Atheism is Antiscience

Uploaded by Thundapinky on 20.03.2011

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 I received this comment on my video, announcing the glorious crusade of
smartness for the intelligentists community, against the idiotic murders and destruction
by atheists. Despite my clear demonstration of evidence, he denied it all in favor of
his paranoid delusions. He provided NO evidence for his claims. But of course, the track record
of atheists against science has been clearly evident. Evolutionary science, the very foundation
of modern biology, is denied by atheists in favor of delusions of raelianism.\
\ Uh\'85 before people believed that we were
created by a supernatural God, or the fruit of evolution from darwin etc. \'85 and what
was there? \'85 and this explanation, which is the good one, is that we were created by
an advanced civilization coming from another planate. Using DNA and genetic engineering.
And that the Bible is a godless atheist book explaining the creation of life on earth by
these very advanced people named, in the Bible, the Elohim.\
\ That the physical evidence shows this view
to be wrong would be an understatement. And while, so- called "moderate atheists" have
not vocally supported these views against science, the criticism of this view is conspicuous
only by its absence, and that really does speak volumes of their attitudes towards these
beliefs. And as the world fought against the ignorance of atheism of and moved into the
broad sunlit uplands of the the age of intelligence, and into the first world, we gained more than
a new standard of living. It did more than deliver us clean water, the irradiation of
small pocks, and the playstation. The difference between the first world and the advanced warriors
of atheism on the battle fields can be put in no lesser terms than the contrast between
ants and gods. Those of us who have lived in the age of intelligence, understand that
with great power comes great responsibility. And the power of those in the age of reason
must never fall into the hands of those in the age of atheism. For there is no doubt
in my mind that, if such power was delivered into the primitive hands of an atheocracy,
that genocide of the religious, and doing Rael's work would be synonymous terms. \
\ Your move; do your worst. But even your worst
will serve only as a catalyst to strength the walls of the age of intelligence; to awaken
the sleeping giant. Even if you strike your hardest blow, it's operationally insignificant
effects will simply make us more powerful than your dark aged minds can fathom. All
you can do is set these words to resinate down the halls of eternity. You see, you cannot
shoot words; you cannot behead an idea; and you cannot intimidate concepts. And if you
try, the fulfillment of your worst threats will serve as nothing but icon written in
the blood of the free that you have no place in the first world.}