In Good Company (6/10) Movie CLIP - Can I Still Dunk? (2004) HD

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Wonder if l can still dunk.
You could dunk?
Oh, yeah. Can't you? You're 26.
Heads up!
Whoa! Hey.
What's up?
Word on the street is, Teddy K# s on the prowl.
Soon as he gets back from his around-the-world balloon trip,
he's gonna go munch on Continental Brands.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, great.
Maybe they'll advertise in the magazine again.
l'm sorry, who are you?
Mark, this is Dan Foreman.
He's the one l was telling you about,
helped us close that Toys 'R' Us deal.
Oh, Carter's being modest.
He did most of the work. _w.
That's beautiful.
Maybe you two should get a room.
You pussies ready to get schooled?
[whistle blows]
[people cheering]
[man whooping]
[crowd cheers]
[crowd cheering]
[Steckle laughing]
(Steckle) Oh!
Not in my house! No, no, no.
(Steckle) Do it, baby. Do it, baby. It's for me. For me.
(Steckle) Go ahead, donkey!
You can't guard me.
(Theo) Get down. Get down there!
(Steckle) Mine. He's mine. Help. Help.
[all cheering]
Let's go! Get down, Jimmy.
Yo, Krouse! Fist! Fist!
That's right! Move! Come on. Come on.
l'll take the big man.
Hey, ease up, my man.
You're gonna have a heart attack.
What's the matter? Can't take a little D?
(Steckle) Open! Get open!
(Alicia) Let's go, Dan! Yes!
Yeah, yeah! Throw it down!
(Theo) Dunk it!
[all groaning]
Oh, shit.
[ball bouncing]
l'm okay. l'm okay.
l'll be right back.
Just give me a second.
[Dan groans] Damn.