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Welcome to Front Sight Challenge. I'm Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front
Sight Resort. You're watching the only show that features our nation's finest law enforcement
professionals, military personnel and highly trained private citizens locked in an epic
battle of skill at arms. Today our contestants will compete with pump shotguns, a weapon
commonly used by law enforcement agencies. Three individual rounds of hard-hitting competition
will each test a different set of combat skills. One contestant will be eliminated at the end
of each round, leaving only one man standing at the end of the day. Let's meet today's
Today i'm at the Front Sight Challenge, and I'll be shooting against another student and
a couple police officers. I think the police officers are pretty well-trained, so I don't
really want to mess up. My strategy today is to be smooth, but quick. And don't make
any mistakes.
I'm a First Family Member at Front Sight. I've been a First Family Member for about
three and a half years now. It gives me an opportunity to practice my skills. As a lawyer
I have to defend the Constitution, and defending the Constitution is one thing I do when I
practice law and another thing I do when I'm out here at Front Sight.
I was about 21 years old when I started shooting and it was about 6 months later that I started
working on the streets. For the Front Sight Challenge, I'm not really feeling intimidated,
it's more a little bit of anxiety over not being the first one out. If I am, I know I'm
going to catch it back at work.
In Milwaukee we have gangs that live in the housing projects, and our job is to go in
there and try to clear them out. And keep things safe. When I go on a scene, a lot of
people know me because I've been there multiple times. They know me as the big, bald-headed
guy and they call me "Bossman". My skills with a shotgun are decent enough to win this
Only in America: a lawyer, two seasoned lawmen and a preschool administrator are squaring
off for the ultimate shoot-off. This promises to be a very exciting competition indeed.
Today our challengers face a daunting task in round 1 as they step up to the line for
Do or Die. The key will be to exact that crucial balance between speed and accuracy. The scores
will be calculated by dividing the sum of the hits by the lapsed time that occurred
while making those hits. The weapons are loaded, hot lead is about to fly. Let the games begin.
Good morning, gents. And welcome to Front Sight. My name is Brad Ackman. This is Wes
L'Huillier. We're graced with a Chamber of Commerce day for the Front Sight Challenge.
The first event that we're going to put you through today is Do or Die. You will perform
a select-slug drill with that shotgun and then fire a single hit on the target down
range. We'll calculate your score by dividing the hit on the target by the time it took
you to fire that hit. Alright, Wes.
Clark, you're going to be the first shooter. The rest of you gentlemen, fall back behind
the 25-meter line. Alright, here we go. The range is clear! Ready! [Beep] [Shot]
Good job, Clark. The range is clear, fall back.
Robert, you're the next shooter. The range is clear! Ready! [Beep] [Shot] Range is clear,
fall back.
TJ, you're next, join me up here. The range is clear! Ready! [Beep] [Shot] As I see it,
TJ, all I got to do is hit that sand pile and I'll be going on. Let's go bossman! Alright
TJ, the range is clear, go ahead and take your place down there.
Scott! You'll finish up, take your place. No pressure, boss boy. The range is clear!
Ready! [Beep] [Shot] Nice shot. Might not be able to chase you, but I can clip you.
Alright gentlemen, two of you did really well. Two of you completely missed the target. Robert,
TJ, fast times, but you were still thinking about gun handling when you should have been
thinking of marksmanship. So you both missed the target. You hit the mountain, TJ. Told
you it'd be easier. You hit the mountain, but it doesn't count. You both deserve spankings,
but we need one of you to progress to the next round. At this point what we need to
do is a shoot-off. Robert, you're going to be first up.
TJ, we could move that target up a little closer for you if you need it. I think my
grandmother could have hit it. Your grandma, I think that's your girlfriend. OK, Robert,
you know the exercise, the range is clear. Ready! [Beep] [Shot]
Slide release is right here. Thanks.
Ready! [Beep][Shot]
TJ, how'd you get three shots? I just hit it real fast, you couldn't tell. You are fast.
The range is clear, go ahead and fall back. Good thing you had the wad in that shot.
I can't believe my eyes. A SWAT officer, TJ, and attorney Robert, have both failed to hit
the target, entirely compromising accuracy in their quest for speed. Proof-positive that
the pressure of Do or Die is often overwhelming. Conversely, Clark and Scott both performed
brilliantly, exhibiting good speed, smooth weapon handling and fine accuracy. A run-off
battle for third place was necessitated due to zero scores. Given a second chance, TJ
and Robert pulled it together and landed hits on the target. Let's go to Rangemaster Brad
Ackman and discover which man has squeaked through to the second round.
First place, 8 points in 5.35 seconds, which is actually a very nice time for a select-slug
drill. Total score of 1.49. Clark, that makes you the winner. Hey thanks a lot. Well done.
In Second place, 8 points in 7.43 seconds. Total score 1.07: Scott. Alright, nicely done.
Now the two of you. You certainly missed your first shots, which is why we had a re-shoot
between the two of you. 6 points, 5.51 seconds, total score of 1.08, TJ you come in third.
And you'll be moving on. Robert, you shot a 6 in 13.85 seconds. You had some gun handling
problems there. Total score of 0.43, which means you come in fourth, you will not be
moving on to the next round. Thank you.
Unfortunately, I think the nerves got the best of me. As I've learned at Front Sight
in the past, you're never as good in a gun fight as you are on the range; so I put one
over the target unfortunately. I can only hope that as the competition progresses that
Clark remains in the lead, because his training at Front Sight will show that we are as good,
and maybe better than the guys from law enforcement.
That was a nail-biter. We thought we were going to lose two of you there. But you know,
it gets significantly more difficult in Round 2. We're off to Ambush Canyon for Run and
Gun. Follow me.
I look forward to taking on these other two guys in this next round.
I know I'm competing against a couple of police officers. They carry weapons all the time.
As a civilian, I don't that much, so I'm going to have to do my best.
Yeah the butterflies are out now. Getting used to being in this environment.
I think TJ is going to be really fast at running around. I'm going to try to beat Scott, pass
him up.
Bossman's, you know, shot real well. And Clark did well too, and Clark won. It just depends
on whose game this is.
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