good enough.
Here, eat a bowl of pig's feet vermicelli to get rid of the bad luck.
Here's a toast to you! I, Hu Tie Nan,
was arrested personally by you and then you fetched me from prison.
A good cop like you is considered to have done things completely.
Why are you so nice today to give me a treat?
Must there be a reason for treating someone to a meal?
Of course there are terms to exchange.
Didn't you help me repair the signboard the last time?
It's broken again. Help me repair it again when you're free.
That signboard of yours won't do any more.
I'll help you change it to a new one later.
Why a new one? It can still be used.
You're really sentimental. That one won't do any more.
I already said it wouldn't do when I repaired it last time.
Yet you insisted on repairing it.
I don't care! I just want it repaired.
I had this record originally.
But I don't know if I lost it when I moved.
I've been searching for it and even went online to see if anyone was selling it.
But I just couldn't find it. It's maddening!
It can't be! You had this record?
Yup. I've always had the habit of collecting phonograph records.
Me too!
By the way, how's your company now?
What do you mean "how?"
Didn't you tell me that the landlord keeps on forcing you to pay?
Oh... That thing...
It's not a problem. The food here is very nice. 464 00:08:-1,640 --> 00:08:00,840 Stop trying to change the subject!
How's it exactly?
It's really not a problem.
Do you want anything else? I'll help you get it.
Here. Pig liver's soup.
I'm really sorry. Did I scald you?
I'm sorry. It was my fault...
I'll clear the mess...
Rong Rong. Thanks for treating me to dinner tonight.
Bitchy. What's there to thank?
I'll go in first.
- Alright. Bye. - Bye bye.
Ah Nan, hold on.
I was going to give you this just now.
Who told you to knock someone's soup over? It was so embarrassing.
It's life... Accidents are inevitable.
This is for you.
For what?
It's not a big sum. Just accept it.
No way. Earning money is tough for you too.
I'll think of a solution myself.
Biao Ge gave you this. He's afraid you won't accept it.
Since it's that damned cop's money, I don't want it even more.
I don't care.
I'm only doing what others asked me to do.
If you want to return it, return it yourself.
I really don't understand you two.
Both of you obviously care about each other.
Who cares about him?
You're still denying?
I think that both of you can just hold each other's hand and come clean. (openly admit that they are gay)
Such a troublesome duo... The both of you.
How would that do?
I think all the ladies in the country would have to commit suicide by jumping off buildings.
Alright. That's it then.
Think of a solution about the money yourself.
From tomorrow on, I'll help more patients enhance their busts and lips
to help you raise the money. Bye bye.
Alright, bye.
Ah Nan, what do you want to buy?
Brother, I'm counting on you.
- Impossible... - Impossible?
We're brothers after all. There's no need be like this.
But the last record is with a gang triad's boss.
Who? Tell me. I'm willing to buy it.
It's Ji Ge.
It can't be the infamous Hakka gang's Ji Ge?
No matter what, you must help me this time.
Ah Nan, I can't guarantee.
Brother, you can. I believe in you.
As brothers, I'll definitely get it for you!
Get it.
He actually changed the lock!
This obviously means he doesn't want me to come home!
If I'm your Dad, I'd change the locks too.
Every time you return, it's either stealing money or stealing things to sell.
Hey, why did you drag me here?
Help my god-brother. Be a bouncer here.
I'm not going. I'm leaving now.
Where are you going?
That's right. Where are you gonna go if you don't stay with us?
We already said we're not scared of you burdening us. Let's go.
- God-brother! - Alright.
You've finally appeared. Where have you been hiding?
Your husband?
What... He's my buddy.
Let me introduce to you. He's called Long Yan.
Long Yan?
Take good care of my sister.
Take whatever drinks you want.
My god-brother's treating them.
Enough. Stop pulling. 540 00:12:58,440 --> 00:13:-1,640 You want to borrow money?
Then... Do you have it?
My Missy, it seems like you haven't returned what you borrowed last time.
I don't want to either.
That Da Mao pesters me for money everyday.
Alright... If I have it, I'll return you.
I told you not to mix with those brats, but you just wouldn't listen.
How's the consideration about what I told you the last time?
Ask your sister to consider it.
I've got some customers outside. I'll go and take care of it first.
What did he tell you to consider just now?
What else other than working at the hotel?
Hey, you've dragged it out for a long time.
Brother, please don't be like this...
Can't you see my shop hasn't been doing well recently?
I really can't raise the money.
Brother, please... I really have no money.
But I have some awesome goods inside.
You'll probably like it.
What goods? Will your goods be purer than ours?
It's not that type. It's "that" type.
Shameless! What do you take us for?
Brother, they're really hot...
Take a look first before you decide.