Clash Time - Wade Barrett interview with Eurosport (polish lector)

Uploaded by trucizna007 on 12.04.2011

W: . for example David Otanga. I've understood, that I should
treat my assistants much better on my gateway to success.
I’m open to success. I still want to get a WWE Championship to become first englishman
in a history, who did it. Answering the question: the Corre is about equals.
E: Oh, fantastic. You know, what they’re saing: everything, that past is, is future too.
W: They say that ? I hear it the first time, but I like it.
E: OK, than. We’re out of time. Can you say a couple of words to Eurosport fans ?.
W: This is Wade Barrett from WWE. Please watch WWE to see my another
successes in 2011