Black Jack 21 - Full Episode 6 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Black Jack 21!
They've been traveling around the globe pursuing the truth behind a mysterious organization.
Today, they will encounter a catastrophe high up in the air on the Sky Hospital.
They're going to be up against Dr. White and his cutting-edge medical technology.
Shine... The love is Believe... the truth
Even if life is filled with sorrows,
no one will ever be truly lonely.
When I look up at the sky as I pray,
I feel as if I can hold your dear smile.
Although I struggle through a forest of dilemmas,
my feelings will endure for all eternity.
More than a thousand I love yous,
I want you to be here.
No one can replace you.
Your smile will be the light leading me to tomorrow,
and towards the sun in the sky.
I was reunited with my father, Hazama Kagemitsu, who abandoned his wife and son twenty-one years ago.
Since that day, a mysterious organization has been after my life.
The only clue left is a small photo in which my father and my teacher, Dr. Honma,
are shown together for some unknown reason.
The reason, however, has something to do with the secret Noir Project, which they were once involved in.
In order to get the truth out of Dr. Stein, who must know something about it, we're heading for England.
"International Airport In Germany"
You can't board.
These tools could be dangerous.
Are you really a doctor?
I already told you I am.
I'll need to confirm that with the authorities in Japan.
Doc, is it going to take much longer?
It looks like it.
Then let's go eat a big parfait over there.
What was it called?
Dr. Stein went to England.
I'm sure he knows something.
Oh, right! The Alpine Parfait!
Let's go get one, Doc!
Don't behave like a kid.
They could be watching us right now.
That's fine.
I'll protect you.
Dr. Black Jack?
I thought so!
It's truly an honor to meet you again.
And you are...
I'm Nishikawa Ayako, a surgeon.
I was very impressed with how you performed that surgery.
That was her?
You seem to know all the pretty ladies.
Where are you headed to?
We're going to England.
Me too!
But they haven't issued my boarding pass yet.
They're still running the background check.
I may be able to help you.
Exactly how many times have you seen her before?
You can leave now, Doctor, with me.
On that airplane.
The Flying Hospital
Based on "The Tumor Hunter" by Osamu Tezuka.
The Sky Hospital's heading to England for a press conference.
The Sky Hospital?
Yes, it's a hospital that flies.
While it's true there are other airplanes with medical facilities,
this happens to be the latest one.
I was invited by Dr. Shirabyoshi, who developed it.
Dr. Shirabyoshi's a very good surgeon and he's also very knowledgeable about cutting edge medical technology.
He has quite a few patients in his hospital.
Do you know how many people don't have access to medical care?
I developed the Sky Hospital in order to bring medical care to those people.
Even if they don't live anywhere close to a medical facility,
we can bring this entire hospital to them.
That's great, Dr. White.
It's equipped with only the latest technology.
Since it can take off and land vertically, we can even go to places that don't have runways.
I'll demonstrate that in a moment.
Now, all the reporters who were invited, please come on board.
Black Jack!
Why are you here?!
She invited me.
Ayako-kun did?!
Don't you know who he is?!
You of all people should know how good Dr. Black Jack is!
Do you really want to board the Sky Hospital?
Well, I'm not letting an unlicensed doctor on!
Personally, I didn't want to board it anyway.
And you're a terrible doctor yourself, showing off your fancy new toy and ignoring your patients.
My fancy new toy?!
Don't you understand the purpose of the Sky Hospital?!
It's loaded with equipment that can save people's lives, right?
You couldn't even begin to appreciate how wonderful that equipment is!
Get on and see it for yourself!
See it and be in awe!
Doctor, weren't you in a hurry anyway?
It's going straight up.
Wasn't this originally a military aircraft?
The remodeling's rather impressive.
Here you go, miss.
What the heck is this?
I'm not a kid!
It's a commemorative gift— made just for today.
The Sky Hospital has the full capabilities of a regular general hospital.
Whether it's internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, or optometry, we have the facilities to practice them.
This is the operating room.
This multiscanner can correctly diagnose a patient almost instantly.
And this device stabilizes the room so operations can occur even in the middle of a flight.
Doc could operate even if it was shaking.
You there!
Sit down over here!
What's going on?
I said sit down!
What's this?!
Come with me.
Is this everyone?
Doctors, we're taking over this aircraft.
You may be in a hospital, but it won't do you any good if we shoot you in the head!
Sit yourself down there.
What are you doing?
Trying to radio for help?
Don't get any funny ideas!
What do you want?
Are you after money?
Then what do you want?
Captain, we're taking a little detour.
Set the destination to Taranistan.
We'll be keeping this airplane.
This plane is still a military aircraft.
Once properly equipped again, it'll function as a regular fighter.
That's why you want it?
And with the onboard medical facilities, we can treat all of the sick people back home.
Now, head for Taranistan!
Or would you rather he die?
Do it!
What happened up there?
They want the plane.
I won't let them have it.
The Sky Hospital's my dream.
What do you want?
I think I understand what you're after.
I have a proposition for you.
You want this airplane, right?
That's right.
Then let me radio the ground and I'll put in an order for another one just like it.
How about it?
That would work for you, wouldn't it?
You bastard!
You dirty scumbag!
I'll kill you!
Sit down!
Pinoko-chan, good job!
He ran away!
Open up!
I'm taking you two as hostages.
Like I'd let you!
Pull her up!
Come on!
Open up!
It stabilized!
What's going on?
Can you hear me?
Yes. What happened?
The hijacker's unconscious.
You got him?
I've stabilized the plane for now, but the situation couldn't be any worse.
Just open the door!
Neither one of us can move.
The hijacker probably had a stun grenade.
A stun grenade?
Those can be fatal if they go off at extremely close range.
Is there any way we can open this door?
We can't unlock the door if it's been locked from the inside.
It's to protect against terrorists.
How ironic.
Is there any other way in?
Isn't it obvious?!
This is the only way in!
We can't land without a pilot.
We're going to crash!
We're going to die!
Doc, look at this.
Kid, stay out of it.
I'm an adult!
And I found out how to get into the cockpit.
This is a door, right?
Yes, it's an emergency exit.
And we have one too!
Go out that door and enter through this door.
I'm a genius!
Climb out of a flying aircraft?
You're really a kid after all.
That's not really true.
We lost quite a bit of altitude earlier.
It might be possible.
It's impossible!
Not even God could do it!
There are things even God can't tell until he tries!
That's right!
You'll be blown off!
Besides, at a cruising altitude of 10,000 meters, the temperature outside is -40°!
Even at this altitude...
If you have time to yap, go prepare for the operation.
Please be careful.
That must be it.
I can hold my breath for a minute at the most.
I must get there before it's up.
Will I be able to make it?
Nothing's going to make me let go!
I can't open it in this position.
Don't let go of it!
It snapped!
He got blown off!
Give me a hand.
You didn't get blown off?!
I couldn't open the door and then the wind blew me to the side,
so I crawled down,
and entered through the broken windshield.
That's when the rope must have snapped.
Both of them have fragments of that stun grenade in their chests and abdomens.
We must extract them quickly.
I'll take over from here.
This is my hospital.
I can't let an unlicensed doctor handle a scalpel in it.
Don't worry. We have great facilities here.
Carry the patients to the operating room.
We'll start with the captain, who's in the most critical condition.
Use the multiscanner to identify the locations of the fragments.
Yes, sir.
What's the matter?
The system's malfunctioning because it has insufficient power.
It must have lost power during the turbulence after the explosion.
Let me stabilize the operating room.
Turn on the balancer.
It's malfunctioning too!
We can't operate under these conditions.
What can we do?
Hey, Dr. Black Jack can.
I'll do it anyway!
We can't help it.
We've never operated under these conditions before.
That's right.
It's impossible, even for God.
Not even God could do it!
There are things even God can't tell until he tries!
You're the one who said you couldn't let me handle a scalpel.
Maybe, if you beg me and also pay me ¥100,000,000.
Isn't that only one percent of what this airplane costs?
Consider it your tuition.
One more thing.
Can you pilot an airplane?
I can operate a Cessna.
I'll take care of the patients.
You take care of this airplane.
We're almost out of fuel!
The explosion earlier must have cost us a lot of fuel.
We're going to crash!
Our VTOL system isn't working either.
We'll be out of fuel before they even finish the operation!
They've been given lumbar epidural anesthesia.
We'll extract the fragments from the stun grenade,
and then we'll suture the puncture wounds on their organs.
Let's begin.
He's really fast.
We really have to land now!
The operation's done!
He's regained consciousness.
Can he switch with me?
The captain is in no condition to pilot.
Follow his instructions.
That's absurd!
Just be glad we were lucky enough he regained consciousness.
What's our status?
Our VTOL system isn't functioning.
We're out of fuel too!
We'll perform a normal landing then.
Is there anywhere we can do it?
There's a straight road right below us.
First, lower the flap using that lever.
Then lower the gears using the button next to it.
Reverse thrust!
Let's go, Pinoko.
Dr. Black Jack!
Thank you, Doctor.
I just wanted to save the patients; that's all.
Isn't that what you wanted?
You were going to use the Sky Hospital to treat patients around the world, right?
You're very talented.
Maybe not as a doctor, but at least you're a half-decent pilot.
Don't mock me!
Dr. Black Jack!
Where are you going now?
I'm still heading to England.
Let me come with you.
No, there's a reason I can't let you.
But here's how you can contact me if you need me.
Pinoko Inspection!
It's a floating town!
It's a mirage.
There must be a town this way.
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I gently pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it were a lie.
But I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer despite my cowardliness,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
It's a fight against an organization's global conspiracy.
He's facing arrest for murder.
Pretend you spent all the money!
I'll prove Doc's innocent!
You attacked that woman and killed her, didn't you?
See ya.
You found BJ?
It's an unimaginably frightful organization.
I'll save you, Doc!
Black Jack 21 - the Next Karte.
The Promise Concerning Life Worth Ten Billion Yen.
We're being pursued.
Time to find Sharaku!
Oh man, he's here!
Look for me next time!