Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 15 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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That looks so delicious.
Do you want me to buy it for you?
Where'd it go?
Don't worry about it. I have enough money for this.
How much is it? 6 for $30.
Where are you from? Korea.
What a lovely honeymoon couple you make.
This is a freebie.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
It's delicious. Thank you.
Bye Bye.
What is this?
Can I ask, what this is?
This is a good luck dragon charm that brings good luck.
He says it is a good luck dragon charm.
A charm?
Ah! I'll have to buy it. wallet!
What am I going to do?
Wait here for a minute.
Ji Hoo sunbae
Hi, I'm so sorry. Can I borrow your guitar?
Why? You want to play? I am sorry, I will pay you with my egg tarts.
Can I borrow your guitar just once? Okay.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
I thought of this as I was looking at you . . . (song lyrics)
Yo can still come back to me. Can you not see me in you?
This amount . . .
should be more than enough, right?
This shoe must have gotten sick of Macau.
It's not going to work. I guess I'll have to take them off.
Let's go.
Get on my back.
Or would you rather I carried you in my arms?
Uh, that is, um, okay.
Thank you Thank you.
What do you have to be thankful for, Sunbae? I'm the one who's grateful.
That was the first time in my life that I've gotten to earn money on my own.
I'm doing all kinds of things for the first time, because of you.
So, thank you.
Shall we go ahead and turn back?
Stay a little longer.
Young master.
Go now.
Oh, the door wasn't locked.
Geum JanDi,
Hurry up in there.
Are you really going to do that all that all day?
Fine. Then I'm going to go somewhere for a little bit.
I'm gonna go out so . . .
come out and eat.
Memory deleted. :)
Departure at 18:00 to Seoul.
*Goo JoonPyo*
Huh! First?! Is this really first class?
How expensive. I can just fly "Economy". Please exchange it for me.
Do you mean economy, by any chance?
My legs are too long (uncomfortable) so I can't ride economy.
His legs are long, really long.
I can take economy, though.
It's not easy meeting with JaeKyung.
She's always bouncing around from east to had just gotten back from HongKong.
I'm so sorry that you have to wait so long when you're so busy.
Oh, not at all. Can there be anything more important than for the two children to meet?
Don't you think so, Joonpyo?
Goo JoonPyo?
Ah, yes. That's right.
What's the problem?
The Singapore branch urgently needs the young master.
Do you know what an important meeting this is?
The prime minister . . .
It's all right. I'm sure they'll get to meet soon.
Is there anything more important for a businessman than business?
Go ahead and leave.
Then, I'll be excused.
What's this?
Is it to your liking?
How did this come about?
I wanted to buy you something with the first money that I earned myself.
Why did you come?
I have no need to answer you.
And you? What are you doing?
Do you think you have the right to ask that kind of question?
Yoon JiHoo!
Because you were my friend, I gave in to you. Because she was my friend's girl, I let her go.
And I gave you every opportunity, until the very end.
I'm not going to tolerate it any longer.
Stop it.
Why did you come?
Do you have something to say?
Ok. I understand.
I'll go.
Young master, please get up.
The porridge's ready . . .
Please enjoy your food.
Miss, it's not what we ordered.
I'm sorry miss, I'll bring your order in a minute.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I am really pathetic, aren't I? .
I need to get my act together and think carefully about what I am going to do in the future...
Instead, I'm always causing problems.
JanDi. Run an errand for me.
I'll go. I'll take her place. Where is it?
JanDi, you go.
Go give it to him, and until he's completely finished
stay right at his side; then bring the thermos back, got it?
Don't even think of coming back, until he completely finishes eating.
Your blood pressure is fine.
Say "Ah" please.
Hey you, standing out there!
Who me?
Instead of just standing there, come in here and assist me.
Aren't you going to hurry up and come?
Can't you see all these patients waiting?
Isn't it cold? Here you go.
Have some.
Oh, thank you.
Here. Where are you looking?
See this! See this! What's this?
What's this?
Hey, why are you sleeping here? Go home!
I can't go home until you have finished everything.
Please eat.
By the way, grandfather,
What do you do?
How do you know our Master?
Grandpa, you are a doctor, aren't you?
By chance . . . illegally?
So does that mean I look like a quack?
A little.
Ah! Doctor. Oh, my stomach!
Doctor, my stomach hurts.
Here, here, be careful. Just hang in there.
So you do still come here.
Has something good happened?
How did you know?
It's all written right here.
Hold on tightly to that hand.
Push one more time.
Almost done. Just a little more.
It's done. You did it.
Here, you did a great job!
Oh, my baby is born.
Oh! You did a great job!
The baby's here.
Beautiful, right?
Goose bumps broke out all over my body.
Like I learned about a new world I didn't know about until yesterday.
It was first time I didn't think about JoonPyo or swimming.
If I ever told anyone they'd probably think I was crazy,
to think somene as stupid as I am would want to becme a doctor.
They'd all laugh at me wouldn't they?
Geum JanDi.
You've gone crazy, haven't you?
Completely crazy!
It's pretty difficult to find something you like so much that other people would call you crazy for.
You know that, right?
It doesn't matter what other people say.
Since when did Geum Jandi concern herself with that?
If you want to do it, then you should just do it.
No matter how many years it takes? Yes, no matter how many years it takes.
For Geum JanDi's new dream,
Please just say a word about . . .
We'll give an official announcement . . .
The flight of Shinhwa Group begins now.
Watch us.
It is you.
Here. So you went to Macau?
Uh, actually . . .
I felt I needed to close the chapter on Goo Joonpyo, so that I could get on with my life.
I think it was good that I went.
I've completely put it behind me now.
I . . . was really hoping that you'd stick right by JoonPyo's side.
It's so pitiful.
Without any regard to JoonPyo, you can still consider me your "unni" (big sister), right?
Of course.
Argh! What's going on?
How is it that you're the star and I'm the moon?
Because Geum JanDi, the moon, can never get away from Goo JoonPyo, the star.
Because no matter what happens, I'll never let go of this moon.
It's okay. Don't hold back. Just cry. You can just let it all out. hmmm?
I lied. I'm not fine.
I went because I missed Goo JoonPyo, but . . .
I can't believe that he could have changed
into a totally different person.
Jandi, thank you.
I'm truly happy that you've told me this.
Listen to me carefully.
Joonpyo will definitely come back to you, so don't give up on him just like that.
Trust me, and give him one more chance.
You can do that, can't you?
Miss Gaeul...
An invitation to JoonPyo sunbae's birthday party?
And you want me to take Jandi there?
Why? Why would I do that?
JoonPyo sunbae, no, that person, you said he dumped JanDi.
Yes, but there's something that's still bothering me.
We'll just say it's to confirm something.
But if things go wrong, the one who will be hurt is Jandi.
GaEul, listen carefully.
If JoonPyo's dumping JanDi was an act, then all the better, but . . .
even if it was all real, then it's still something Jandi needs.
And it's not just killing her twice?
When someone needs to be erased from your memory, then it needs to be done right.
Didn't I teach you that before?
What is all this?
If you're going to battle, you need armor, don't you?
Ah, I don't want to.
Why would I go?
Are you really never going to see him again?
Is it okay to end it like this?
He is here in Seoul. And it's his birthday. You could just congratulate him, couldn't you?
Do you really have nothing you want to say to Joonpyo sunbae?
The thing that upsets me the most . . .
is not that he acted like he didn't know me, or that he didn't hold onto me till the end.
I couldn't even tell him "thank you". I couldn't even tell him "I like you.".
The things that can't be done a second time.
Welco . . .
Hello Geum JanDi.
What brings you here?
Today, there is a birthday party for Young Master.
By any chance, did Goo JoonPyo send you here?
The Chairman wishes for you to attend.
The Chairman?
It's the F4!
You came.
I didn't want to run away, so I did come, but, I can't help thinking it was in vain.
Geum Jandi, since you're here, you may as well have something to eat before you go.
If you run away like a coward, GaEul will be uneasy having to stay here alone.
Geum JanDi's nothing if not loyal, isn't that right?
Don't you agree, GaEul?
Today, on behalf of my son, JoonPyo, and I,
thank you for coming to congratulate ShinHwa. I really thank you for coming.
As you all know,
Our ability to overcome these difficult times
Is all thanks to everyone here.
From now until the day that ShinHwa becomes the world's best,
I wish that you will still support us.
So I will introduce to you the host for today.
ShinHwa Group's future. Everyone, my son, Goo JoonPyo.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday to JoonPyo. Happy birthday to you
Are you okay?
I think, I should go soon.
I shouldn't have come.
Long time no see, Miss Geum JanDi.
Thank you for accepting my invitation.
Since you are here, can I ask you to wish a happy birthday to JoonPyo?
I understand you are an intelligent young lady raised by parents who value proper education.
Would it be rude of me to ask you to play the piano for us tonight?
No way.
Does Geum JanDi know how to play the piano?
- She doesn't, right? - I did wonder why she invited her.
She's really something!
My friend and I were just about to . . . I'll do it.
It's the least I can do to pay for my meal tonight.
I will do it.
Everyone, Geum JanDi from ShinHwa High school is going to play us a song on the piano.
The moment you stood next to me, I liked the ways your eyes looked (at me).
Though I cried yesterday, today because of you, my tomorrow will be happy.
His face...
Neither his face nor his style, I just needed his tender love.
To forget all the time that has passed. Without you, I cannot... (do anything)
Nothing but love . . . I know nothing but love.
By making an unexpected request, I'm afraid, I ruined the party atmosphere.
A person should know her limit, thus, know when not to perform.
I'll apologize on her behalf.
Everyone, you've waited a long time for this.
Today, we have a very important announcement that I'd like to officially make.
Important announcement?
With us today is my son, Goo JoonPyo's fiancee.
She's the girl who is to be the future wife of ShinHwa Group's head.
What is the Evil Witch talking about now?
Everyone, let me introduce her. She is the daughter of the worldwide JK Group,
Ha JaeKyung.
Hey, let me go! Don't you know I hate this kind of thing?!
Engagement?! What do you mean engagement? Let go!
I'll go on my own. Let go! Hey!
High heel?
JK Group. This is definitely JoonPyo's mom's doing.
She's that powerful?
Not really in Korea, but in America she's in every business.
From investments to resorts. There's nothing she doesn't own. It's a global company.
We should have investigated more when we were in Macau.
I thought you guys were thoughtless kids, but I see you've grown.
Do you understand now? That is the standard for the future wife to ShinHwa Group's head. I would never accept any less.
What the hell is this?
What's with this sudden engagement thing.
Why the hell did you come here?
Do you think I came because I wanted to?
I invited her.
Today's event was to introduce your future wife. A friend should at least congratulate you, right?
Are you stupid?
How could you come just because you're invited?
JoonPyo, let's not do that here.
Go somewhere and have a talk between the two of you.
I have nothing more to say to Goo JoonPyo.
Now you're starting to understand.
What could you say to someone who has a fiance, hmm?
Excuse me, about the engagement . . . .
All of that seemed like it was some kind of show. Is this for real?
I'm sorry if I surprised you, but your parents and I already discussed the matter.
This really is the first time I'm hearing about this.
Hey "shoe", just keep quiet.
And you, you have nothing to say to me?
But I do, so don't make a fuss and follow me.
Don't you know by now that if that Evil Witch invites you, somewhere that it's a trap?
Hey . . . wait.
You're a year older now but your brain is stunted.
It wasn't I but the old witch who called you. What were you thinking in coming?
Hey, wait.
See! She was trying to trick us today.
How is it that you so easily fall into every trap?
Hey, Curly Head!
What? Curly head?
Now you're saying whatever you want?
Do you now understand that you shouldn't have any more expectations?
Your presence did pay off. What a relief.
JanDi, what's wrong with her?
JoonPyo really plans to marry that girl?
GaEul, I'll take you back home. JiHoo.
Let's meet at the ----. I'll investigate until then.
Why are you here?
You dragged me here. That's why I'm asking. Why were you dragged here?
Ever since Macau, I thought you were weird,
But now I know you really are a crazy fool.
What? Fool? If you have eyes, use them.
It's the middle of winter, my legs and back are bare, and you drag me out here.
Shouldn't you apologize?
Who told you to follow me?
Follow?! Who's following?!
Then fine. From now on, go your own way.
If you follow me again, you're dead.
You, really! Hey!
What are you doing? Hey!
Hurry and apologize! Now! Get off me!
Apologize! Hurry!
Aren't you going to apologize? You crazy monkey-like thing, get off!
What did you just do?
Why is your face so red?
- What ? is it that you ... ?
S..shut up and leave!
I told you to leave. Why do you keep bothering me?
- Give me some money. - What money?
I have to take a taxi back. Don't you see that you dragged me out here with nothing.
I don't have any either.
I said I don't have any money. Your cell phone!
Cell phone?
Hey, what are you doing? Where are you touching?
Let go! Do you know who I am?
Miss, are you okay?
Ah! I said let go!
Are you that shocked?
Excuse me?
JoonPyo's engagement.
No. Whether JoonPyo gets engaged or not, is not my concern anymore.
You should know that already.
JoonPyo probably didn't know about it either.
About the engagement.
If it was real, he would've told us already.
No, that person . . .
probably knows Goo JoonPyo.
How do you know?
I saw her in Macau.
I'll get going.
Geum JanDi . . .
- What I told JoonPyo in Macau . . . - I know.
You were just mad at JoonPyo and rashly said it.
You're right.
I won't let it bother me. Don't worry about it.
Geum JanDi,
Things you can see with your eyes are not always real.
Some things . . .
You need faith to see them.
I'll just go. I can go alone.
Good night. / Good bye.
Yoon JiHoo, what are you doing?